Love for the Master

Summary: Ashiru and Kagome, both found at young ages and taken in by Hao, trained by him, to die for him. Ashiru, who loves their master like no other, lets jealousy be the weapon that kills him, but Kagome...she chooses to bid her time wisely, so that she may save him when he needs her most. Her love was not some form of obsession, it was a form of protection, and she could only hope, one day, he would see that to.

Anime/Manga: Shaman King/InuYasha

Pairing: Kagome/Hao

Genre: Romance

Rated: M for Mature Content


~These rustic tears...

...Are so uncivilized and unruly

Devoid of aesthetic sophistication...

...For they roll out to the last drop

In an elemental spilling spree...

...Having scant regard

For the unity of time, place and action~


Kagome Higurashi, four years old, was a small Asian Angel. Not in the otherworldly essence of the word, but her love for life, and her purity and good intentions to those around her, made her the prime example of an Angel. She had life taken right in front of her, and had seen the frightened expression on her mothers face as she stared into her eyes. It wasn't that long ago, that she'd witnessed the light in her mothers eyes fade into this obsidian of nothingness.


"Mommy, I love you!"

A mother who knew nothing of the terrors of bad children, smiled brightly at the little girl who had never even cried before her, much less screamed or yelled to get her way. "I love you too, Kagome."

"Daddy, I love you!"

"This precious cherub has blessed me with her love," The man who stood tall before her smiled brightly at the child before falling to his knees and hugging her close to him. "I love you too, Kagome! Daddy loves you so much,"

"Daddy is late?"

Her father, a handsome man, with straight black hair to his chin that was cut in layers and bark blue eyes, sighed, "I work late, but I will be home before nine o'clock. I promise,"

Her mother smiled, she too had black hair, in a pixie cut that was trimmed beautifully just past her ears, her eyes were brown, much like those of a doe's. "Kagome, love...Daddy works late to keep Mommy and Kagome in a comfortable home with yummy food, so we should support Daddy and say 'Come home soon, Daddy', right?"

Kagome looked in thought before nodding, "Yeah!" She turned and smiled brightly at her father, "Come home soon, Daddy!"

"I promise, I will be home before you fall asleep," He kissed her on the cheek before kissing his wife lovingly on the lips, bidding both goodbyes.

It was that same night that life had flashed before her eyes, and Kagome paid refuge to the spot behind the bed board.

As a nightmare stirred the girl from her sleep, she took to her parents' room where she was quick to climb into the bed with her mom and dad. They maneuvered a bit in bed to allow the girl some room before once more falling asleep.

It was only an hour later that a loud crash sounded and echoed down the halls of their house. A hand jolting Kagome awake and nudging her to the safety behind the bed board; it was in an instant that her family was taken from her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?"

"Get out of this house!"

The yells of her father and mother filled her ears.



Her mom cried out as she ran across the room. Kagome looked frightened as she gazed beneath the bed and stared into the eyes of her father. Blood spilling from the bullet hole that adorned her fathers' forehead, with deadly accuracy. It was horrible. Why wasn't he smiling, or moving, or saying anything? She wanted to say something, she wanted to call out to him, speak to him...but her voice was broken, and her throat hurt for some reason.

", no, no...please...don't!"


She watched a pair of feet vanish from the doorway as her mother let gravity do its' job.

It was quiet for a few moments when she finally crawled out from behind the bed, making her way to her mom's side. "Mama...?"

She stared straight at Kagome, but saw nothing. She was gone, her eyes fogged with death.

"Mama, get up..." Kagome looked lost, but she didn't cry, she couldn't. Her eyes wouldn't let her, or maybe the lump in her throat had blocked her tears, or was it because her heart was beating faster than normal that she just couldn't concentrate on crying properly. Was she even sad? No, she was scared, why wasn't her mom or dad responding to her?

She sat cross-legged and continued to stare at her parents, hoping that by some miracle they would wake up. They never did...

"Kid, you okay?"

Kagome looked up curiously at the new voice, a boy a little bit older than she was. He had brown hair in a pageboy hairstyle and grey eyes. "Who are you?"

"Ashiru...or Ashil. Did they hurt you?"

"No, but mama and daddy won't wake up...why won't they wake up?"

His eyes looked to the lifeless bodies and he frowned, "Because those bad men killed them, they are dead. What is your name?"


This was how the two had met, and how Ashiru had taken it upon himself to become her big brother and caretaker. They would become best friends in time.



"Hm?" Kagome looked back to Ashiru who sat at the window staring up at the night sky.

"Let's leave this place, let's go find a new home!"

Kagome listened and smiled at the thought of leaving the warehouse. "...that sounds nice...a home." That's right, this place wasn't a home, it would never have the warmth that a real home did. The family that came with a home was something that couldn't be found in an empty and chilly warehouse. She did have Ashiru, but she wanted more. A curious thought crossed her mind. "Ashi-Kun, is it bad to want more?"

Ashiru frowned, " can't be bad if everyone is always wanting more. It's not bad, because everyone does it. Everyone wants more. More money, more love, more room...more, more, more...if everyone wants more, it can't be bad."

Kagome nodded, he was right. Everyone was always wanting more...Kagome shook her head and smiled, "I changed my mind."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want more, Ashi-Kun...I will be happy with what I have."

Ashiru smiled and walked over to Kagome, "No matter what, I'll be with you Kagome. We will find a place to call home, a family, friends and we will be happy. I promise!"

Kagome smiled and laid her head to rest on his shoulder. Sleep came easy that night, but neither knew of what their travels would bring, or the things that they would come to meet and possess in time.


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