.: Chapter 01 :.

Summary: Just a small one-shot I wrote a while ago, about the Twins and Red-Alert being siblings and Red having a bit of a breakdown and as the title suggests feeling more than a little unwanted. Written out of boredom but I'd love our thoughts on it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!



It was official; no one cared about him. His glitch had been right, and now he was left wondering why he hadn't listened to it sooner. He could have saved himself from all the pain and suffering he'd endured if he'd listened to the voices in his processor, but of course he'd been stupid, he'd held onto the small hope that maybe the glitch was wrong. He'd been stuck in denial for more than a few long orns; he'd been hoping that he was wrong; he'd wanted so desperately to be proved wrong, to be shown that his creators and his brother's did care about him.

But now he knew that was hoping for too much.

No one cared about him, he was certain that no one had ever cared about him– from the moment he was onlined to the few seconds prior to his realization he had never been wanted, they'd never loved him or cared for him or wanted him in their lives.

'They don't care.'

He curled up on his berth, wrapping his tiny arms around his knees as he brought them up to his chest, forming a tiny ball as he curled up in the dark room. His mind was brimming with countless questions, he wanted to know why they didn't like him, why they never showed they cared and why they always ignored him.

'They never liked you.'

Whimpering lightly the young mech buried his head between his knees and chest, body shaking as blue sparks danced over his helm horns, lighting up the dark room where he and his brother's were meant to be in recharge. They were of course, he could just make out their small forms in the dark room, both curled up comfortably on their shared berth, cuddling close to each other while he was stuck over on his berth; alone and unwanted by everyone he thought he loved.

'They think you're weak.'

And maybe he was weak, maybe that was why they didn't want him... because he was too weak to look after himself, he didn't like roughhousing like his brothers, he didn't like picking on others and laughing at them. He wasn't like his brothers; he didn't like hurting or scaring others just to get a good laugh at their expense.

'You're nothing like them.'

That was true... they were strong, confident and they loved pranking others. He was so much smaller, he was timid and paranoid and he glitched more often than not. He was scared of medics and what they might do to him, and he was terrified of being abandoned by his family unit; the very thing they seemed to be doing now.

'They don't want you.'

That was easy enough to believe.

His brother's always teased him, playing prank upon prank, locking him in small closets for joors on end just for laughs. They'd used him as a scapegoat more times than he'd care to count, they'd blamed him for pranks and other things they'd done and they'd threatened to lock him away in a closet if he ever dared to tell their creator's the truth.

His creators pretended to care about him, but he knew better now, he knew they didn't really care about what happened to him. Curling up tighter the young mechling took a deep shuddering intake of air, letting it out slowly as he tried to calm himself down. They didn't care, heck even his teachers hated him. They didn't like him because of his glitch, they ignored him and picked on him and made it hard for him to keep up with the work they gave out. His peers thought he was crazy, their creators telling them that he was a glitch, that he was dangerous and that they should stay away from him.

'They hate you.'

But they didn't know, they thought because he was a glitch that he didn't have the capability to feel. But that wasn't true, he did have feelings, he felt emotions like sorrow and fear just as they did. He'd never known what true happiness felt like, he thought he'd known once, but that seemed so long ago even though he was only a few orns into his youngling stages.

'They don't take you seriously, they think you're crazy.'

But what could he do? He was so small, and he wasn't strong enough or brave enough to prove them all wrong. What could he do to show them they were wrong? He's only ever been himself and no one else, why wasn't that enough for them? He'd done everything anyone had ever asked of him without complaint; he'd gotten in trouble for his brother's countless times and for what?

'To be treated like an outcast...'

His glitch was right; they were never going to care about him. Nothing was going to change, he'd always be an outcast and no one would care; least of all his brothers.

What should I do though? He mused, uncurling from himself as he sat up and rubbed his dimmed optics. The voice in his head seemed to purr.


Leave? But where would I go?

'Does it matter? You're not wanted here, they'll keep ignoring you and hurting you until they finally get bored and give you to those horrid medics to be taken apart.'

So, we leave? He wasn't sure if he was brave enough to do that, what if he got caught while trying to sneak away... they'd probably lock him in a closet again.

'Yes, we'll leave and we'll take care of ourselves away from everyone else.'

That sounded like a good idea to him, if they left there would be nobody to tease him; no one to prank him or lock him in a closet, he'd be free, he could get a job and find a place to live and he'd be okay. He wouldn't tell anyone about his glitch, no one would know him; he could start a new life.

Nodding to himself he came to a decision, slipping from his berth and slipping out of the room he shared with his brother's, walking slowly to keep from waking them up as he slid out of the room and down the hall. He packed a few supplies into his subspace –his creators having allowed him to get them installed last creation day– and headed for the door, slipping outside into the night and pausing to take one last glance at his home from where he stood at the corner of the street.

This was it... He was really going to do it; he was running away.

I can do this... they won't even know I'm gone. With that thought swimming around in his processor Red-Alert turned, straightened his shoulders and slipped away into the night.



So yeah, there ya go. Hope ya'll liked it I was thinking I may continue it at some point but we'll see how we go huh. Eh i think i got his glitch okay... maybe?