"Good morning, cruel, cruel world..."

Twilight's sleep-encrusted eyes were half open, lavender pupils staring at the ceiling above her bed. Her unfocused gaze passed through the wooden planks, ignoring them. She was looking towards an indiscernible point in the distance where the remnants of her peaceful night's sleep now lay, forever outside of her grasp.

She could hear rustling nearby and a disgruntled voice murmuring to itself. It was barely noticeable against the cacophony coming from outside of the house, though. That infernal noise had taken her out of a wonderful dream and deposited her into a cruel reality of constant dissonance and a disturbing lack of caffeine. If the sounds of tossing and turning she heard from her own room were any indication, she hadn't been the only victim of a rude awakening.

Twilight reached a purple hoof around her bed-stand. After a few tired swipes, she held an alarm clock in front of her face. She rubbed her bleary eyes and read the digital numbers: 8:00 am.

"Well, that's not much earlier than I'd planned to wake up... I guess." Twilight let out an audible sigh. "Guess it's time to start the day."

She sat up in bed, wobbling back and forth a bit as her internal gyroscope righted itself. Once she felt able to stand on her own without falling over, she hopped out of bed with a 'clop' as her hooves hit the cold floorboards.

Twilight Sparkle shook her head, dark indigo and pin-streaked mane swaying with the motion. She stretched her limbs, bending low to the floor. On her left flank there was an emblem of a 6 pointed pink star surrounded by 5 smaller white stars - her ''cutie-mark''.

The source of the rustling, a diminutive figure covered entirely in blankets and huddled up in a small cushioned basket, continued to roll about and mumble incoherently. Twilight smiled apologetically, and the nudged bundle gently.

"C'mon Spike, I know you've got to be awake. Can't stay in bed all day." She added that last part when her assistant huffed angrily and turned around again but otherwise did not answer her. Twilight nudged him again, a tad more forcefully, but only received the same response for her efforts. "So you want to play hardball, eh?"

The horn on Twilight's forehead began to light up with a purple glow as she worked her unicorn magic. The bundle of cloth containing her assistant slowly levitated into the air while being enveloped in the same purple glow. She titled it until a purple and green-scaled figure began to slide out.

Twilight's eyes scrunched in concentration as her draconic assistant was lowered to the floor feet-first, and then she relaxed. The magical aura surrounding the dragon relaxed as well, and when it dissipated, Spike fell flat on his face, light green cheek-feathers splayed out and his green back spikes ruffled.

"Stubborn until the very end, I see." Twilight sighed heavily and left the dragon on the floor as she walked towards one of the many windows in her second story bedroom. She pushed the window pane outward, and the sound from outside hit her even harder.

Twilight looked out into the streets below. She witheld a gasp; there didn't seem to be a single square inch that didn't have at least one hoof occupying it. The sky was no less cluttered, as pegasi were flying around various buildings and adorning them with green ribbons. Amidst the sounds outside, Twilight heard a band, or perhaps fifty of them, playing all manner of tunes. Two ponies passed by, talking to each other excitedly, and the eavesdropping unicorn managed to pick up the phrase ''glue meddlin''.

"Did I hear that correctly?" Twilight idly wondered. "I hope Pinkie hasn't mixed paste in her pastries again..."

Twilight heard a highly exaggerated yawn from behind her, and she turned her head to see Spike finally opening his sleepy green eyes. The dragon stared at the ground before looking at Twilight with a poorly-acted, quizzical expression.

"Hey, how'd I end up here?" he asked with all the innocence of a convicted criminal.

"I don't know; you mentioned something in your sleep about getting wood, and next thing I know you're prostrating yourself against the floorboards." Twilight replied with a slight smirk.

"Very funny. What did I tell you about using your magic on me without asking?" Spike asked, sounding quite indignant.

"Who says I did? You wouldn't know; you were asleep, after all." Twilight replied, scoring as close to a victory as she could find in such a silly argument. She poked her head back out the window. "Ponyville sure is busy today. Does everypony know something I don't?"

"Sure, lot's of things. Like how to respect people's privacy, how to treat people kindly while they're asleep, and how to not upset fearsome dragons." Spike ticked off his answers on his fingers, before looking up at Twilight's unamused expression. "Well, among other things."

"Fine, Mr. Unhelpful, I'm going to find out what's going on then. You should come too, unless the floor is really that comfortable for you." Twilight began to walk towards the stairs. Spike scoffed.

