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~Part 1~

-Doing Time-

Section 1

He stood there, stiff as a board, and listened to the man before him drone on an on, spouting off line after line of complete and utter crap. This day had been planned meticulously, months in advance with money practically thrown in people's faces to make it perfect. All for it to lead up to this particular point: "And do you, Mihael Lucian Keehl, take Samantha Eleanor Richardson as your lawfully wedded wife?"

Mello stared into Samantha's soft brown eyes full of love and excitement, her lips contorted into a smile most would have called beautiful with her full and painted lips, and then his eyes moved down to their lightly clasped hands.

"I do." And with that, he could feel his life slipping right through his fingers.

The entire church lit up with claps and cheers, even some whistles, as he kissed his wife. Her smile was stretched wide when they parted, and she leaned up for another quick peck on the lips before turning to the crowd of people they knew. Pictures were being taken and congratulations were thrown at them from every angle. Mello smiled and walked to the entrance with Samantha, her arm looped through his own.

It should have been the happiest day of his life—or something like that. The day he married the love of his life. Only that wasn't her.

He may have married Samantha, but she was not the woman of his dreams; she was his mother's. Samantha: the beautiful, smart, and equally wealthy woman of stature and good breeding who came from a family that had been friends with the Keehls for generations.

His mother had told him one night that he was, under no uncertain terms, going to a party with them for the Richardson's daughter who had just graduated from college. It was not going to be some huge event and only the families of their closest friends were invited. Mello had not been pleased that he was included.

Even more so when his mother had introduced him as Mihael to the redheaded beauty, then left him standing there with her. She had smiled, and though Mello had not melted at her voice or her looks, he had been less on edge. And then as an afterthought, he'd told her that his name was Mello, not Mihael.

Naturally his mother had pestered him about his opinion on Samantha, refusing to take his 'she is alright I suppose' at face value. Next thing he knew, he was taking her on their second date.

One little known fact about Mello: he was gay. Had been since he hit puberty and found that, yes, girls still had cooties, but boys, well they most certainly did not. He was gay, would always be gay. He liked cock, thank you very much. End of story.

But could never find it in himself to tell his mother. So when she hinted, rather loudly, that she was wondering when he would get married, he bit the bullet and began working on Samantha.

She was a sweet girl, and relatively smart, enough not to bore him. But she had one fatal flaw. She wasn't a man. So he was not particularly interested or happy with her. He could tolerate, but never love her.

"See you soon, sweetie. I'm so happy for you," his mother gushed as he got into the limo with Sam—an ironic shortening of her name, considering he was gay. He smiled and nodded before slamming the door shut, the sounds of everyone outside becoming muffled.

The inside of the limo, upon quick inspection, had a fully stocked mini bar, Though Mello ignored that in favor of the bottled water. There would be plenty of drinking later on, and he was actually thirsty at the moment.

They were headed for the reception; it was a little under a half an hour away, though they would not be immediately going inside. Sam would be changing into a shorter and more comfortable version of her dress. One that Mello thought had been a waste of money for a one-time thing. He looked over and her eyes quickly caught his, smiling brightly at him as she finished fixing her lipstick.


"Don't call me that. It's Mello, you know this."

Sam let out a sigh. "Mihael is your name, the one that you married me with." She smiled though it held just a hint of annoyance even as she stroked his arm through the jacket. He wanted to throw her off. He settled for narrowing his eyes.

"Mello or not at all." He stood his ground. He may have had to marry her, but she had long since known from the moment they started dating that calling him that name was a definite no. His name wasn't even something he liked his parents saying aloud. It was uncommon, exotic even, but intimate to him. And when she said it...it sent chills down his spine, and not in a good way.

"Alright, fine. Let's not fight on our wedding day, ok?" The way she said it inferred that it would be brought up again at a later date; Mello dreaded that day already. He could just see the fight that would incur.

She cuddled against him with her doe eyes gazing up at him and her full lips curved into just the tiniest of smiles. She thought it made herself look cute, and perhaps it might have if he hadn't caught the sight of her breasts practically popping out of her dress. The immediate and childish thought had been, 'ewww.'

Mello kissed her lips when prompted and mentally told himself to suck it up. He was in this situation because of his inability to stand up to his parents, mainly his mother. He had made the bed, now he would lie in it.


"And now introducing, Mr. and Mrs. Mihael Keehl!" At the introduction, they strode into the reception hall where there was more thunderous clapping directed at them. Mello had seen these moments on television and in movies a hundred times over, and his own had not varied by much, including the First Dance.

