Magical Britain, after the fall of the Dark Lord

Harry James Potter lay in a coma at St. Mungo's hospital. His friends, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Ginny, and the other Weasley siblings crowded around his bed. Some were crying, others holding his pale, cold hand in their grasp, begging him to wake up, please!

But he never did. The healers said that the magical strain on his body was too much, so it began to shut itself down slowly. The savior of the wizarding world was doomed to die a slow death, without ever waking. But even then, his friends and surrogate family prayed for his recovery.

He was one of the few casualties from the war, among whom were a few order members, and Madam Rosmerta who valiantly help defend Hogwarts. Also Professor Sinistra, and Percy Weasley, who took the curse meant for his younger sibling, Fred.(of course the twins fought ferociously against the death eater who did that, and tore him to pieces, literally.) And a few other brave wizards and witches who gave their lives to protect the younger years, hidden deep within Hogwarts. Hogwarts herself fought as much as a sentient castle could. The vines around her wrapped around the death eaters, strangling them, as boulders fell, never crushing anyone from the light.

Harry was in peace, drifting aimlessly in a place filled with whiteness and light. He heard voices calling out to him. "Child…child…can you hear us?"

"Who's that?" He shouted, spinning around.

"Over here…here…." It echoed. Harry felt his body pulled towards the brightest spot in the entire place. Closing his eyes briefly before opening them again, he found himself on his back, hovering before four ethereal beings, three females dressed in togas, flowers and leaves in their long wavy hair, while the third was a male, with long jet black hair as well, all of them pale and beautiful.

"W-who are you?" He asked, realizing that aside from his head, he could not move.

"We are Magic, Destiny, Fate and Death, my child." The lady with hair like spun gold stood at his head. "I am Magic." The other lady with the long flowing red hair, continued "I am Destiny." The brunette picked up on it "Fate." And a lower more masculine voice spoke from beside him. "And I am Death. I believe we have met thrice now."

"Your destiny is done." Destiny spoke, voice whispering, like a breeze that sweeps through one's hair.

"Your fate has been fulfilled." Fate told him, her voice sounded much like a fairy dancing on top of a toadstool.

"You have faced and conquered Death thrice." Death told him, smirking, his voice rough like fire burning on the logs in the fireplace at Gryffindor's tower.

"And now, child, you have earned your reward." Magic said, voice soothing. Harry could compare that to calming, flowing waters.

"M-my reward?" Harry stuttered questioningly.

"Indeed child, you may choose to die, joining your parents. Or you will get another chance at life, and you will meet many people then and even change the world as it is." Death explained.

"I-I thought I was done with saving the world?"

"No, dear child, this time, you will not be controlled by fate or destiny. You will make your own decisions and path. But know this; you may never meet your current friends and family again depending on your choice. You will not wake up in this time." Magic told him as she stroked his hair.

Harry thought about it for a while. As Dumbledore had said once, death is like another adventure. He could die and meet his family in paradise. But did he want that? Could he leave Sirius and Remus behind selfishly, as he went on while he had the choice? This was asked of him once by Dumbledore and like his answer then…

"No. I will continue if that is alright?" He asked shyly.

"It is fine…you have made your choice and now we present our gifts." Fate said. Forming a ball of light in her hands, it floated over to Harry, hovering over his chest. "Fate's gift to you is the power to live on despite the tasks thrown at you. You will run as fast as the wind, hear better than any creature, gain the strength of a thousand hippogriffs and have intelligence greater than any on earth."

"Destiny's gift to you would be durability that will withstand the age of time and knowledge of the future." Destiny formed an orb as well which floated over to the other orb.

"Death's gift to you, child, is that you will never grow old, never get sick and always be healthy in mind and body." This time, a black orb floated to him and stood next to the other orbs floating above his chest.

"But with all those powers comes weakness as well. Although we have dampened the effects, sunlight will burn if you are exposed to it for too long, a stake through your heart will weaken you badly and silver will irritate your skin, lethal if consumed. But should you turn any human, the weaknesses would affect them fully. They will burn into a crisp when the sun hits them, a stake through their heart will kill, and silver will burn." Magic warned.