"What's to stop me from going back to my bed?" the dragon asked. As soon as the words left his mouth, his bed was covered in purple magic and levitated to the top of a nearby bookshelf. "Well what's to stop me from using your bed?"

"If you get on my bed, I'm not levitating it onto a bookcase. I'm sending it to the top of the tree." Twilight responded, voice unreadable. She descended down the stairs without a look behind her.

"Jeez... and she thinks I'm the grumpy one in the morning." Spike huffed before diligently following her down the staircase.

My Little Pony: The Glowmelon Mystery

By Legendary Emerald

Twilight closed the door behind her as she and Spike prepared to brave the crowded streets of Ponyville. The young dragon took one look at the thick crowds before hopping atop Twilight's back.

"Wow, you never realize just how many ponies live in Ponyville until something big starts happening." Twilight spoke to both herself and her young charge. "I still don't even know half of these ponies by anything more than their cutie-marks."

Twilight heard a ''whoosh'' and felt the effects of air-displacement up above her. She tilted her head up and saw a streaking sky-blue figure, trailed by a stream of color that matched the mane and tail of the pony who created it. On the speeding figure's flank rested the symbol of a multicolored lightning bolt shooting out from underneath a cloud, but it could barely be seen at the speed it's owner was traveling.

The pegasus known as Rainbow Dash carried a roll of something green in her hooves as she approached the top of Twilight's treehouse. Then the pegasus disappeared in another bolt of color, traveling around and around the treetop faster than Twilight's eyes could follow. When the whirling rainbow came to a stop, a long green banner gently fell atop the branches, barely visible among the green leaves.

Rainbow Dash held her chin in her hoof as she inspected her handiwork, before finally giving a shrug. Then she looked down and saw Twilight watching her from down below. The pegasus began a slow descent towards her friend.

"Oh hey Twilight, you're finally up!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. Spike coughed into his hand, and the pegasus smiled awkwardly. "Oh, and you too, Spike."

"Yeah, we're up. And so is everypony else, it seems." Twilight replied as a pony jostled past her in a hurry. "Seeing as how you just did... something to my house, I take it you know more about what's going on than I do."

"Oh yeah! It's a great day to be alive, Twilight! It's the fourth annual Glowmelon Festival!" Rainbow Dash vaulted up into the air, taking the opportunity to do a few cartwheels before landing back down on the ground.

Twilight raised an eyebrow as Dash panted from her small bit of exertion, and she waited for her friend to continue. The pegasus caught her breath and gave a lopsided grin.

"Sorry, I've sorta been up all night getting things ready with Pinkie. Drank a huge cup of coffee. Big mistake. Or maybe it was the best idea ever? Hard to tell with all this buzzing in my head. By the way Twilight, why are you vibrating like that?" Rainbow Dash finally stopped talking, and Twilight saw that the mare's lavender violet eyes were jittering back and forth in her skull.

"I'm, uh, trying out a new spell. Thanks for noticing." Twilight smiled awkwardly. "Uh, by the way, where are Pinkie and the rest of the girls?"

"I'm not sure about the others. I talked to them all earlier, spreading the good news and all that, but I haven't seen anypony around since then. Except of course for-" Dash's sentence was cut suddenly cut off.

"Dashie! I didn't give you permission to take a break!"

The voice was familiar, albeit at least ten times louder than it should have been. Twilight and Rainbow Dash watched as a bouncing pink pony made of pure energy approached them, looking very out of the ordinary.

Three multicolored balloons marked the mare's hopping flank, and looked ready to float off into the sky. That was normal; what was different was the strange brass contraption that hung around her head and matted down her poofy pink mane, for the purpose of holding a megaphone in front of her mouth.

"C'mon Dashie, get that keister into gear! Move those hooves! Flap those wings! Do... something with ribbons! And lots of them!" Pinkie commanded, and Dash screamed and took to the sky like a thunderbolt. Pinkie watched her friend fly away before looking down to see that Twilight and Spike hadn't joined Dash's stratospheric expedition.

"Oh, hi Twilight!" Pinkie Pie greeted her friend, mere inches from the unicorn's face, blue eyes shining brightly. Twilight was sent reeling backwards, and Spike jumped off her back so as not to be crushed.

"Hi Pinkie..." Twilight responded as politely as possible, cringing all the while. "Do you think you could...?"

