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Chapter one: strange rumors

There was a ghostly type of person around. A strange girl covered in clothes head to toe. She was like lord death himself. Seeing her siloutte is a sign of certain death. A particularly bad soul had heard these rumors. he had scuffed off their warnings, there was no way some meister could take out a big bad keishen like himself. he strolled on the streets shoulders straight with an air of arrogance all around him. Little did he know that his end would soon be met by the same person he did not beleive to exist. After a good meal on the dark streets he reached to open the door of his old creeky house, thats when he heard it, the voice soft as the wind but strong like iron.

"You are the kishin that lives at this house correct?"

Slowly and carfully he turned but what was before him was what looked like a small girl dressed in black with a large coat, the collar covering her face. Long spiky hair was visable with a plain head band on her forehead. From the sliver of light of the moon he could see the shape of a grand sword on her back. One word had come to mind, an assassin. She took a step, he swallowed, frozen.

"If you are indeed the soul I am to hunt, then you shall die here."

All he saw was a flash of her body moving and then ...nothing.

It was just another day at the academy.

"Why.." Liz said out loud leaning over her desk.

"Why what?" Kid replied focused on writeing his name in perfect symmetry

"Why does class have to be so boring" she replied leaning back.

"I don't know why you care you just paint your nails every day anyways.." he said not looking up from his paper.

Liz just sighed and stared at the ceiling, for some reason today she was getting a very odd feeling and she couldn't put her finger on what it was something..something ominous she thought. Her thoughts were suddenly interupted by the door slamming open and a tall thin red headed man walked in. It was spirit maka's perverted old man. Thats strange he had a very serious expression on.

"Stein we need to talk" he said in a low voice.

"Oh my is it that time already" a dissapointed stein put down his speciemen and they both walked over to the door. Before they left, Maka stood up and started interrogating her father.

"Papa, you shouldn't interrupt our class for your stupid perverted ways" she said with her arms crossed

"My stupid..what are you saying'he stammered back at her

"if its you i am saying that all you'd have to say is something stupid or perverted" she replied

"Its absolutley none of your bussiness what i have to disscuss with a colleuge, its something very important." he said with a straight face

"oh like what" she said tauntingly 'Dr. Stein you don't have to listen to him-

"stay out of this Maka" Spirit said sharply cutting her off.

The room was silent with shock and Maka's face shown it too, Spirit under no circumstances spoke to his "adored'' daughter in that tone ever.This had to be something very serious.

"your Father is right (for once) Its none of your business this is a very important matter, All of you take the time to study" he finished, speaking up and twisting the screw in his head. Maka numbly sat down in her seat again. The two men left the room.

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