Thalia PoV

When I mean tall. I mean TALL. I'm not good with heights, she was maybe 9ft tall? To give you a better comparison, the top of my head only came to her ribs/solar plexus.

I stepped back in fright. Intimated by her height. "You need not worry of me, hunter. I mean you no harm. I am Skadi, Daughter of Thiazi, Jotunn goddess of Hunting, Winter, Bow, Mountains and Wife to the Ull, god of justice and duelling, as well as the patron god of agriculture."

I looked her over. She is tall as, giving is height, she was slender and had lean muscle that could have been abstained from hunting. She is also very attractive, something you except from most goddesses or gods.

She has deep dark blue, but almost glowing eyes, eyes like glaciers. She's a brunette, hair tousling her face and a long ponytail coming from under her hood travelling down her body. She's wearing a white fleece type clothing. Not much clothing though. Her jacking which was sleeveless covered her breasts, but stopped short passed them and left her midriff bare to the elements, at least her jacket had a hood. Her skirt was short, started at her hips and stopped shortly afterwards. Below the skirt were leather straps that held daggers, got to admit that is practical of her.

She has a small spear that looked expandable and a quiver with a few bows attached to her back. She also has a bow clipped on and secured to her back. She wore cool looking leather-bound steel arm gauntlets. She also wore flat shoed heels with straps twisting and crossing up her shins.

All in all it was set up looked efficient and also very sexy. I approved of the style, I would love to wear something like that in the Hunt. I smiled, The hunters of Artemis were modestly dressed, My Lady would probably have an aneurism if I wore something like this hunter. Yup I approve looks like something I would have worn in my punk days.

With that thought, I thought about my attire. Here I am in huge thermal clothing and I am still freezing my ass off, guess being goddess of winter has some perks, though I still did not understand that concept.

I waved my arm dumbly, teeth chattering. "Hi, I'm Thalia" I tried to add a small, but I don't know if I was successful my cheeks felt frozen by the current climate.

She nodded her head in assent. Afterwards the conversation fell to awkward silence. I decided to try make small talk. "Soo,, You're a goddess? I never heard of you. I thought My Lady Artemis or her other aspect Diana were hunting goddesses."

Soon as I said it I berated myself. STUPID, IDIOT. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Gods Help me in turning in to an early Percy! You don't tell a goddess they aren't memorable, easily offended... How do I fix this..

She looked at me blankly a moment before starting to laugh, before speaking up. "There a many pantheons of gods that exist on the earth. We tend to try avoid each other to avoid wars. Such as the wars caused with Aesir and the Vanir. Luckily the Aesir and the Vanir has set aside their differences and live side by side now. Mainly due to my daughter and son Freya and Frey being Vanir gods, but they became part of the Aesir to bridge the gap and differences." She said proudly.

"Aesir. I've heard that somewhere..." Putting my palm to my forehead and pressed. It came to me after a moment. "You're Norse, that what they refer to your pantheon as in the future. But wait your whole pantheon was destroyed, Raganok? a battle or something?" I spoke aloud.

A sad look passed on Skadi face. "So the prophecy is true. Mirmir will no longer guard the well and the Nidhog Dragon will chew Yggdrasil root that ends at Hvergelmer well. The well will become polluted, there will be three years of endless winter followed by Raganok, end of our world."

I felt awkward. "Maybe you could change it prevent it." She shot me a look that went through me. "No, It cannot be stopped." she said "But it hasn't happened yet!" I retorted back. She gave a laugh but it was humourless "Yes child it has in your time. The past cannot be changed neither can the future, as the future is an even further future pass."

A light bulb went off in my head "Damn it. That what he was talking about. Everything I've done, are going to do, has already been done." It was my turn to gave a humourless laugh. "That makes us like characters in a movie. No matter how many times you play it, the outcome is the same, unchanging. I never thought of fate as so plainly. So detached before." I looked up to the sky "WHY? WHY ME?" I screamed.

But there was no answer. "They won't answer you, child!" I spun around. "Who?" I asked "The entities born within the Ginnungagap, The great abyss, The cleft of clefts, The yawning gulf and so many other names. They created this universe, they created the gods and the conflicts. They started the direction of the universe and they will be the ones who will choose when it ends. They sit high above the realm of gods or man. Monitoring, observing , judging. Never getting involved, well never until now."

She was staring at me. I get the void and creation bit, but other than that I don't know what the heck she's talking about. "What?" I said self-consciously. "I was ask by an entity of great power to train you. I did not dare disagree. I who walked in and demanded death of Aesir gods as retribution after they killed my father. I who am fearless, submitted without question or quam. You, a girl from distance lands in the future sent back in time to be trained my me, and yet you still do not see!"

I started feeling offensive "My friend who is like a brother to me sent me back! I wasn't sent back by a being of the void. An eternal one."