"Oh, sure!" Pinkie answered the unfinished question while throwing her head back in a motion that left the megaphone positioned above her head. "I mean, oh, sure. Tee-hee!"

"Okay, either she said something about kosher tea, or I need an ear examination." Twilight clopped her ears repeatedly with her hooves. "Well, at least now I know the buzzing in Dash's head wasn't just from the coffee."

"Hey, are you two okay?" Pinkie asked, sounding concerned. Spike ignored the question and turned to Twilight.

"Hey Twilight? I don't think you'll need to worry about me sleeping in again. In fact, I don't think I'll ever be able to fall asleep again." the dragon's unfocused stare and monotone voice gained a giggle from the pink pony.

"We'll be fine in a few minutes, I'm sure." Twilight responded to Pinkie's question, prodding Spike with a hoof and not getting a response. "Hopefully."

"Well that's good! I wouldn't want you to miss out on the gu-gu-gu-grandiful Glowmelon Festival, just because of a little thing like a blown ear drum!" Pinkie hopped up and down, knocking the megaphone back over her mouth in the process. Luckily, she removed it before she spoke again. "So, how excited are you? Are you excited? Because I'm excited! I bet I'm more excited than you are! How excited are you anyways? Hah, I'm ten times more excited! Twenty times even! Excited at the atomic level!"

"That's gre-" Twilight began.

"If you cut me in half I'd explode!" Pinkie pushed her face close to Twilight's own. "That's how excited I am!"

"Oh boy. Maybe Spike had the right idea about sleeping in this morning." Twilight glanced over at her apprentice. "Too bad he still has that thousand yard stare thing going."

"Okay, you've made you point, heh heh..." the unicorn nudged the pink pony's head back a few inches with her hoof and took a deep breath. "This glowmelon thing must be pretty special if its got both you and Rainbow Dash so animated."

"Well duh! Didn't Dashie tell you? She's been staying up every night this week, waiting for the signs that the festival was going to start!" Pinkie Pie explained. "I've been making her thermoses of my special hot chocolate coffee, in exchange for her having to wake me up as soon as it was time to start preparing for the party!"

"I see." Twilight responded calmy. She did a double take. "Wait, hot chocolate coffee? Do you have any idea how much caffeine would be in that? How often do you drink that stuff?"

"Tee-hee! All the time, of course!" Pinkie answered, taking out a thermos and sipping from its caffeinated contents. "Ahhh..."

"Well that certainly answers a lot of questions."

Suddenly, Twilight heard what sounded like applause and the stomping of hooves. She focused her ears and listened as the sound moved from the edges of town towards her current location as if it were a wave.

Dash landed back down next to Twilight and Pinkie Pie, and her face was positively beaming despite the dark rings under her eyes.

"They're here! It's starting!" she said excitedly, before taking off once again.

"Who's here?" Twilight asked, but Dash was already too high up to hear her question.

"It must be Glowmelina's little helpers!" Pinkie Pie hopped up and down, the megaphone bobbing back and forth over her head like an upside down pendulum and amplifying every other word.

Twilight watched as the crowd around the two began to split apart, moving to either side of the road and clearing a path. Twilight followed the crowd and Pinkie unquestioningly. She heard the sound of trumpets playing far up the path that'd just been made. The purple unicorn poked her head out from the crowd and stared out as far as she could see.

Slowly, she watched as various shapes and figures appeared on the horizon. Moving through Ponyville was a procession of forest animals, both large and small. Tinier creatures were carrying wooden platters over their heads, while the larger ones pulled wagons. Curiously, the contents of the wagons seemed to be glowing with a green light.

But Twilight's eyes were drawn inexorably to only one creature in the parade. Heading up the pack, and pulling the largest wagon into Ponyville, was one of the legendary manticores.

The lion-like beast looked enormous, even from a distance. Its large, blood-red mane stood out against its yellow coat, but not as much as its bat-like wings and pointed scorpion tail. Combined with the teeth jutting out from its lower jaw and its pointed ears, the manticore's appearance was nothing short of demonic.

"Oh sweet Celestia, I've got to get out of here! Where's Spike?"

Twilight's entire body tensed as she looked around anxiously, but she saw that nopony else was preparing to run for the hills like she was. Her body relaxed somewhat, but there was still a look of confusion on her face.

The manticore strolled past her, head held with a regal air. Most of the ponies seemed to be torn between being awestruck by the fabled creature's presence or being enraptured with the glowing contents of the cart it pulled. Once the beast had passed, the crowd Twilight had found herself in started to follow it.