Mello had honestly never seen the point in it as most had already 'danced,' in various forms of the word, long before the wedding day. It was all formality to Mello.

He had left the song choice up to Sam even though the things she listened to were generally intolerable, considering it was pop music and classical; both types Mello was not fond of. As the first chords of the song echoed through the hall, all Mello could think was: "Oh please let me be wrong."

Sadly he wasn't.

Sam smiled softly at him, her long red hair swept up elegantly in a bun with only a few wisps hanging free. She held onto him with a strong grip almost as if to ensure he would stay for the entire dance. With the horrible song she had chosen, it would be a fight not to simply leave and sit down.

The song was played loud, and though the singer had gone on to do fairly good work, the current song was not one of them.

"A moment like this-"

"Makes me want to curl up and die," Mello muttered under his breath, low enough that even Sam would not hear it. It would be the last time he left something like music choice up to her at any sort of gathering.

The duration of the song was the longest minutes of his life thus far, and certainly at least third embarrassing. He made certain to keep his composure, however, even as the song faded into nothing.

"Wonderful choice, Samantha!" His mother's voice rose above everything as she came up to them, hugging Samantha and then him. She conversed with Sam and then Sam's mother, once she sauntered over. The dress she wore should have been worn by someone twenty years her junior and left too little to the imagination. He felt a migraine coming on already.

Sam's brother and father stood off to the side, and though Mello could have gone over to them, he stayed where he was despite the banal conversation that he wasn't a part of. He had met the two men a few times before and had quickly realized they had nothing in common with him, not even enough for polite discussions to be made. It made being around them uncomfortable.

The small group slowly inched their way to the head table, where the main bridal party was to sit and eat on display only for the mother and son dance to be announced. With a quiet sigh, he followed his mother onto the floor and held out his hand as expected.

He had hardly been there for any length of time, and he was already wishing for the night to be over with. The only consolation was that Sam hadn't wanted to stay too late, more than looking forward to the 'night' portion of their wedding. Mello clearly wasn't as thrilled with that as she was.

"Mihael," his mother greeted him as they stood for the dance. She had that look in her eyes again; the one that Mello knew spelled trouble for him.

"Your father and I are getting old. And, well, I will be perfectly blunt. When am I going to see some grandchildren?"

Mello gaped at her. "We haven't even gotten through the wedding night, and you are talking about kids already?" he hissed, making certain to keep his voice low and the conversation secret. He was not going to be pressured into this and definitely not so soon.

"Mihael, having children is not that bad, I assure you-"

"No mother. If Sam and I decide to have kids, it won't be for a while, so drop the subject. And that is final." Mello couldn't believe her, he really couldn't.

She appeared to want to say more, to argue her case and badger a win, but the song ended and Mello left her standing there, quickly making his escape. He was going to get a few drinks in his system before he even thought of going anywhere near her again.

"What a wonderful life," he muttered sarcastically and tipped back a shot.



They had decided to begin their honeymoon the day after the wedding rather than wait like some couples did. For the moment however, they were in a hotel suite.

Samantha was on her knees before him wearing a devilish grin and nothing else, her dress removed and draped neatly on a nearby chair. It was the wedding night and their own personal after party, but Mello just wasn't into it.

Never had been. He simply was not attracted to her sexually; her supple breasts, light skin, and curvy figure did nothing for him. That wasn't to say he couldn't get off and wouldn't do so that night as well.

With a hand on one of the most sensitive parts of his body, how could he not get hard?

He was a man and just because the sight of her didn't do it for him, didn't mean her hand or mouth couldn't. Sensation was sensation, even if it wasn't as spectacular as it could have been with a man.

Mello let her tease him for a while before sweeping her onto the bed and covering her with his body. She moaned softly, wrapping her legs around his torso, her hands going up his back. If he didn't think about what he was doing and instead focused on the feeling alone, it wasn't so bad.

With his eyes closed, the kisses at his neck, nails on his back, and the legs squeezing him as they rocked together could almost fool him that what he was coming into wasn't a woman. At least until he reopened his eyes and had her staring him in the face. Reality was a real bitch sometimes.

"I love you, Mello," she smiled and caressed his cheek lazily. He kissed her fingertips and did not reply, and she didn't seem to notice. He had hoped she would be too tired for more, but as she flipped their positions, straddling him, kissing him, and rubbing herself against him, Mello knew it was going to be a long night.

-End section 1-