Skadi shook her head as disagreeing we me before speaking. "I am a child of a giant. I have seen many powerful entities on this planet. I have seen beings that can manipulate certain aspects of time in a limited capacity. You expect me to believe a friend temporarily removed you from the future time stream and stationed you in the past as easily as he did. To be able to feel the flow of time and transcend time as if it is nothing?"

I opened my mouth, then shut it and then opened it again just to shut it again. When she puts it like that it does sound even more unreal.

She looked at me before smirking. "Thought-so. The only ones I've seen come close to that display of power is the Norns. The counter-part of your Fates, I believe. Even they would have trouble performing such a stunt."

I yawned tired feeling like I didn't have any sleep at all and maybe I didn't have much. I doubt I'm still asleep in the hunters cabin. I probably return to the point I was taking from when I return home, so no one will notice my disappearance.

I heard "We'll travel back to my hunters cabin, then tomorrow we will train and hunt." come from Skadi. It sounded good, no complaints for me.

She turned around and started walking off. I went to follow but after a few steps, but I suddenly sunk up to the waist in snow. Skadi turned around and laughed. "You will need some snow shoes."

I grumbled under my breathe, then looked up to the sky. "You couldn't supply any snow shoes?" There was no response. Not that I expected any and I have no clue why I'm talking to the sky, guess I was just figuring Percy could hear me. Freaky.

I looked towards Skadi. Why isn't she sinking into the snow. She answered my unasked question. "I am the embodiment of winter and all it includes." Damn, lucky her.

A thought suddenly stuck me. I'm wearing my hunters of Artemis clothing under my thermal and I'm sinking into snow. My hunters garb is enchanted to protect against the elements up to a point and I shouldn't be sinking in snow. Ok don't panic, try summoning the bow. I tried to summon my bow, but it didn't come. I started panicking, I tried summoning lightening, but still nothing happened.

"Calm child, You're alive." She didn't understand. I felt like I was suffocating, my breathing was rapid. "M my pow" I tried again. "My powers, they gone!"

Skadi tilted her head towards the side. Processing what I just said before speaking up. "It sounds like you are being tested. Perhaps you rely on your blessings and powers too much. You're own powers come from within. I believe they are being suppressed and whoever sent you back. They would have been able to use power to keep the elements at bay if they so choose to, and to walk lightly on snow, that a simple pallor trick in comparison. "

I looked up at her. "As god of winter, you could do that also?" I asked. "Yes, but I won't. I was asked to teach you, so that is what I will do. Also, you have done naught to deserve such a blessing. Life isn't a free trip for everything to be provided for you."

I wanted to argue. To shout and scream, but I realised I would have looked like a kid throwing a tantrum for not getting my own way.

She was also correct. I haven't done anything to be worthy of the blessing in her eyes. She been stuck with me to train me, would I act differently if the positions were changed? I doubt it.

I would probably have been bitter being stuck with someone to train, but Skadi looked like she took it in stride and was almost pleased with the concept of being asked to train someone. I guess in a sense it's a compliment to have been chosen, or perhaps she is lonely and excited about having an hunting buddy,

She whistled a tone, before stopping. Shortly afterwards, I saw a huge white wolf bellowing across the ice land. The wolf stopped near Skadi. The wolf was huge for a wolf, bigger than the twilight wolves I've seen in the movie trailer.

Skadi bent over and scratched the wolves ears. "This is Ulmer, a hunting companion of mine." Well there goes that theory. Maybe she wanting a human-like hunting buddy. "Climb on the back of the wolf. She will carry you back to my hunting cabin. Tomorrow you can work on making some snow shoes and hunting tools."

I shot her a look before looking back at the wolf. Well I guess it is better than attempting to walk on foot. I tried climbing out of my snow pit, only just to make a bigger snow pit.

Hmphh... Way to make a girl feel fat. I have a huge giant wolf and a goddess who a giant and here little ol' me, just sinking in the snow... It doesn't matter if the wolf have huge paws to spread the tension weight, or that the goddess is well.. a goddess..

Something grabbed clothing and the back of my neck and lifted me up. I let out of small squeak, though I would not admit it. Skadi must have been getting impatient. She picking me up as if I'm some cub. She placed me on top of Ulmer. I was thankful for that, but still couldn't stop myself shooting a glare at Skadi. I am NOT A PUPPY!

"You better hold on hunter." I dug my hands into the wolves fur and grabbed on. Skadi started running. She was fast the wolf pelted after her. I screamed and held on tighter, burying my face in the wolfs fur.

A.N: Feel free to throw suggestions on what they can hunt. Also Skadi description based of a drawing I found on deviant art. n1ghtange1 . deviantart . com /art/Skadi-333933437