Chapter 1

Narratives POV:

The second war of the giants has just ended. The seven heroes Percy, Hazel, Frank, Rayna, Jason, Piper and Leo from the prophecy of seven were stood in the Olympus throne room. As-well as Annabeth who fulfilled her own prophecy which tied in the Prophecy of Seven. Nico was also while not one of the seven indicated in the Prophecy of Seven, he played a crucial part in diplomatic relations and the joining of the camps and of course trying to help out whenever he could.

The Olympians were gathered on their thrones. Hades and Hestia were also in attending. Hades had a temporary throne he used, when he was allowed to visit Olympus. Hestia was quietly attending the hearth.

Zeus spoke up "Heroes off the second giant war. We are gathered here today to talk about an opportunity to teach and pass on knowledge to future generations of demigods. The Olympic Council has discussed this and if you agree to the terms we have set, We will make you semi-immortal similar to Chiron or the Hunters of Artemis. You will not age but you can still be killed or fall in battle."

"Nico, Son of Hades before we go forth. For your actions in both the Titan and Giant wars, your father, Hades has opted you be exempt from this deal if you accept to become the Prince of the Underworld, The Ghost King and Official Ambassador of the Hades/Pluto. You will become a true immortal minor god to help out with your father and issues within or involving the underworld. You will be bound by Ancient Laws unless it is to do with your duties as I have just mentioned."

Nico who was standing in the throne room. When first heard that his father has opted for him to be exempt from the deal, he bowed his head in shame. When Zeus continued speaking and he heard what his father has offered in place, he looked up astonished. He could not believe where offering him godhood for his previous actions. Nico looked around the throne room at the other demigods who have gathered they all give him a soft smile or a nod of acknowledgement.

Zeus paused giving Nico and the others time for the information to sink in.

Zeus then spoke up again "The Olympic Council has agreed to your fathers proposal, if you do Nico, but before we asked you that, we return to the discussion about the immortal trainers and the terms they will need to agree upon to become an immortal trainer."

"Immortal Trainers will have to swear fealty to serve Olympus and Gods in training and passing down experience future heroes of Olympus. When at camp you will help out with duties around the camp and as Immortal Trainers you will be unable to participate in future quests or assist demigods protecting a demigod outside the camp's boundaries, unless stated by The Fates weather directly or through a prophecy, or you have expressed permission from the Olympic Gods. This is required by Ancient Law to allow the next generations of Heroes to prove themselves and become Heroes within their own right. You will be allowed to protect the camps as it is part of your domain where you teach. if you are directly challenged outside of the camps, you have a right like immortal beings to accept the challenge as-well as having you have a right to protect yourself if attacked."

Zeus paused once again to allow the information given to be processed by the demigods. He then spoke up once again. "Nico Son of Hades, Step Forward." Nico stepped forward as Zeus asked. "You have had time to think about the offer your father has proposed. What is your choice. Do you accept your fathers proposal?"

Nico looked around once again, He first looked towards his father who was sitting on his thrown with a proud smile on his face.

He then looked to the demigods. First he looked at his Half-Sister Hazel, who seemed to be beaming in pride with for her brother who has been offered to become a God. If it was not for Nico she would still be in the Fields of Asphodel, suffering eternal boredom stood within a field doing nothing forever. Nico rescued her from the underworld and because of his actions she has a second chance at life. She would not have met Frank of the others if it wasn't for Nico.

Nico saw his sisters pride being offered God, He then looked towards Percy, who has been like a brother to him pretty much from the start (except when he was grieving Bianca's death and not thinking straight.) He owed Percy a-lot. Hades the whole world owed Percy a-lot. Nico thought Percy deserved Godhood above them all but here he was getting offered Godhood. He thought when he looked at Percy he might see disappointment or something but he should have known better. When he looked in Percy direction all he saw was a supportive smile and a small nod of his head showing he accepted Nico choice whatever the choice may be.

