Chapter 160- The Epilogue

"Mummy! Daddy! The train leaves in five minutes!"

Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of September was crisp as an apple, five minutes to ten found Anna and Draco Malfoy arriving at the Platform. Anna smiled warmly recollecting her memories at this very place, Platform Nine and Three Quarters had not changed a bit since her last visit. All along the edge of the platform, mothers, like Anna, were teary eyed as they waved their children off for the year, younger children staring longingly at the train, 1st years looking so excited yet unquestionably terrified (some dressed in their school robes and some in normal attire) and everyone carrying heavy trunks laden with clothes, spell books and quills onto the train. The Hogwarts Express was a calming, reassuring sight for Anna as she turned to Draco and caught him taking in the scenery also. It brushed away the apprehension she felt for her son being a Malfoy ,which made Anna worry for weeks how her son's peers would treat him, in an instant.

Anna watched on lovingly as her husband took their son's hand; instinctively growing closer to see what words he had to impart on him before he left their care of eleven years.

"You know," Draco said as they paused by the wall. "Scorpius, as a child every year, seeing the gleaming ruby train was like going home, you know you are always welcome home for the holidays but if you wanted to stay I'd understand it. Granddad told me my very first day of school that 'Proper pure blood boys didn't run around the garden chasing gnomes'. Hogwarts was a relief, somewhere where I could be in charge, where I could be the one who told others what to do, and let the other children know how easy they had it. Grandad and Grandmum we're frighten of Voldemort, you see, so people when they look at your name they might be frightened of you too."

"I know, Dad," Scorpius answered with a tone of great maturity for a kid his age. "Mummy said just to be myself and keep my chin up, and if all else fails pull a prank on Filch than everyone will love me." He added with a mischievous smirk.

Draco shot Anna an amused look as she threw her hands up feigning innocence.

"I said no such thing!" Anna grinned as she and her son shake a secret wink.

Anna followed her husband through the wall, hurrying Scorpius along too.

"You got the instant swamp, puking pastries, and You-No-Poo's?" Anna whispered to her son once her husband was out of ear shot.

"Of course, Mum," Scorpius smiled as Anna ruffled his hair affectionately. "And I promise to find Peeves in the morning and tell him you said hi."

Anna felt tears of joy welling up in her eyes, "That's my boy, I'm so proud of you Scorpius Hyperion."

It was always so amusing to Anna that although he was nearly identical to his father in looks, it was her mischievous and outgoing personality Scorpius had inherited. 'That boy is the male version of you' Aunt Phoebe would chuckle after babysitting Scorpius and he'd hide her things while she was in the Loo. He also inherited both his parents Quidditch skills and though he hoped to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Slytherin Seeker, Anna hoped he would be the Ravenclaw Chaser.

As the small family walked towards the train, with Scorpius' trunk floating along behind, they approached a couple with three children. On further inspection, Anna realized it was Cho Chang and her husband, a confused looking man taking everything in. She notcied her husband's face visibly pale, as it did every time they ran into old schoolmates.

"Darcy. Good to see you. How are you?" Cho smiled, in what Anna thought to be a polite attempt at civility.

"Good thanks, Chang. This must be your husband, we're pleased to meet you. Are any of your children starting this year?

"Yes, Leigh Lin our eldest is starting this year. This must be your son then?" Cho asked, looking at the young blonde boy next to Draco, who could only nod curtly.

"Yes this is my son, Scorpius, and you remember my husband, Draco, Draco Malfoy." Anna said proudly.

"Sounds familiar, how do you do Draco. I'm Cho Tozzi, formerly Chang. Ah and this is my husband Bill he's an accountant. Bill this is Anna and her husband Draco, I went to school with them."

"Pleasure to meet you Bill." Anna smiled and Draco nodded curtly at her side.

" A pleasure Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy. Well then, we best be going, shouldn't we love ? Nice to meet you both." The Tozzis hurried away to the train, loading on the little girl's trunk.

Draco relaxed as they hurried away. Even though the Order publically supported him, and kept him from Azkaban, most of its members still disliked him. They were the odd few, such as Hermione, Harry and Neville who were civil in public with them but since Anna's marriage to Draco but the relationship between them all were tense at best.

At that moment, the smoke billowed, leaving more of the platform uncovered for she and Draco's view. Towards the center of the train, stood Harry himself, Ginny and their children also. Beside the Potter family were Hermione and Ron with their children too. If she remembered correctly, one of Hermione and Ron's kids was going to be in the same year as Scorpius, along with Ginny and Harry's son-Albus. She smiled wistfully, at the thought that they'd all be friends, like she and their parents had been but that was long ago.

Anna noticed Ron look up, and saw him staring over. He spoke to Hermione, Harry and Ginny. They turned, observing her, Draco and their family. They nodded, and Hermione even seemed to smile at them. Anna sent back a polite smile and a small wave while Draco nodded back, acknowledging the civility they all kept up.

He turned to Scorpius and smiled. "You see them over there Scorp? That group by the third door down. Do you know who they are?" Anna looked at him quizzically, wondering why her husband would be singling out her former friends' kids but he brushed her off with a nod.

"Where? Oh, not – hang on! That's the Golden Trio!" Scorpius exclaimed.

"Yes, it is. Now those children getting on the train - be good to them."

"But Dad, they'll probably be in Gryffindor! I won't be playing in the Quidditch team, going 'Of course not Potter, you just take that Snitch even though I could totally beat you to it. I'm being nice like my dad tells me to be'. Not going to happen Dad."

Draco chuckled and placed a loving arm around Anna's waist, holding her close to him.

"Well obviously. But don't hate them. They're just people, even if they are Gryffindors." Draco said wisely.

"We love you," Anna said through glassy eyes as leaned forward to hug her son as tightly as possible. "Write to us when you get settled in! I want to hear alllllll about you making Ravenclaw." She added with a wink.

Scorpius laughed at his Mother before looking towards the train, "Alright Mum and Dad. Look, I'd better get on the train, it leaves in a minute or two. Love you Mum, Love you Dad. See you at Christmas!"

And with that Anna leaned on Draco for comfort as she watched their only son hop onto the train, and wave out the window as it pulled away along the crowded platform.

"I won't let hate ruin him, Anna. Hate leads to suffering."

Anna smiled sadly, she and Draco both looked down at his left forearm, as Draco pulled up the sleeve, a stark reminder of hate ruining and destroying lives and families. His horrible Dark Mark sat staring at them both, his pale skin accentuating the black tattoo. Anna felt closure know that she and her husband had survived the Second War but mostly relief that it had not burnt him in 19 years. All was well.

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