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A/N: Hi, guys, I'm at it again. Decided to give a kid Gh/Vi a shot, and I hope to transform it into a teen Gh/Vi as the story progresses; the concept of characters growing with the story in and of itself is interesting to me. And quite possibly fun to write. :)

This won't have Lemon content, particularly because I would feel weird making 13-year olds do the hanky-panky, haha. Thus, I try my hand at a T-rated fic! However, you never know – possible M rating later.

He had done it. Finally.

Although the final method of his father's was unexpected at the least. How could he sacrifice himself like that? Gohan couldn't fathom it. That his father would use Instant Transmission to send Cell off the Earth, ultimately saving human kind from the monster's destruction? It was his own immaturity that drove Goku to do it, and there was no turning back.

And then his father told him along with his family and friends, that he didn't want to be revived with the Dragonballs? Absurd!

How could Goku be so selfish, to force him to live without him to care for his mother and future brother on his own? Gohan couldn't help but grit his teeth at the thought of his own father abandoning him. Abandoning his wife. And his unborn child.

At least, this was what he thought, in the height of it all.

However, a year had passed since then.

The news about Cell's defeat had died down a bit – after Mr. Satan claimed to have defeated the villain, taking the Z fighters' credit. It was alright, though. The last thing Gohan and his family wanted was the paparazzi spying on their every move like they were on a reality TV show. Yes, despite the fact this mustached man had practically insulted him and his friends by calling them his "pupils" due to his egocentricity, they were OK with his constant televised flaunting.

Gohan, who had just reached the end of his pre-teens, had accepted his father's decision to stay in the Other World as equally as he had accepted Mr. Satan's lies.

He was quite mature for his age – he knew there was no use in brooding over something he couldn't change. He knew that he had to suck it up and act as the new man of the house. And he knew that the more he sulked over the new changes in his life, the more his mother would be affected by it – even his newborn brother. It broke his heart just to think about how saddened ChiChi would be to see him struggle over his father's death. Gohan was strong – and he wanted his mother to perceive him as such.

Although, there was one thing the boy hesitated to make his mother happy about – and that was his studies. Sure, Gohan loved to read and learn about new things, but the fact of the matter was that he was a descendent of Saiyan blood. Such genetics hardwired him to want to become stronger and stronger. Especially after all the years of fighting he went through ever since Piccolo had trained him, and especially after his father's death, Gohan had a hard time focusing on anything but training.

He wanted to be strong. He wanted to be able to deal with any future foe that may arise.

Because he knew that at this point, there was no one to lie back on in case he was to fail.

However, ChiChi pushed and pushed to make him study rather than train. She argued that the peace brought to the world after Cell's demise should be used fruitfully. That training would be a waste since there was no eminent threat. That her son should be calculating equations and researching scientific theories first and foremost.

It didn't stop the boy from training behind her back though.

Every now and then, when his mother was preoccupied with his infant brother, Gohan would sneak out of his bedroom window and fly over to the nearby fields and plateaus to practice.

Transforming into the first stage of his Super Saiyan form, he calmed his body and focused on his Ki. Eyes shut, fists clenched into a ball, Gohan manifested his energy before his initial strike. The boy flung his eyes open as he targeted his first boulder and shot a deadly Ki blast at it. He quickly maneuvered himself to the cliff-side behind the smoking rubble and threw a right hook, inevitably causing the sheet of rock to crumble. He then swiftly twirled his body around to face another –


Stopping dead in his tracks, the Super Saiyan rigidly turned his head around towards the echo of his mother's voice.


He could feel his eyebrow twitch as he eyed his home in the distance.


He knew he needed to get home, and quick. Like a bolt of lightning, Gohan ran back. He crept over to his bedroom window and slowly placed his hands on the sill. Hoisting himself up, he flopped into his bedroom, tumbling once or twice – until he slammed into something.


His eyes hesitantly trailed up a pair of legs – clothed in the all too familiar garb his mother wore.