Percy was offered Godhood once before, after the second titan war. He turned down the Gods offer. The first time he turned it down he was thinking about his possible future with Annabeth Chase. Shortly after Percy got with Annabeth. Then he was kidnapped from Camp by the Hera The Goddess of Marriage and Family, The Queen of Heaven, Wife to Zeus. Hera took Percy put him in slumber for many months, removed all his memories except a direct link to Annabeth. Hera knew about his fatal flaw which is personal loyalty, it means he would basically do anything to protect the ones he cared about.

Hera knew if she left a little connection to his past life he would go through just about anything to reclaim his past memories and protect those he cared about. But even if she wanted to remove all memories she would not be able to remove the connection to Annabeth as Annabeth was his Mortal Anchor when he bathed in River Styx.

The key to successfully bathing in River Styx is a anchor to the world in which you would both Live and Die for if necessary, It could be loyalty/love to friends, family, lovers or some belief/cause. It could also be the opposite such as hatred of a person, belief or cause or let's say the belief the gods need to be torn down as-long as it is something you are willing to live and die for, then you would likely survive bathing in River Styx. Annabeth was the strongest mortal anchor for his life at the time of bathing in River Styx.

Annabeth felt distraught for months after the disappearance of Percy. Percy awoke in a Wolf House in San Francisco with no memories except the spark of a memory of Annabeth linking him to his past life. He was found by Lupa Wolf Pack. Lupa is a Wolf God as-well as the Patron of Rome, She taught Percy to sharpen his senses and how to survive, and then she sent him on his way. Being a Son of Poseidon he had a strong demigod scent which attracted a lot of monsters especially the two gorgon sisters of Medusa, which wanted to kill him for fame and revenge for their sister, Medusa. Who he had killed when he was twelve, unbeknown to him as he did not have his memory. He killed the gorgon sisters many times but they just kept reforming. He later found out it was because of their patron Gaia (Primordial Goddess of Earth) who has also chained Thanatos (Death).

Percy was using his fined-tuned senses as a way of direction to find a safe haven, whilst he was running away from monsters. When he got close to the roman camp his senses was pinning like mad so he decided to trust his senses. Percy stumbled across a women who seemed homeless and disgusting, this women introduced herself as June. June gave Percy a choice to run to the Sea where he would be safe or to carry her into camp, where he would endure a-lot of pain a misery but where he might also reclaim his past life. Percy having a small linking to his past life with his scarce memory of Annabeth agreed to carry the women June into the camp.

Percy carried the June women. At the river June told Percy that crossing the River Tiber would wash away the blessing/curse he received from bathing in River Styx as it is a Greek Blessing. Which meant his skin would no longer be impenetrable. He made his choice and carried June across the river. Once he crossed the river he saw Frank was in danger commanded the River to do his bidding to save Frank. Once frank was saved the gorgons, June change forms revealing a different looking taller women who was revealed to be Juno (the Roman aspect of Hera) . He was then introduced to the Roman camp as a child of Neptune (who is the Roman aspect of Poseidon).

Percy learned the camp was for Roman demigods. Unknown to Percy, he was a Greek demigod, but this was part of Juno plan to combine the two camps together. For the campers to trust in Percy, he had to forget about his life and prove his-self in the roman camp with new accomplishments.

When Percy and Annabeth was finally united they tried going back to what they were, but the connection and spark did not seem to be there anymore. They mutually agreed they should only be friends from now on out. Three months later Annabeth started dating a guy named Andrew a Son of Mercury who was a-lot like Luke except Andrew was more care free, without bitterness and resentment which Luke held. Annabeth was concerned that Percy might not have been over her, but he reassured her that he was and that he was happy for her to find someone to make her happy.

Percy didn't seem to have any attraction to anybody at all since having his memories removed joining the Romans he seemed to become a battle hardened warrior, even when he did retrieve his memories. He was still kind and warm to his friends and family, but to anyone else he seemed indifferent and when it came to romantic attraction to anyone, there was no one. He didn't even feel any jealously towards Annabeth and Andrews relationship just acceptance and happiness for his friend Annabeth.