"C'mon, hurry up Twilight!" Rainbow Dash suddenly shouted from up above, and Twilight saw that the pegasus had picked Spike up at some point. Twilight followed the will of the crowd and her friends. She eventually found herself at town square, in the group of ponies that surrounded the animals and their payload.

"Wow, I can't believe there's really a manticore here this year!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, landing next to her two friends and jostling two other ponies in the process. Spike was knocked off the pegasus' back by the landing and sat on the ground shuddering.

"A m-m-manticore?" the tiny dragon stuttered, daring a glance as the ferocious winged beast. The manticore seemed to stare back at him, and its tail swayed playfully and sadistically. Spike screamed and jumped several feet into the air, landing on Twilight's head and taking hold of her horn. "Kill it! Kill it! Kill it! Use your magic! Kill it!"

Spike tried to aim Twilight's horn as if it were a rifle as several confused ponies stared at the pair, and Twilight smiled back uncomfortably. Pinkie just giggled.

"Oh Spiky, there's nothing to be afraid of! Probably!" Pinkie tried to assuage the young dragon, punctuating her point with another giggle.

"So you say, and I don't see anypony else running for the armory..." Twilight said, trying to look up at the little soldier who was manning her turret. "But, why, exactly?"

"Because no creature who's brought a load of delicious glowmelons into Ponyville could possibly be up to no good!" Pinkie answered, bouncing on her hooves. Then she immediately stopped, landing with her four legs spread apart and standing stiffly with a shocked expression on her face. "Unless its just a trap to lure us into a false sense of security, so it can pounce on us!"

Now it was Pinkie Pie's turn to receive awkward stares from the rest of the crowd. Twilight nudged the statuesque mare with a hoof.

"Um, if you're going to run, shouldn't you get started?" she questioned.

"No. First I get my Glowmelon, and then I run!" Pinkie answered, following up her comment in a whisper. "It's the perfect plan..."

Twilight turned her head and saw that Rainbow Dash was no longer by her side. Instead, Dash was flying towards the wagon that the manticore had brought into town. She reached into the cart and pulled out a shining green orb, which she lifted it into the air above her head.

"Yes! Let the Glowmelon Festival begin!" Rainbow Dash shouted out, causing the crowd to erupt into cheering. She flew back towards Twilight, Pinkie, and Spike as the other ponies began to surge towards the carts.

"Sorry to steal your line Pinkie, but you seemed to be a bit out of it." Dash apologized to Pinkie Pie, who abruptly snapped out of her stance.

"Oh, don't worry about it! You worked just as hard as me for all of this." Pinkie said, watching as other ponies began to grab their glowmelons. "Oh! I almost forgot, I need to go help Mr. and Mrs. Cake hand out the plates and utensils!"

Pinkie Pie rushed off towards Sugarcube Corner, neglecting to pick up a glowmelon in her hurry. Rainbow Dash nudged Twilight with an elbow.

"What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some of this!" Rainbow suggested, caressing her glowmelon lovingly as she drooled.

Twilight nodded nervously and took towards the crowd. Spike immediately hopped off of her head and stood next to Rainbow Dash.

"No way am I getting near that thing!" the dragon exclaimed, pointing at the manticore. Twilight smiled back at him unconvincingly before joining the line of ponies that had formed near the monster.

The manticore's line was the shortest of all those available, and it only took a single look at the beast to know why. Twilight gulped as she watched other ponies grab their glowing melons, the manticore staring at them all the while. When it was her turn to pick one out, she nervously trotted up to the monster and attempted to smile at it.

"H-hi." Twilight's shaking voice was barely audible. She pointed towards Spike, who was watching her uneasily. "Um, m-my assistant over there, he'd uh, like one too, so is it okay if I...?"

The manticore stared at Twilight disinterestedly before shifting its gaze to the tiny dragon, who gasped and attempted hide behind one of Rainbow Dash's legs. After a few tense moments, the manticore snorted, turning back to Twilight with a shrug.

"T-thanks?" Twilight answered nervously. She hopped up onto one of the wheels of the wagon and grabbed two glowmelons, and then awkwardly walked back to Rainbow Dash and Spike using her hind legs. She let out a sigh of relief.

"See? No problem!" Rainbow Dash clapped Twilight on the back, causing the unicorn to almost drop the two melons.