"So we have spoken, so it shall be." All four of them chanted as the orbs shot downwards and sank into Harry's body.

Harry felt tingly as the orbs entered him. His hair grew longer, and his malnutrition problems fixed themselves as he screamed in agony. While his bones grew and corrected themselves, scars healed as new skin grew, and his facial structure grew more masculine. Harry thought he was going to die, again. It had hurt so badly that he was surprised when all of a sudden the pain stopped.

"I hate you all…" He groaned in pain and winced when he turned his head.

"Oh that's alright...yes, we are now going to send you a few year into the past." Destiny told him while they laughed.

"H-huh W-" Harry was about to speak whet his body abruptly fell like a rock, as his body stopped levitating.

"Oh dear." Fate said as she heard Harry's fading scream of "WHAAAAAAT!" as he fall into the water below.

"Yes well, at least he's better than any vampire." Death shrugged.

"Um… there is just one problem." Destiny told them meekly while pointing at the clock hanging above where Harry's body once was.

The other three beings turned and looked at it, instead of saying 2000 as it should, it said 3000…B.C.

"Oh…." Fate said.

"Fuck." Death finished as they rushed to the fountain and peered into it.

Harry landed face first on a patch of soil in the middle of a jungle. 'Where the fuck, am I?' Harry groaned as he dusted himself off. Shrugging, he supposed that he had to find some kind of civilization. As he wandered about, there seemed to be something different in the air. Climbing up a tree, he peered down as a group of humans passed by with spears made of…'Is that stone tools!' Harry screeched in his head, realizing that this was not "a few years" in the past. He felt a migraine coming as he leaned against the tree. 'FUCK my life, why is it that everything happens to me!'

Feeling rather hungry, he picked up a safe-looking mushroom. Peeling off the outer layer, he ate it and soon after spat it out. "Merlin's beard, that tasted like crap!" Looking around to find food, he stumbled across a lake. Bending slightly to drink the water, he quickly spat that out too. "Fuck. My. Life." He twitched, he couldn't even drink water! How will he eat? Cursing in various languages in his mind, he looked up into the night sky, which was now tinged slightly orange.

Harry ran towards a nearby cave that he had spotted, and quickly huddled up at the back of it. "I hate this. I'm starving…" He thought as he finally fell asleep at dawn, dead to the world.

Harry woke up the next night as he heard rustling outside his cave. Growling slightly, much like a cougar would, he hid behind a rock and watched the entrance to the cave as he heard some distinctly human like voices. They were coming closer.

Harry, half-starved and very hungry, pounced with a snarl as soon as the third and last man, for that is what they are although primitive looking, stepped into his cave. The surprised humans did not stand a chance, nor did they even get a chance to scream.

Harry licked his lips, his first meal scattered around his cave gruesomely. As the bloodlust clears he stared at the scattered corpses. 'What have I done!' He thought, horrified as he fled his cave, leaving behind three mangled and drained corpses for the second hunting party to find and bring back the gruesome tale. Thus starting the stories of monsters who hunted man in the dead of the night and draining them dry of blood.

"Well…at least he knows how to feed himself." Death shrugged as the four being watched on.

"…Now we know where you've gotten the inspiration for creating the first few vampires from." Destiny scoffed.

"Well…we'll still watch over him but for now let's depart, brothers and sisters." Magic said as the four beings turned and faded away.

Harry stayed away as far away as he possibly could from humanity in the first few months, until he realized that he could entice a meal to him and drain his meal without killing it, making his prey forget what it had experienced. Along his trips around the world, he had seen people kill each other, predators hunting their prey. And finally, he started hunting, turning into the hunter that he was meant to be. Although he slipped up a few times and killed his prey, he continued on. His mentality changed from a savior to that of an apex predator. Survival of the fittest.

2000 B.C.

Harry wanted to die. He had watched humans evolve so slowly, watching them each day, he traveled to Egypt, and watched them build the pyramids. He watched as people started to learn how to make bread and smelt metal. He was even so bored that he tried to find those of his own race. Needless to say, he found none.