Back in the throne room Nico got the distinct impression that the Gods would never offer Percy Godhood again. Since the Gods have already offered Percy Godhood which they consider the highest gift and he turned it down. He also got the impression from Percy, if the Gods did offer him Godhood again that Percy would turn it down once again, even though Annabeth was no longer an obstacle. Godhood just did not seem like Percy's destiny. I think the Gods may also have picked up on it as he has shown no interest or disappointment when they announce that Nico would be offered Godhood but his name did not come up. Nico saw some of the Gods and Goddesses throw some curious glances at Percy. Nico could only guess what they was thinking... he always seems to surprise people even gods and he also intrigues them as-well. The Gods and Goddesses were probably trying to read his reactions and wondering if he would accept the place to become an Immortal Trainer. In all honesty Nico himself did not know if Percy would accept to become an Immortal Trainer, even though he himself hoped Percy would.

Nico looked towards the other demigods. Whilst Nico may not be close to the other demigods as he is with Hazel and Percy, he still considered them his friends. The other demigods all give him a soft smile or a nod. There is one person who like family to him like Hazel and Percy who could not be here today as she has responsibilities as the lieutenant to the Hunters of Artemis. Her name is Thalia, she's a daughter of Zeus and Jason's blood sister. She like Percy feels like close family to him perhaps a sister. Maybe its Children of the Big Three thing that camp tends to put us higher than them and place responsibility on our shoulders. That and we generally don't have close siblings like a cabin with brothers and sisters, oh yeah and we more powerful than your average demigod. Nico felt a smirk pull at the corners of his lips. Anyways Thalia's semi-immortal as a Hunter of Artemis like the immortal teachers will be and if Thalia was here right now, Nico believes she would approve of his choice.

Nico bowed then spoke up addressing Zeus "Lord Zeus, I would be honoured to accept my father proposal." all the Gods and Goddesses smiled, even if some did looked a bit forced, Zeus than said "Do you accept to become The Ghost King, Prince of the Underworld an Ambassador to Hades AND Pluto and as Ambassador remain neutral to both Roman and Greek counterparts? Do you as Prince, Ghost King and Ambassador swear fealty to your father and to fulfil your responsibilities as a God to help assist your father with issues within or involving underworld?" to which Nico replied "I do, I swear."

The Gods told the demigods to close their eyes until they said otherwise. Nico had his eyes close even with his eyes closed, he could see the light penetrating his eye lids, then he suddenly felt energy unlike anything he could explain hit him, he fell to the floor, then he felt like his blood was boiling. He imagined this was the process of turning his blood to gold ichor. It suddenly ended, just as suddenly as it came.

The Gods told the demigods that they could open their eyes now, all the eyes of the demigods suddenly focused on Nico with curious glances. Nico stood back to his feet as soon as he was standing facing the gods table suddenly appeared in front of Nico, On it was a glass of clear liquid. "Drink the Amrita, the nectar of the Gods to complete the process into Godhood" Zeus said.

Nico compiled and drank the 'Amrita'. Whilst he was drinking, he was shocked by its taste. Being a demigod he has tasted regular nectar, he would have said no drink could beat the taste of nectar, O how he was wrong... Regular Nectar had nothing on this Amrita Nectar. The taste was indescribably. If he used crass terms, he would of said it was like having an orgasm in his mouth that spread to the rest of his body. Nico felt energized he felt giddy, when he finished the Amrita he wanted to shake the cup to get the last drops of this liquid, in-fact he did that a tiny bit but tried to make it unnoticeable. Nico even wanted to lick the glass for residual taste of Amrita. The Gods and Goddesses were looking amused some had smirks on their face, like they knew what he was thinking about.

Zeus spoke up "Right down to the business of Immortal Trainers, Do you" Aphrodite coughed loudly to get Zeus attention then gave him a meaningful look "Ahh yea I forgot, as Immortal Trainers you have not foresworn love, and some of you are likely to have relationships or be scared away from relationships from demigods knowing they will age and die" he said impassively "To deal with this issue Athena and Aphrodite came up with a solution of sorts as-long as your partner is not of the mortal world meaning fully human, since we cannot risk exposure. I will allow Aphrodite to explain the details, Aphrodite if you may?".