"Uh-oh." He whispered as he peered up from his pretzeled position.

"Uh-oh? Uh-oh is right, mister!" ChiChi roared as she glared at the upside-down, hunched over boy, "You were training again, weren't you?"

Gohan guiltily averted his gaze from his mother, unable to respond to her question with the obvious answer.

"That does it." She scowled, "I told you before what would happen if you did that again, didn't I?"

His tiny voice finally piped up. "Aw, mom… no. Please don't…"

"Well, at this rate, you're going to have to, Son Gohan! Home schooling you is tough enough with your baby brother to take care of now. Someone needs to teach you, and it won't be me if you keep up with this delinquent behavior of yours!" She growled, "Look at your hair, for crying out loud!"

Gohan didn't realize he hadn't changed back from his Super Saiyan form. Quickly transforming back to normal, he sat himself upright before he stood up on his feet. Looking down at the ground, he hushed obediently. "OK, mom. I promise. I won't run off to train when I should be studying."

ChiChi placed her hands on her hips as she cocked her head to the side, studying the boy with her intense eyes. As her mouth flew open to say something more, baby Goten's tiny voice wailed from down the hallway.

She turned her head towards the echoing cries and huffed in frustration. "Again? I just put him to sleep!" She took a step towards the door before she halted herself, turning her attention back to her eldest son. Her uneasy glare pierced his soul. "I'm going to come back to check up on you, Gohan. You better be studying." At that, she hurried out of his room.

The half-Saiyan let out a deep sigh of relief, letting his shoulders slump.

She was so close to sending him to public school.

It really wasn't on the top of his list of Things-To-Do. He had a hunch he was already much smarter than the kids his age – and that public school would just be a drag. A waste of his day, really. In fact, Gohan loved the perks of being home schooled. He could be in the comfort of his own bedroom, he could eat his mother's cooking all the time, and he could – if he was sly about it – sneak off to the wilderness to play and train.

None of that would be possible if he were to go into the city and learn there. So he was glad that his mother ended up giving him another warning just then. However, he knew her patience was close to teetering off the edge with him. He had to tread lightly.

Just as he was about to sit back in his chair to get back into his readings, his mother burst into his room, cradling Goten in her arms.

"Oh, that's right, Gohan. I forgot to mention to you," ChiChi continued to rock his baby brother to sleep. "I need you to go into the city tomorrow and run some errands for me. Can you do that for your momma?"

"S-sure, mom."

His mother smiled gently at him in gratitude. As she quietly left him to his books, Gohan couldn't help but feel a bit baffled. He figured he'd be used to it by now – his mother's weird ever-changing moods. Raging one minute, and sweet like honey the next. It didn't take long for him to shrug it off like he always did, though.

o (o) (O) (o) o

Gohan took off the next morning to Orange Star City.

He soared through the clouds until he could spot the familiar looking buildings with his keen eyesight. As he descended from the high skies, he trained his eyes on the city's sign.

'Satan City'

"…Satan… City?" The boy cocked an eyebrow as he questioned the unfamiliar name.

Had he taken a wrong turn in his flight? He was almost positive this was Orange Star City… It had to be. All the buildings looked the same… What was going on?

Gohan landed on his feet and walked into the city, looking left and right. He headed down the path he would normally take to go to the supermarket, and to his surprise (or not?), it was there, like it always was. Scratching his head, he decided to question the foreign sign later and grab the groceries his mother asked him to get. As Gohan walked up and down the aisles, he eyed the list ChiChi gave him and picked off all the items off the shelves. It didn't take him long to finally waddle up to the register with the colossal amount of groceries piled in his arms, inevitably causing the cashier to drop his jaw in utter disbelief.

Paying his fee, the half-Saiyan walked out of the supermarket hugging the mountainous shopping bags skewing his vision. He only took a few steps before he had bumped into something.

"Hey, you!"

Or rather, someone.