Soon he traveled out into the wilderness and created a home there. Although it was in a cave, he had shelves made of stone he had sanded down with his palm, books he made with the sap of some plants and ink he took from squids to write with. He detailed his observations and ramblings in a modified version of written Parseltongue and English, so that no one would ever be able to read them.

He stayed together with his pets, several of whom were descendants of the long dead sable toothed tiger, serpents, a hydra and a basilisk. He treated them with respect and they returned the favor. As the years flew by, more joined him. His lake now held a kelpie with a few fairies settled nearby. A large tree grew over his cave and hid the entrance from view with its roots.

With the amount of magic he excluded, trees gained consciousness and would sometimes tell him tales of human who traveled through the woods, even though they also got distracted quite easily, shifting from a serious conversation to one about a family of squirrels that had made their home nearby.

Harry, or the Ancient One, as most called him in his valley, was finally happy, at least for a great many years. As his first few friends left the living, he continued to watch over their descendants. But the trees stayed strong, a constant in his ever changing life. Even mountains shifted as land turned to sea and sea to land, yet the magic that he exuded kept his valley, now a clearing, safe and protected.

It had almost been 600 years since he stayed in his clearing, and he felt that it is time for him to rejoin civilization as the amount of humans who explored the forests around him dwindled and disappeared completely. Without his food source, he doubted that he could go hungry much longer. Leaning against the tree who he had named Willow, who had guarded his home for 600 years, he thanked his old friend for her services. Promising to visit eventually, he patted the trunk a last time before disappearing.

1185 BC

Harry watched from a distance as the Trojan War started. Shrouded by darkness, he watched the bloodshed; humans dead or wounded littered the ground as he sped through, draining those whose wounds were too severe, giving them a quick death.

In his long life, he had only met a handful of vampires. At first he had been elated. Perhaps they were his age! But he was soon disappointed. They were fledglings, and the oldest he met had lived for 500 years. As far as he knew by now, that one had killed himself, the weak minded fool. Another attempted to kill him, but with his age and experience, that fool died before he had the chance to succeed.

The others he spoke to, but never did keep in contact with, much like when the elders indulged in children chattering, but never sought them out for a conversation. Perhaps when they lived to be older, he decided as he continued on his merry way, watching humans and their silly wars.

700 B.C.

Harry decided to move to Greece. He observed as Spartans ruled the lands, occasionally causing a team to hunt him, thinking him to be a wild animal. Ah such great memories, especially when he glamoured them and drained them. The wild energetic blood filled his veins as he sighed in contentment.

Being pale, he doubt he could fit in much with the communities there, in which men were tanned from the training and exercise they did. He did not even try to mix in with the humans as he had done years before.

A few years later, Harry, who had named himself Hesperos, found himself drawn to the scent of burning wood, there he found a grave like hole, burning. Spotting an empty spot behind the flames, he leapt into it. Landing gracefully behind the flames, he spotted a struggling form whose legs were caught in the blaze. 'So that was the burning smell. 'Hesperos thought to himself. Pushing the logs away, he carried the half burnt form out of the fire and placed him against a tree.

"T-thank you for saving me." The figure said in ancient Greek as the burn started healing itself. 'Interesting.' Hesperos thought, knowing that then, vrykolakas were a myth that the humans followed. Vampires or creatures like that could apparently be killed by exorcism, impaling, cutting it into pieces, beheading or cremating. Of which, only two were actual ways of killing a vampire. Unless one impales the heart or cut the heart and head out, he supposed. It was a pity for them to choose the cremation bit though. But at least he got to the vampire before he died.

"….No problem. However, I do think you owe me a blood debt." Hesperos replied as he darted off, leaving an unconscious human before the injured vampire. That human was meant to be his prey but he could catch another, no problem. He knew that to a vampire, a blood debt was a powerful thing, just as a mate bond was. In the future, Hesperos could demand that vampire to kill himself and he had to follow it through unless the same vampire saved his life in return. It is much like a life debt for a wizard, Hesperos thought.