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Gaz stumbled through the front door, holding onto two large bags of groceries. Skoodge jumped up from the couch and dashed over to her, grabbing one of the paper bags as it near slipped out of her grip. Tunica stood, grabbing her cane as she went up to the two, "Geez, Gaz. How much food did you buy?"

"Well, with so many damn people in the household, I literally had to buy the whole store at this rate," she grumbled, shutting the door with her foot as Skoodge took the packet to the kitchen. Gaz and Tunica followed, placing the last packet on the counter with the other one. She gave a sigh, tired after that mission.
"You do realize you should be resting that damaged shoulder and elbow of yours, right?" Skoodge mentioned. Gaz shot him a look, filling him with instant fear. He looked away, not adding anything else to that.

Tunica began unpacking the things as Gaz sat down for a moment. Skoodge went to help the Spellcaster. "How's our patient upstairs?" Gaz said, crossing her legs, realizing this was much better than having to unpack herself.

"He's doing better. A bit sore, obviously. Your brother hasn't left him alone all day," Skoodge mentioned, putting milk and butter into the fridge after Tunica showed him where it goes.

"Which is a brave thing on your brother's part, I must say," Tunica grinned, putting bread into the breadbin on the counter. Gaz sat straight, "Any word from the bitch?"

Tunica looked at Gaz, smirking, "Ah yes. The…female dog," Tunica said, not really into the swearing thing, "She's gone, along with the rest of those Irken madmen."

"Where did you send them anyway, Tunica?" Skoodge asked, stopping as he looked at the Spellcaster.

She grinned.

Tunica had messed with the controls for a minute or two, making sure that when the ship made its jump into hyperspace, it wouldn't end up in its originally planned spot.

The Tallests and any Irkens on the ship were now slowly heading towards one of the largest suns in the universe.

"Somewhere very hot," was all she said, packing the spices away in the cupboards.

She gave a confused look as she took out a packet full of cupcakes. She looked over at Gaz, the Aunt giving a smile to herself.

Zim lay against the soft pillows, watching his new son sleep ever so soundly in his arms. Dib sat in a seat next to the alien's 'permanent' bed, "God, I never realized I would ever love something that caused me that much pain."

Dib gave a slight laugh, "Yeah, that tends to be the case. Apparently, women who give birth don't remember the pain at all afterwards."

"Yes, well, I'm not a woman," Zim said, looking at the human, annoyed.

A moment passed. "You know that nothing has changed between us, right?" he said, his voice still strained and groggy from a few nights ago, "Now that that thing is out of me, no more strange and freaky hormones will be messing with my bio signature and I am back to hating you once more."

Dib looked at him, "Good. You were really weirding me out, being all nice and everything."

They looked forward, in thought for a moment, "God, what a life this is going to be. Two kids with fathers that hate one another. Poor things," Dib commented.

Zim thought for a moment, "At least the amazing Zim is one of them."

There was another moment of silence before Zim bit his lip in anger and looked at the human, "Thank you, Dib-monkey for your help," he said quickly and in a mumble. Dib looked at him and grinned, "You're welcome."

He paused, "I was helping my son, by the way. Not you."

"Oh, of course," Zim added.

Another moment of silence.

They then sighed, lying back. Zim closed his eyes, exhausted. Dib looked up at the ceiling as his thoughts began to wonder. "Zim?"
"Hm?" Zim sighed, starting to doze.

"We need to pick a name for our son, you know?"

"We'll do it tomorrow," he mumbled.

"You said that yesterday, you Alien Freak. It is now tomorrow."

Zim gave a grunt of annoyance.

"PAKs assign names, Dib-human."

"He doesn't have a PAK."

Zim gave another grunt of annoyance.

"Fine," Zim grumbled, "We'll call him Zim jnr. Now leave Zim to sleep."

Dib eyeballed him, "We're not naming that poor child that. Now come on, you must have thought of some names for him."

"I just did and you shut it down, you annoying biped!"

Dib sighed.

Zim opened his eyes half way and glanced over at Dib, "How about NiK?"

Dib looked at him, "Why that name?"

"Do you have a problem with it?"

"No, I think it's actually quite nice. Where'd you get that name from?"

Zim was thinking about coins after seeing his child's copper eyes for the first time when he woke up at home after passing out after the birth. He was greeted with his howling son crying for something to eat. He was beautiful, though. There it lay, a tiny green Irken child with ten fingers and toes and the most stunning and unheard of eyes he had ever seen: Copper. So, when he began to think of names, he for some reason thought of coins, leading him to think of nickels. Nik was a shorter (and Irken) version of it. Rather than explaining his thought processes, he simply added, "I'm just amazing that way."

Dib gave him a look and closed his eyes, "Nik it is."

The door to Zim's room opened slightly. Zim and Dib looked up as Tunica and Skoodge walked through the door, smiling, Skoodge holding Hope's hand. She raced over to her dads. Dib picked up his daughter and placed her on his lap as Skoodge and Tunica sat on the edge of the bed, "Hello daddy's little munchkin! How are we doing today?"

She gave her dad a big hug and turned around, lying against his chest, "I'm happy," she said smiling.

"This is good,' Zim pointed out, smiling at his daughter. His son opened his sleepy eyes and looked at his sister. Hope smiled at him. He smiled through his pacifier at her, giggling in a baby voice.

"Well, I think you're going to be a lot happier in a minute, Hope," Gaz said from the door as she walked in, holding a plate with a cupcake on it. A little lit candle perched itself carefully on top of it as she brought it over to the little girl. Hope gave an excited laugh as Gaz placed it in front of the little girl on the bed. She stood next to Dib as everyone began to sing happy birthday to the now five year old little child.

"Blow out the candle and make a wish, Hope," Gaz said, smiling at the excited child. Hope gave a smile and blew out the candle in a huff. Everyone clapped and cheered. Even little Nik broke his arms free from the fleecy wrapped around him and gave a cute little clap for his sister.

"What did you wish for?" Skoodge asked.

"Shh, if she tells it won't come true," Gaz pointed out, smiling at the Irken.

"Now, that's not true," Tunica said, "That was just a lie created for people who made dumb wishes when they blew out the candle."

Everyone gave a small laugh as she continued, "Hope, you can tell us what you wished for because Aunty Tunica knows it's definitely not something stupid," she smiled.

Hope gave a big grin and looked at everyone, "It doesn't matter. My wish already came true."

"Really?" Dib said.

"Why's that?" Zim added.

"I have my two daddies back now," she smiled, reaching for her cupcake.

Dib and Zim looked at one another as everyone gave a soft smile to the two of them. They gave one another an evil grin as Hope let baby Nik have a piece. The children stared at the two, icing smearing across their faces, "Enemies till the end, eh, Zim?" Dib mentioned.

"Enemies to the end, pathetic human," Zim grinned.


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