Faith in Humanity

By: Kaitlyn

Faith in humanity. What does this phrase mean? What are the normal words that come to mind? Overcoming, determination, obstacles, fixing what is broken, and many other words. But in the modern world, the question is why? Why have Faith in humanity?

Having faith in humanity means that people in the world can overcome obstacles; with the exception of the world evolving. It also gives people a "plan B" for how they believe situations will work out, naturally. In some cases, it means the people will give justice to those that deserve it and help the world get to a resolution. (The Holocaust with the Jews is an example.) Lastly, many people think of it as a back door or an escape route.

Faith in humanity gives us many hopes, wishes, and dreams. People have faith in humanity for our economy. They hope that the government will confront the problem, help the unemployed, and uphold the unemployment rate. Thus, giving the poor an opportunity to get a job. But, we have to have faith in those that will try. The dream was for humanity to find a way for the wars to end; and because we had faith in humanity, the soldiers are coming home.

Faith in humanity, in my opinion, means that the world has mysterious was of working things out. The way I see faith in humanity is that no matter what or how bad conflicts get, everything will follow through. I also believe that humanity will work through things if they want it to, making it relatable to a James Madison "We the Peopleā€¦" situation.

Honestly, I have a lot of faith in humanity. To me, faith in humanity depends on the direction life wishes to go in. Also, to my understanding, it helps people fix the mistakes others have made in their lives. Lastly, I feel faith in humanity could mean naturally, but that doesn't always mean easy.

So many things play into the phrase "faith in humanity," the economy, wars, determination, overcoming, and so much more. Having faith is the easy part, but putting faith in humanity takes a lot of trust.