Aphrodite squealed on her chair "After six months of officially being boyfriend/girlfriend, your partner will be bound by the same terms you agree. They will receive semi-immortality as-long as they abide by the terms and both partners in the relationship. If the partner does not abide by the terms once he or she received semi-immortality. This meaning he/she assists a demigod outside of camp, goes or intervenes on a quest. Then he/she will lose their semi-immortality which they won't able to achieve again... It would be such a sad love story, awww it makes me want to cry..." everyone rolled their eyes "Oh the same happens if either one of the partners is unfaithful and cheats within the relationship" Aphrodite shot Athena a look "Oh and the best news yet, in the six months up to for partner to achieve semi-immortality, I get to test your relationship and faithfulness" now Aphrodite looked so happy "and don't for one second think I will be making it easy on you love birds, Love triangles, indecision, temptation and soo much more" Aphrodite clapped the demigods looked on frightful "But now for the sad news " now Aphrodite was focusing on Athena with her arms crossed glaring accusingly at her "after they have achieved they semi-immortal state, I am not allowed to mess with your love life, blame boring-logical Athena over there" now Athena and Aphrodite where glaring at each other, the demigods wanted to thank Athena but thought better of it. Then Aphrodite prepped up again "But without myself keeping your relationship interesting, it will probably fall apart" Aphrodite smiled "there will be heartbreak, plenty of angst then the cycle begins once again so I can test your next lover!" Now Aphrodite was smiling brightly.

Zeus spoke up "Now the time to offer demigods the choice to become an Immortal Teacher. You heard the terms spoken earlier. But just to recap you will not be able to participate in quests or helping demigods beyond the camps boundaries weather it be Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter without expressed permission from The Fates weather directly or through prophecy or Olympic Gods. You are not to fight outside of camp boundaries unless challenged or in self-defence. You are to assist at the camp and to pass down knowledge, experience and train future demigods. This is a condition I forgot to add earlier, but which should not be a problem. You are to remain at camp for four months of the year, or better said one-third of the year, if you do go on a quest/mission for The Gods/Fates this will be counted. Any breach in the terms set forth shall remove your semi-immortality. Are the terms understood?" All the demigods nodded. Nico who was off to the side next to his father's throne nearly laughed at the scene.

Zeus spoke "Now to make things fast, I will ask each one of you if you accept. Answer Yes if you accept to terms and to become an Immortal Trainer or No if you prefer to remain as you are."

"Annabeth Daughter of Athena, Do you accept?" Annabeth replied "Yes Lord Zeus."

"Frank Son of Mars, Do you accept?" Frank replied "Yes Lord Jupiter?" Zeus laughed "No boy, I am Lord Zeus, Jupiter is my other aspect." Zeus turned to the next person.

"Hazel Daughter of Pluto, Do you accept?" Hazel replied "Yes Lord Zeus."

"Jason Son of Jupiter, My roman aspect. Do you accept?" Jason replied "Yes Lord Zeus."

"Leo Son of Hephaestus, Do you accept?" Leo replied "Yes Lord Zeus."

"Perseus Son of Poseidon, Do you accept?" Percy for a moment like he was distracted. He had his head cocked to the side as if he were listening to something and then he replied "No Lord Zeus." They was a shocked silence. None of the Gods or Goddesses thought anybody would turn down this deal. They had even given the Immortal Trainers a way out of being an immortal trainer, all they had to do was break the terms set forth today. The Gods and Goddesses won't admit it but Perseus Jackson was a deciding factor in offering this deal to demigods and now he has just turned it down.

Zeus regained his composure "Perseus, you do realise that you can back out of this deal any time, breaking the terms will change you back to a regular demigod, so I ask you again, Perseus Son of Poseidon, Do you accept? Think carefully for I will not ask again!" Poseidon cut in "Choose wisely son." Perseus replied "It is a very generous offer Lord Zeus, but my destiny has already been decided in this case. In around four years time I shall die, I will not travel to the underworld, but I will still exist, sort-off" Perseus turned to the demigods "After my death I can and will visit you within dreams or dreamlike states" Perseus then turned back towards the gods "I have accepted my destiny, as I have stated it is already decided. Lord Zeus whilst your offer is very generous, I must politely decline." All the Gods, Goddesses and Demigods had Shocked or Confused faces probably somewhere in-between.