Attempting to look over and around his groceries, Gohan wondered if that female's voice was directed to him.

"U-uh, me?"

"Duh! Who else?" The girl's voice sneered. "Stop right there!"

Gohan managed to turn to the side a little to catch a glimpse of who was talking to him. She looked about his age. A pigtailed raven-haired girl with big blue eyes… blue eyes that were menacingly scowling at him.

"Skipping school and stealing, are we?" She hissed at him, "You better put that all back right now before I teach you a lesson!" She repeatedly pumped her fist into her palm.

"S-skipping school? …Stealing?" Gohan naively raised his eyebrows at her.

"Don't play dumb, I can see right through you. You're all the same – you're nothing but a delinquent!"

Delinquent… Gohan immediately thought about his own mother – a word she used all too often when she caught him secretly training.

"I-I'm not a delinquent…" He frowned as though it were ChiChi speaking to him, "and I didn't steal this, I just bought it so my mom can cook dinner tonight."

The girl scoffed as she narrowed her eyes at him. "Your mom asked you to grab all that for dinner? You must think I'm a fool! Don't you know who I am?"

The boy shook his head in reply.

Grinning, she pointed at herself as she stood tall. "I'm the daughter of the World Champion! Satan Videl! And I stop criminals in this city. Criminals like you!" Her self-praising grin transformed into another scowl as she directed her pointed finger at the boy. "You should be at school, not doing this petty theft!"

Gohan put the bags of groceries down by his feet. He pointed at her and innocently retorted, "But, shouldn't you be at school, too?"

"Ha! You really must not be from around here, are you?"

He shook his head.

"I guess I was wrong about you – you're not even from Satan City. Well, tell ya what. Don't you worry about me skipping. My school let's me so I can catch all the kids playing hookie."

Gohan pondered for a moment why her teachers let her skip school to catch other kids skipping school. It almost seemed… backwards.

"Where are you from, anyway?" Videl interrupted his thoughts.

"Ah… I'm from the East District…"

"Wh-… what are you doing all the way over here, then? Shopping for food? That's it? How did you get here? Where's your mom? And shouldn't you be in school, anyway?" She began to barrage him with questions.

'Ack… I probably shouldn't have told her that… what am I supposed to say?' Gohan could feel the sweat form on his forehead.

It must have been Gohan's luck that he didn't need to answer her after all. Or maybe, luck wasn't the right word. But the kids' attentions were suddenly redirected to an ear-piercing shriek. Both turned their heads towards the cry and widened their eyes at the sight of a hatted man swiping a woman's purse. He quickly tried to get away, running as fast as he could – conveniently in the direction of the two kids.

"Help me! Somebody catch that man!"

Without a second thought, Videl threw herself in the thief's way, attempting to block his escape with her arms stretched out. Gohan's eyes widened in surprise as he watched her – her expression was stern, her brow furrowed. Sweat was beginning to form on her forehead as her lower lip quivered at the slightest.

The man snickered at her effort as he kept running at the same pace. "Move it, squirt!"

The man stretched his arm out and shoved the little girl out of the way with ease. Shocked, Gohan watched Videl fly backwards, skidding against the cemented sidewalk on her side.

Anger swarmed Gohan's emotions, and it didn't take long for the half-Saiyan to react to the thief's unwelcomed action.

The man's grin was quickly wiped off his face when the boy suddenly appeared in his way out of nowhere. He stopped in his tracks as he looked at him in much valid confusion.

"Wh-wh… where did you come from?" He managed to stutter.

Gohan didn't answer. His expression was stone cold. Clenching his fist into a ball, he took a step back with one foot and ground himself before he threw a hard punch at the man's gut.

Videl managed to get a glimpse of the boy in action as she rubbed her injured arm. She was utterly shocked to see the man cough up blood after his attack, and how he cradled his stomach in pain, reverting himself into a fetal position on the ground.

