Dear Reader,

When I originally wrote 'Meetings In the Tower' I was about 14. Quizilla was the very first place I published and I got an overwhelming sense of praise for my story. Obviously, as I grew up so did my writing style, and so did JK Rowling come out with more books which were not taken into account in the original storyline. I spend the last (almost year) revising this story, I worked very hard on each chapter. Growing up, Harry Potter was an extremely important part of my childhood, as I think most of my generation can agree on. The world that JK Rowling has created for all of us is seriously a marvel in itself. My original character Anna was made in this version to be interwoven into the original storyline. This story is very parallel to original storyline of the sixth and seventh books until after Voldemort is defeated. I did not wish to change many of the central themes of the plot, so if you did not wish to read a serious tale that very much stays true to the book this story may not be your cup of tea. Draco is Anna's love interest in the story although it isn't purely romance because I feel in conjunction the original story there are other aspects to consider. With that being said, I do hope you try to read this story, I have worked very hard on this for years and after the war ends I do plan to take off in my own direction where JK Rowling left off.

I thank you all for your readership, I value your comments and love hearing from my readers so please don't be afraid to leave comments, I don't bite.

With Love,