Then everybody except Perseus started talking at once it was just noise questions like "What do you mean you're going to die?" "All dead sprits travel to the underworld? "Impossible" "I don't understand" "I'm confused" "what's going on" "what in Hades name" "what in Zeus name" "damn you, Perseus" (which sounded surprisingly like Artemis) among other stuff all mashed together.

"SILENCE" Zeus bellowed. Zeus was angry, frustrated, confused, embarrassed he was cycling between the different states, as where other Gods. The once safe throne room was not a safe place to be at the moment. It would have been almost comical from an outside view.

"What do you mean you're going to die in four years time? How could you know that? What do you mean you will not go to the underworld when dead? What do you mean you will still be around and visit people in dream like states? what do you.." Suddenly the three sisters of fates shown up in the throne room everyone was back to stunned silence slightly afraid, for even Gods of Olympus bow down to fate.

The fates start speaking, differentiating between one and another in an almost hypnotic rhythmic voice "It will be as Perseus says, His destiny has been revealed and sealed, he has revealed all he can at the current time, he has not been unkind with the binds that are tied, so he will not die by your hand, O Gods do you understand?"

The Gods just sat their nodding their heads agreeing to what the fates where saying, anything to appease the fates, they could fate the down fall of Olympus or even the World itself. The Gods also did not like that the fates had appeared for a third time to Perseus and this time they outright favoured and defended him, Beware of things that come in Three's everyone knew that three was a powerful number, even mortals caught on to it (Third time the charm, Bad things come in three's Et cetera).

The fates seeing that their job done disappeared, just as instantly as they appeared. Everybody was weary of Perseus, not sure what to make of him. Perseus feeling the tension in the room tried to appease the gods by saying he will for the short time train and track down demigods and bring them to camp, until the time in which he has to leave. The Gods not knowing about his future just nodded and agreed. Perseus thought tension was not going to ease at the moment, as long as he is in the room, so he asked Zeus if he could leave and meet the others back at Camp Half-Blood later. Zeus agreed.

What Perseus did next shocked everyone into stunned silence again. Instead of walking out of the throne room with everyone staring after him, he vapour travelled out of the throne room back to Camp Half-Blood. Zeus looked at Poseidon accusingly "I did not know your son knew how to vapour travel" Poseidon who was looking equally shocked replied "nor did I brother" Zeus narrowed his eyes trying to catch a lie "If you did not teach him, then who else did? who else would?" Zeus getting a bit angry thinking Poseidon has broken ancient law and taught his son personally to use the god half of his abilities. Poseidon just replied "I do not know brother, there are a-lot of mysteries today, give me a break I just found out my son is going to die soon" Zeus huffed "Fine we continue with the ceremony."

"Piper Daughter of Aphrodite, Do you accept?" Piper still dazed from all that happened replied "Errr What? Ohh i mean Yes Lord Zeus, Sorry." There were some snickers around the throne room at Pipers mess up which made Piper blush scarlet red.

"Rayna Daughter of Bellona, Do you accept?" Rayna replied "Yes Lord Zeus."

Zeus announced "By the will of the Gods, It shall be done! allow the Immortal Trainers to instated by the terms agreed upon." There was a soft yellow glow that seemed to be emitted from the Seven demigods that decided to become Immortal Trainers.

A.N: This story will likely not have a pairing before anybody asks, Yes, I have plans for Artemis and the hunt in this story, but only because Artemis and the hunt does not seem to be as bound by Ancient Law as the others. This is a Chaos fic (well Air fic [female aspect of Chaos]) in a nurture/mysterious kind of way. Percy purpose will to be help and assist , but not to do all the work for them to survive. They also can not know that it is Percy for he has too many ties, and Earth would expect special treatment with his connections/being the son of Poseidon. This is my first story, the first time I've truly used creative writing.

A.N2: Fixed some errors, tried to clean up the text a little bit. English it not my strong suit, so my Apologies. Chapter 2 should be up later today. It is finished I am just re-going through it.