"Yeah, no problem. Heh." Twilight laughed nervously, letting the glowmelons down onto the ground. She nudged one of them towards Spike. "Here you go, Mr. Commando."

"Oh, uh, I was just kidding about that ''killing'' stuff, heh heh." Spike's laugh lacked genuine mirth as he picked up the fruit that was nearly as big as he was. He glanced again at the manticore. "I'm just uh, gonna go back to the library now. I'll see you girls later."

With that, Spike quickly waddled off towards someplace safer for a baby dragon.

"So, how do we eat these things?" Twilight asked as she watched Spike disappear into the distance. But when she turned her head, Rainbow Dash was no longer by her side. Instead, a glowing melon came crashing down right in front of her, breaking open and splattering against the ground.

Rainbow Dash landed next to the fruit and dug right in, loudly and messily tearing into the fruit. Juice and seeds stained Twilight's coat, causing her to cringe and take a few steps back.

"I'll... just wait until Pinkie brings a plate by." Twilight decided, taking herself and her glowmelon to a nearby unoccupied table. It only took a second for Pinkie Pie to walk by, and the pink pony handed her friend a plate and a knife with a smile.

"Don't forget to save the seeds!" the pink pony cautioned before darting back towards another pony that was lacking their silverware.

Twilight's horn lit up as she grasped the knife with her magic. She cut the glowmelon into four and then eight slices. Setting the knife down, she slowly and tentatively raised a piece of the melon to her lips, and took a miniscule bite.

Twilight's eyes suddenly dilated, growing to the size of dinner plates. Her entire body began to shiver, starting from her head and working its way down her spine. A low moan escaped her throat unwillingly, and she almost convulsed in her seat.

"Surely... surely, this is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted..."

It took a full ten seconds for Twilight to recover from her euphoria, and after it passed she levitated the chunks of the glowmelon back into a single whole.

"I can't eat this in public; it'd be almost... obscene." Twilight thought to herself as she looked around. "Maybe I'll take it some place more private... like the library. With the lights turned off and Spike locked out..."

Twilight moved to sit up from the table, but stopped when she saw one of her friends daintily strolling towards her.

"Hi Twilight. Are you having a good Glowmelon Festival?" Fluttershy asked. The yellow pegasus's voluminous pink mane nearly enveloped her face, but Twilight could still see her smile and kind blue eyes. Her large pink tail trailed her like a cape as she approached.

"Yeah, this thing is really delicious. Almost... indecently so." Twilight's mouth was starting to water, and she swallowed quickly "But I'm not too hungry right now, so I'm going to save mine for later."

"Yes, that's what I do as well." Fluttershy laughed almost imperceptibly, sitting her butterfly-marked flank down on the bench and her glowmelon down at the table. "This is your first Glowmelon Festival, isn't it?"

"Yeah. I'd heard it mentioned a long time ago, but there were no records of it in the library. I've been trying to get an answer to what it is all day, but everypony has either been too busy or too excited to tell me anything, or they weren't around. Speaking of which, have you seen Rarity or Applejack yet today?" Twilight asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Oh, I saw Rarity for a second out of the corner of my eye, but as soon as she picked her glowmelon, she headed straight home in a hurry." Fluttershy explained, and Twilight nodded understandingly. "You shouldn't expect Applejack to show up, though. Ever since she was unable to plant her own glowmelon field after the first festival, she swore she'd never celebrate the day again."

"I see. And I can't imagine these things would be easy to grow. I've never even heard of them before, even with all the books I read." Twilight admitted.

"Yes, they're a mysterious present. Glowmelina's gift to us all." Fluttershy spoke the name almost reverently.

"Who is Glowmelina? Pinkie mentioned that name too. Is he or she a citizen of Ponyville?" Twilight questioned.

"Well, the rumor is that she lives in the Everfree Forest and grows the glowmelons in secret. The only time anypony hears from her is when she sends the animals of the forest out to deliver her harvest to us, along with a short letter." the yellow pegasus explained sagely.

"Really? That sounds a bit suspicious to me." Twilight cupped her chin in her hoof, but was distracted when Rainbow Dash suddenly landed on the seat next to her.

"What does? Are you talking about Rarity not being here? Cuz I know the answer to that one!" Twilight noticed that rings under the pegasus' eyes had disappeared, and, on the whole, she looked to be a lot healthier after having eaten the glowmelon. "Oh man, you should have seen her during the first Glowmelon Festival! Hah! Oh, it was great! Actually if you wait right here, I can go get the photos!"