Gohan swiped the stolen purse from the man and straightened himself up. Nonchalantly, he walked up to the victim and handed it back to her.

"T-thank you…" She managed to stutter, in amazement.

He smiled gently at her for her gratitude. He then walked back over to the pigtailed girl, who continued to cradle her arm.

"Are you OK? You shouldn't have done that – you could have gotten really hurt!" His brows furrowed in concern.

He reached his hand out to her, motioning she take it to help herself up off the ground. But he was quickly swatted away by her backhand.

"Don't." She frowned, not wanting to be babied by this stranger. "I'm fine. It's just a scrape." She stood up, brushing the dirt off her clothes. She peered up at the abnormally strong boy and narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. "How did you do that?"

"U-uh... heh, I don't know. I guess I got lucky!" Gohan rubbed the back of his neck, hoping she wouldn't catch on to his lie.

There was a momentary pause between the two.


Gohan revert his attention back to the girl, noticing the change in her stern composure. Her blue eyes were looking down at the ground. Her brow was furrowed, but she didn't look angry. She looked… shameful?

"I was scared," she muttered.

He looked at her quizzically.

"I call myself a crime fighter, but I'm not. All I do is catch kids skipping school, and beat them up if I have to. But, I never fought an adult like him before," her voice trailed off as a small blush formed on her face, "I was really scared that he was going to hurt me."

Gohan wasn't sure how to respond at first. He studied the little girl's composure, taking note of her genuine honesty. He then smiled gently at her as he placed a hand on her shoulder. His smile quickly turning into a grin when she looked up at him.

He assured her, "Well, you did great, you know. That guy could have gotten away if you didn't try to stop him! You're a crime fighter in my book."

As she looked into his heart-filled onyx eyes, she realized he was being true to her. She grinned back at him, elated to hear his words of comfort.

"What's your name, anyway?"

"My name is Gohan."

She stuck her hand out to the boy, gesturing a handshake. "It's nice to meet you. Sorry how I yelled at you earlier."

Shaking her hand in return, his grin widened across his face. "Aw, it's no big deal." He then thought for a minute, as he recalled the pigtailed girl's name. "So, you're Mr. Satan's daughter, huh?"

"Yep. The strongest man in the world! I'm proud to be a Satan." She coyly grinned.

"Hm, Satan… oh! What happened, anyway? Isn't this Orange Star City? Why is it that I saw a sign that read 'Satan City'?"

"Well, ever since my dad beat Cell, the mayor wanted to change the city's name to commemorate his victory in saving Earth. So, he renamed Orange Star City to Satan City," she explained.

"Oh. That makes sense, I guess," Gohan didn't dare mention who the real savior was to Mr. Satan's daughter.

"You're pretty strong too, though, you know." She eyed the boy. She then beamed, "Hey, you should enter the tournament!"


"Yeah! I'm entering it, so you should too! The Tenkaichi Budukai Tournament. It has a junior division for kids like us. I bet you and I can breeze through the competition easily!" Videl's eyes lit up as she mentioned the big upcoming event.

"U-uh, I don't know… I don't think my mom would let me." Gohan's voice trailed off. He knew for a fact his mother wouldn't let him. Fighting was the last thing she would ever willingly agree to let him do.

"But you're so strong! I'm sure you'd get first or second place. You know, you get ten million just for getting third? There's a whole lot of money in this! Think of all the toys we can buy!"

"T-ten million?" Gohan's mouth fell agape.

The girl grinned as she watched his reaction. "Bet your mom would like some of that prize money too, right? She's gotta let you enter!"

As the information registered in his head, Gohan thought hard. He would love to enter the tournament. Fighting was fighting, even if he was going to compete against normal kids his age. But the fact ChiChi was so dead set on taking that away from him, he wasn't so sure he was going to be able to enter. However, the prize money shed a light of hope. Maybe, just maybe, his mother would let him enter. She was always complaining about the lack of money, after all.

End, chapter 1.

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