A/N: The tumblr fandom. How it inspires me. Likely to just be a series of one-shots.

He liked being in the Warblers. Sure, it wasn't as flashy as he would like and they seriously lacked metallic colours in their uniform, but it was fun working as a group to make the music.

Plus, y'know, when the monster attacks started hitting the news again, it was interesting to see just how many of the guys at the school were total Power Rangers dorks. (Wes was a total Red, and Blaine's collection of toy Zords was impresssive)

Then the Samurai Rangers appeared and he knew it was time. Antonio grinned. "Time to make it Golden, little buddy." He was going to be one of them, and it would be the best thing ever.

Still… he would miss the school. He had money riding on Blaine and Kurt not getting together till after Regionals.

What? Boy had an impressive collection of toy Zords. He clearly had other things on his mind that paying attention to the puppy dog eyes the other boy was giving him.