"T-that won't be necessary Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy quickly interjected. Twilight raised an eyebrow but remained silent. "And no. We were discussing Glowmelina."

"Ooh! I know all about her!" Rainbow Dash seemed to swell with confidence. "I heard she's 5 feet tall and has a bunch of tiny ponies do all the gardening for her."

"I heard she's a strong and beautiful alicorn who grows glowmelons with her magic." Fluttershy countered peacefully.

"I heard she rides a wagon pulled by 5 cockatrices and a dog!"

"I heard she made friends with one of every species of animal in the world."

"I've heard she beat up a manticore and forced it to work for her! And I totally didn't make that up just now!"

"I heard she's made of bubblegum and puppies!" Pinkie Pie popped up, causing all of her friends to jump in their seats "So, who we talking about?"

"Well those are all interesting theories. Some more interesting than others..." Twilight ignored Pinkie's question for the moment. "But it sounds like no one knows anything for sure."

"Actually, I think it's supposed to be that way." Fluttershy began to explain, but Dash took the reigns of the conversation.

"Yeah right! It's like Daring Doo says, what good is a mystery if you don't bother to solve it?" Rainbow Dash quoted, drawing a smile out of Twilight.

"Well I'm sure it serves a purpose for the person trying to keep it a mystery." Fluttershy replied considerately.

"Meh!" Dash dismissed Fluttershy's case with a single syllable. She turned her attention back to Twilight. "Twilight, what do you think?"

"What do I think?" Twilight repeated the question.

"Yeah. I'm proposing that the four of us..." Dash began, but Pinkie Pie suddenly gasped and held her hooves to her cheeks.

"Oh my gosh! I just remembered! I used paste in the pastries back at Sugercube Corner again! I gotta go!" Pinkie quickly darted off in the direction of her workplace, leaving her friends behind.

"Okay, I propose that the three of us follow these animals back to their source and find out the real story behind the Glowmelon Festival!" Rainbow Dash continued her speech as if it had not just been interrupted.

"I'm not sure" Twilight answered noncommittally, glancing at her glowmelon and then the direction of her home.

"If Glowmelina really does live in Everfree Forest, we'd be following the animals back to a v-very dangerous place..." Fluttershy pointed out, shrinking in her seat.

"Danger, shmanger! We've been there plenty of times. Heck, even Apple Bloom's been there plenty of times!" Dash pointed dramatically towards the young filly who just happened to be passing by, who stood stock still with a glowmelon shining through her saddle-pack.

"Please don't tell mah sis I got a glowmelon. Ah know she hates them!" Apple Bloom practically cowered under their gazes. She was only a small pony, with a pale yellow coat, red hair, and no cutie-mark.

"No worries, kid." Rainbow Dash giggled.

"Thanks!" Apple Bloom's face lit up. She began to leave, but then paused. "Hey! Can ah go with you to the Everfree Forest?"

"No." Twilight quickly said, causing Rainbow Dash to close her mouth. Apple Bloom only looked disappointed for a second before she continued on her way to wherever she was going.

"I'm still not sure if we should even go..." Fluttershy placed emphasis on the ''we''.

"Neither am I. But..." Twilight looked away from Fluttershy's silently pleading eyes and instead turned to Rainbow Dash's mile-wide smile. "Well, it would be pretty interesting to find out what's really going on here. And, if things do start to get dangerous, we can always head back home."

"Alright!" Rainbow Dash pumped a hoof in the air victoriously.

"Yay." Fluttershy sighed, but didn't voice anymore dissent.

Suddenly, the ground shook and they heard a loud explosion coming from the direction of Sugercube Corner. The three gathered ponies looked towards Pinkie Pie's home and place of work. They watched as a what appeared to be an off-white liquid spewed out from the chimney. The strange substance flew high in the air. Then it began to rain down upon Ponyville.

A small glob landed on the table Twilight and the other girls were seated at, just barely missing her and Fluttershy's glowmelons. Rainbow Dash blinked and dipped a hoof into the substance. She tasted it, and immediately her eyes bugged out of her head and she began to gag. It took the pegasus several moments to regain her composure.

"Well, It finally happened. Mr. and Mrs. Cake turned Pinkie Pie into Pinkie Glue." Rainbow Dash deadpanned.