Oh my gosh, I'm SO sorry for ignoring this until now! Gah, that failed. I wrote this 4 times before I was happy with it at all... Well, here it is.

Little Bumblebee began to cry as he reached out in the direction his creator had gone. Optimus rubbed Bumblebee's back in an attempt to reassure the tiny sparkling. "It's alright little one, you're safe," he cooed softly. Bumblebee looked up through his tears to meet the optics of his guardian. He calmed down slowly while Optimus simply rubbed his back. He felt into recharge not long after. Optimus shifted Bumblebee into one arm. He noted briefly the fact that Bumblebee felt too light, which sent worry though his spark. The first thing he would have to do is see Ratchet to make sure that Bumblebee was actually healthy or not. His cest plates parted and he gently placed his sparkling in the sparkling hold. He then set off towards Ratchet's Medical center which thankfully wasn't that far away. And he was sure that the medic was still up. After all, it was only just past the time normal bots would he heading into recharge. As he began to walk, he felt Bumblebee shift to be closer to Optimus' spark. A smile quickly spread across his faceplates. One that was hidden from view by the silver mask. But at that point, Optimus couldn't have cared less.

Ratchet didn't even look up as someone entered his center. From it being so late, it was either a cleaning drone, another medic, Ironhide, or Optimus. All though, Ironhide was unlikely, since the red mech would've entered making enough noise to make the deactivated cover their audios. Ratchet heard the bot take a seat against the wall, and with that alone Ratchet knew from experience that it was Optimus who'd entered. He heard a slight click then Optimus moving around. The medic finished the sentence he was writing before glancing up at Optimus. He paused as he caught sight of the bundle in Optimus' lap. "Uh... Did I miss something?" Ratchet asked. Optimus' helm shot up and he met Ratchet's optics.

"Not exactly. A femme came to me asking for her sparkling to be cared for. By me specifically. I... couldn't say no to her dying wish," Optimus replied. He recieved an 'oh yeah?' look from the medic.

"Do you even know her?"

"No. I don't even know how she knew me or where I live."

"Looks like you've got a stalker," Ratchet joked as he leaned back in his chair. Optimus didn't even shift or fidget under Ratchet's questioning gaze. "Let me guess. You're gonna raise him."

"Yes. Of course," Optimus replied seriously. "When does Ironhide come back?"

"Can't feel him?"

"No. And it's bothering me."

"I know. Once he gets far enough away the guardian bond you have with him isn't strong enough to feel. And I know you don't like it. I'm still surpised that the bond is still there. You're fully grown and the bond should've faded and broken already. And you have a second one now, right?"

"Yes. With Bumblebee," Optimus replied. Ratchet leaned forward again to get a better look at the sparkling. Bumblebee had his helm back and turned towards Optimus' chest, a tiny servo dangling over his guardian's arm. A fond smile spread across Ratchet's face as he studied them together.

"Ironhide'll want to help out with the sparkling. I can tell you that. And I want to as well," Ratchet said. Once again, Optimus found himself smiling.