Based off that Ladies of the Sade episode

The sun rose on the Valley of Peace

It was a very nice morning for the most part. No bad guys for Po and the Furious Five to fight came

Mr. Pings noodle shop was getting good business

And Shifu was in a good mood today, so none of Po's goofy panda way annoyed the little kung fu master much

Yet all changed around the afternoon

Tigress hid in a tree near the entrance of the Jade Palace, awaiting the enemy she knew would come. As he did everyday, except Sunday.

"There you Tigress said seeing her foe. The mailman, who was an old gazelle.

Tigress, being the always serious, hardcore kung fu, way to intense nutjob she was, believed the mailman was planning some form of evil. For the 30 years he delivered their mail.

"Today I'm sure you'll finally unleash your evil ways," Tigress said to herself watching the gazelle put the mail in there mailbox, and put the little flag up on it.

"Hello again young lady," the mailman said

Tigress gasped, did he mean her?

"You can come out of that tree, I know you've been spying on me there for a good while now," Mailman said

"Truly this man is an evil genus," Tigress thought as she lept out of the tree

"Finally ready to unleash your evil plan I see," Tigress said ready to fight

"Evil plan?" The mailman said

"Yes, you've been coming here for 30 years plotting something," Tigress said "Now spil it,"

"Well okay then," Mailman said going into his mail bag "Take these!"

Just then a volly of scrolls were being launched at Tigress. The Kung Fu warrior easly deflected the attack

"Ha you try fighting the strongest of the Furios Five with paper?" she said

"Not just any paper," the mailman said opening another scroll for the people of the Jade Palce. Only to reveal it was the worst form of mail anyone could get "BILLS!"

"Bills?" Tigress said

"Yes," The mailman said "See, heres your water bill, a bill for a few building you destrioed when Temutai, Warrior-King of the Qidan Clan invaded, one for a fruit cart you all used as a weapon when Master Junjie (the little red fox guy) invaded, and one...

"Wait," Tigress said "We broke all those thing protecting the Valley, and should the people who inavaed us have to pay to?"

"They do," The mail man said "That's half the total money you owe, they pay the other half,"

"NOOOOOOO!" Tigress said realizing she, Po, Shifu, and the rest of the Five were going to be practically broke for a good while with all these bills

"Truly you are a master of evil," Tigress said realizing she had been defeated

And so everyone in the Jade Palace had to pay the money for all the damages they caused. Sadly this meant they all had to work at Po's fathers noodle shop for a bit

"Next time, I'll be ready for you new arch enemy," Tigress said thinking about the mailman while see waitered tables "I'm opening a savings account!"

The end