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It all started four hundred years ago when a merchant ship was attacked by vicious pirates known as the Singh Brotherhood. The captain's son watched helplessly as his father was killed by their leader- the vicious and cruel Kabai Singh.

The boy jumped overboard and was washed up on the beaches of a jungle island called Bengalla.

The Rope people who inhabited the island tookthe boy in and he was to grow up umong them. The boy swore an oath on the skull of his father's killer that he shall avange his father's death by combating evil, cruelty and injustice in all its form, with the Fourth Skull and the ring of favour he set out this task.

And so began a legacy that plagued his line. The legacy of the Ghost Who Walks...

And so began the legacy of THEPHANTOM...


Bengalla Jungle-1940

Diana Palmer watched in awe and uncontained excitement as the ship approached the coast. Anyone who would see her would think her mentally incompetant as she was as giddy as a school girl.

"Mrs Walker?" Diana snapped back into reality and turned around, leaving the breathtaking view of the jungle shores and now making eye contact with the captain of the ship. "We are nearing the shores and you should get your things ready."

"Of course Captain, I was merely admiring the scene."

The captain smiled and bowed slightly before moving back into the helms room. Captain Jonothan Neil was a close friend of hers and her husband Kit. She smiled again, Kit Walker, her beloved husband awaited for her arrival there on the jungle island. She would normally take these retreats away from home and visited her husband's...work place. She planned to 'reward' for his hard work and being sworn to fight evil day by day would be hard. This was something Diana's mother despised most about her son-in-law and had made many attempts to sway her daughter from marrying such a man.

It did not work. If anything her attempts had strengthened Diana's love for Kit, The Ghost Who Walks, the Phantom of Bengalla.

Diana breathed in the cool and fresh air, the breaze circulating her and whispering. On the deck she was given a fantastic view of the forest, the green trees, the waterfalls in the distance. There was a fishery and a dock just ahead and Diana could faintly make out the figures of President Luaga and Colonal Worubu of the Jungle Patrol. The Patrol was Bengalla's only line of deffence against internal and externl threats, led in secret by the Phantom himself, these men from many lines defend the week jungle folk and the President himself from pirates.

Three hundred years ago, the sixth Phantom defeated the Pirate Lord Redbeard in single combat as was tradition to all scally-wags. Redbeard, amazed at the Phantom's moral and fighting skill and brain pledged allegiance to the Ghost and along with his men. "No longer pirates...no longer to live as thieves and cruelty...you shall fight crime, evil, cruelty and injustice in all its form...you shall be the Jungle Patrol!"

Each year a thousand men and women apply from all nations to join this fabled sentinel and only ten are selected. They are the most elite force on Earth and admired by all corners of the dark jungles, by many countries. The Rope people that live in the trees call them the Knights of the Skull as they all recognise them as The Phantom's men even though they don't.

Worubu was the only member of the Jungle Patrol to know of the Phantom's existance and his identity. The Captain of the Patrol was also one they could trust. Captain Phillip Horton acted as the liason for Kit and was a close friend of Diana's uncle, Dave. She was fortunate to have trusting friends like them.

They neared the dockas and as soon as the ship stopped and everyone was permitted to depart, Diana ran out with her suitcase, onto the docks and to the two men waiting for her. "Good to see you again Miss Palmer," cried Worubu.

"Wait isn't it Mrs Walker now?" laughed the President who shook her hand, Diana bluhed and nodded, she was the wife of Kit Walker now, and she couldn't be prouder.

They walked over to the jeep as that they were to escort Diana to Skull Cave but then she stopped, she looked around and had noticed, "Where's Captain Horton?" President Luaga gave Worubu an uncertain look, they all stood in silence. There was someting not righ to Diana. "Well?" she demanded her voice stern but still soft.

Worubu was about to answer when...Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, there was the noise of drums too familiar to Diana. thump, thump, thump, thump, they went. It was the Rope people drumming. They were calling for their protector...


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