I was in my office using the ARI to find where Shaun Mars' location. Even though I got some evidence, I can't find any leads. I was getting frustrated on going around in circles.

"We've only got a few hours left to save Shaun Mars. There's has to be a goddamn clue here somewhere! It's probably staring me in the face. This kid's gonna die and I'm going around in circles!"

I sit down on my chair to relax, then I take off the ARI. I was so not feeling well from all this.

Why? Why am I having dead ends?

Just then, Lt. Blake just stormed into my office. This guy, he thinks Ethan Mars is the Origami Killer

"All packed up and ready to go?" he said.

I said confusingly, "What are you talking about?"

"The investigation's over. We know who did it. We no longer need your services anymore, Norman." Blake then advances over me as he sits down on my desk. "So you can ride your files all the way back to Washington. I'd be lying if I said I was going to miss you..."

What? Me, off the case? I don't think so. Just what is he trying to do? He obviously doesn't know he got the wrong guy.

As he started to leave my office, I said in a firm tone. "The investigation isn't over. You have absolutely nothing on Mars!"

Blake is so pissed off at this from what I can tell. He approaches again close to me, putting his hands on my desk. Uh-oh, I shouldn't have said that.

"Mars is guilty. Case closed. Anyway, it's no concern of yours now. You're off the case. So pack up and fuck off."

That does it! I had it with this guy disagreeing with the fact that Ethan is not the Origami Killer. I stood up from my chair and about to teach this guy a lesson. I'm ready to shout this one out on him.

"Blake, you are an unbalanced, psychopathic asshole!"

Blake starts to get angry as his eyebrows are looking down and gritting his teeth. He is so insulted. "What did you just call me?"

"I said, you are an unbalanced, psychopathic asshole!" I said.

As Blake is about to run to me, I pulled out a gun from my jacket and point it at his head. He looks sweaty and scared.

"I'm warning you, Blake. You say I'm off the case, and I'll blow your fucking head off!"

I'm hoping he would let me continue in investigating the Origami Killer, otherwise I'll shoot him in the head. I know he'll choose the former. Blake said, "You have lost your mind, Norman." He then leaves my office.

I say that's good riddance.