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Chapter 5 Mysteries to be solved

Shiki and Amaris entered their small building still with an air of gloom about them. Shiki went straight to his room and fell onto the bed with a large sigh, attempting to try and relieve the stress he felt. He still couldn't get off his mind how strange Amaris had been acting. When fighting the witch she had been unusually cruel with her attacks. Stabbing her threw the middle was unnecessary. There could have been other ways to immobilize her..couldn't there be? Maybe he was just thinking too much.

"Thats it" he whispered to himself. Getting up from the bed he grabbed a coat and went to leave.

"Where are you going?" Amaris caught him as he was leaving. She had an apron on and was preparing dinner. Shiki had almost burst out laughing seeing her looking tlike a "house wife".

"Out" he replied stiffly with a shrug.

Eyeing him she stepped out of his way from the front door. Giving a small smirk, she knew where he was going, he thought. Amaris always knew how to read him and he hated it the most.

Shiki walked down the street it had been unuasully cold and the frost nipped at his fingers wrapping his coat around him tightly he continued his journey at a fast pace, Starting into a running pace, jumping a few buildings and a dog later he finally made it to the waters edge by the bridge the had just been earlier.

.He was looking for the witch's was no doubt she was dead by now, If she didnt bleed out first than she would have drowned.. but still hoplessly Shiki looked across the dark water

Moments had passed but suddenly a hand shot out of the water and like she was coming back from the dead the witch broke threw the surface gasping for air. Still in shock and pure amazement Shiki rushed to jump into the water. The cool liquid soaked his clothes adding on weight, it almost made him sink, but he made it over to the women and just before her head ducked down he scooped her up and made way for the shore.

The both of them collapsed on the sandy ground gasping for air when, Shiki asked in between breaths "How" pant, pant " In the world are you alive?"

"thats what I'd like to know" she said back weakly. Then before she could answer any of his questions she faded away into unconsciousness.

Sitting there Shiki had no idea what to do. He looked down on the women who used to be his enemy with a calm face, but in the inside of his mind was roaring like a hurricane.

Was there anything he could use to dress the wound? Swinging his head looking around he saw his jacket off a ways on the shore, noting with a shiver at how cold he was he reached for it and began to ripp it up. This isn't the movies he thought there is no way I am suddenly going to save her life with ripping a peice of my shirt but afterall it didn't hurt to try. After wrapping her torso with the cloth from his jacket, he began to evaluate her pulse and color.

Her skin was becoming white and she would most likely be anemic. The pulse he felt was low. Not wasting time he placed her on his back and ran as fast as ever possible to the little building next to the academy dorms, he ran home.

Shifting his weight he finally made it back. Slamming open the door and placing the women's body on the couch, he did not notice Amaris's presence behind him at the table.

"What an atrocious job you did" she said coldly eyeing his immediate first aid.

Looking down himself he notice just how awful it really was, embarrassed he began to unwrap the makeshift bandage, first aid really wasn't his strong suit.

Amaris slowly got up from the table and kneeled down in front of the couch. Examining her patient with slow and carefull eyes she let out a breath and ordered Shiki to get the proper bandages and medicienes they needed. they had after all lots of them stocked up because they treated their own wounds from missions. Shiki hurried back with the supplies, handing them to Amaris as he patiently waited. He stood back and watched her slow and careful work, as she treated the wound, the Witch's body seemed to relax more as if the pain she felt had been lifted. With a small sigh his partner stood and returned to the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" he asked puzzled as she began to take out a pot and cooking ingrideints.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" she replied to him flatly. He only gave her a hard stare and she continued with a REAL esplaination.

"When your wounded puppy over there wakes up she needs to replenish the blood loss, and how do we do that?" he knew she was mocking him with the last question

"" he mumbled his reply, feeling down at Amaris's awful attidude towards him.

"Yes and as I take it you have not eaten anything." she finished makeing a soft dish of omirice.

"Aren't you 'sppose to make poridge or something?" he asked.

"She doesn't have the flu baka, she's injured anything will do that is easy and quick to eat." she told him setting a plate down and cleaning up, she walked out of the room.

"really?" he called after her "Your just going to leave?" he was only answered by the silence.

"great" he muttered looking from the bleeding witch to the plate of omirice. He was stuck in the middle of a huge mess.

The characters personalities were a bit different in this chapter but I think things went smoothly. I felt this was a good end so I didn't want to make it very long. Hope you enjoyed review please I love them too much :3