Hey so this is my first ever fanfiction, and I'm basically making this because I just love Super 8 and all that shizzle. I'm from England, but I'm trying to make this sound American, aha, so I'm sorry if it kind-of fails and sounds a weeny bit brittish! Enjoy:p

Schuyler xx

Olivia hated being small. Being five foot 1 she thought was kinda depressing. Almost everyone towered over her, even some of the kids in the 6th grade. It never minded her often, only occasionally, but when she had to crane her neck to give her condolences to Deputy Lamb, it really pissed her off.

It was the day of his wife's funeral, and even though Olivia barely knew the Lamb's, her mother had been good friends with the Deputy's wife when they were at school, so her mom dragged her along to give their deepest sympathies, she said. Pfft, more like keep up appearances.

Jackson Lamb thanked Olivia and her mom before hurrying off, uncomfortable most likely. Her mom was never the subtle type, and she didn't think it was exactly appropriate when her mom went into detail that she saw the entire thing, and then brought it up to Jackson Lamb as a 'conversation starter'.

"Mom! That was harsh, he didn't need to freaking hear that!" She snapped, glaring at her mom. "Let's just get out of here." She muttered. We'd been to the service, and we'd gone back to their home, we said we were sorry, now it's time to go, Olivia thought.

Her mom, irritated at her for snapping at her, glared. "Olivia May Hobson, do not use that tone with me, missy." She hissed. "Don't embarrass me in public." Olivia hung her head in fake shame to hide her scowl. She was never good at hiding feelings. "I'm going to mingle, you go play with the rest of the kids your age." Her mom said, pinching Olivia's arm painfully – causing the girl to wince and pull her sleeves further down her arms- and pointed to where the buffet was, where four boys in her grade were huddled.

They were friends of the deputy's son. She had never really spoke to them much, she just knew that the Charles kid was bossy as fuck, Martin had a tendency to vomit, Cary was a freaky pyro, and Preston was annoying by always stating the obvious. She sat next to him in math once, he was proper brainy. He even let her copy off him without complaining, which not many people let her do.

"I'd rather stay with you." She said timidly, hating herself. Why spend any more time with the monster then she should? Because, Olivia thought sadly, in public mommy is like she used to be… almost. Her mother looked feverishly happy, and with an awful malice dug her nails in Olivia's arm. Because of things like this- and much worse- Olivia never went anywhere without wearing long sleeves to cover up her arms. She was especially thankful that they were at a funeral and dressed in black, because if it had been white sleeves the white would've been stained one way or another by splotches of blood.

"Nonsense. A funeral is the perfect time to make new friends." She said, grabbing Olivia's scrawny shoulders and steering her roughly over towards the gaggle of boys.

"Hello boys." Her mother said, interrupting whatever it was that Charles was about to say. Something about zombies and turkey rolls? All four whipped round to look at the odd pair, confusion etched on every single one of their faces and Olivia tried very hard to look happy, which was a difficult task when she was around her mother. She stretched her lips into something that didn't even feel like a smile at all. The boys gave her a weird look, and she gave up on the effort.

Olivia didn't even feel like being here. All she wanted to do was go home, lock her door and listen to music so loud it would drown out all thoughts. She hated funerals. It brought back painful memories that when she even thought about it, it made her breath lock up in her throat and her eyes burn up with tears.

"Um..hi?" Preston said, unsure of who he was addressing. Olivia craned her neck to look up at her mother, who had a smug expression on her face.

"Hello, I was wondering if you would be able to keep my poor little darling here company, Olivia doesn't have any friends." Her mom stated. Olivia, knowing it was true, just bowed her head in embarrassment, feeling her ivory face boiling with humiliation.

Cary nodded at Olivia's mother, smirking slightly. She felt her face heat up and she suddenly felt very self-conscious from the way he was studying her.

It wasn't like she had anything to be self-conscious about, as Olivia was extremely pretty. Pale, creamy skin and rosy cheeks, honey brown freckles and big warm brown eyes. Copper coloured hair that just reached past her shoulders, and dimples either side of her cupid's bow mouth. She wasn't just pretty, she was beautiful even. Olivia, of course, had it burned in her brain that she was hideous, and spent most of her time hiding her face behind her wavy locks of hair.

She didn't just think or say she was ugly for attention, as some girls in her grade did. She honestly believed it, and her mother- who was never kind towards her daughter- repeatedly told her several times a day.

But the part she found the most disgusting, the most hideous and revolting part of her body was her arms.

Laced with tens of scars in some sort of morbid pattern, crisscrossed her arms from her wrist to her elbow. Some still fresh, some barely scabbed over, some with stitches still poking out, and most completely healed, leaving nothing but cold shiny skin stretched over where the injury once was.

The scars were the main reason Olivia despised her mother.

"Sure we can." Cary answered, interrupting Olivia's thoughts. Her mom clucked her tongue in approval, and spun on her heel, leaving her alone.

An awkward silence passed and Olivia shuffled from foot to foot, not knowing what to say. Martin was distinctly avoiding looking at her and settled to staring out the frost covered window, seeming extremely fascinated. Charles just reached for a turkey roll, Preston looked at his shoes while Cary just stared openly at her, gawking.

"I do have friends!" She blurted out into the silence, and snapped her mouth shut feeling her face flame. All four boys grinned, knowing it was a complete lie.

"Sure you do." Cary teased, and Olivia gave her best glare. Charles chuckled and stuck his hand out.

"Hey, I'm Charles Kaznyk." She nodded with a faint smile, and shook his hand politely. The others introduced themselves except for Cary. Shit-head, she thought. She glared at him, already disliking the boy. I mean, kind of cocky isn't it, to just assume I know who he is and what his name was. She did know, but everyone else introduced themselves, and she thought he was being extremely rude.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Olivia said after she gave Cary a very stern look. "I'm Olivia Hobson."

"Oh, I remember you! I sat next to you in math!" Preston says eagerly. She nodded with a small polite smile and tucked a loose strand of copper coloured hair behind her ear. "You always used to copy me." He said, grinning happily. She looked at him, wrinkling her freckled face up, confused.

"You're happy about that, because…?" She asked in confusion, a little smile creeping on her lips before she could stop it. Olivia didn't notice that he went an unattractive shade of crimson and opened his mouth to reply, when all of a sudden raised voices came from the hall.

All the boys crept over to see who was arguing, and leaving Olivia no choice but to follow or stand on her own like a fool. A bloke with wavy shoulder length hair and sideburns was roughly being dragged out the house by none other than Jackson Lamb.

The blonde man was yelling 'wait', but Jackson just ignored him and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, grabbed some handcuffs from his belt loop and snapped them on the man's wrist. Deputy Lamb, ignoring the man's shouts roughly shoved him out the house, kicking the door open. All the guests, raced to the window to watch Deputy Lamb throw the man into the back of his police cruiser, and speed away.

Joe Lamb, sitting on a swing in an oversized black jacket watched the car speed down the street, confusion etched on his features.

"Come on Olivia, let's go. I've had enough." Her mother said; her face inches from Olivia's. She visibly flinched and took a step back in fright, standing on someone's foot.

"Ow, shit-head!" Charles snapped.

"Don't call me shit-head." She said miserably, and tears prickled in her eyes. Charles noticed and looked extremely guilty. "It must be the damn onions." She sniffled, knowing full well there were no onions about. Before he could do something- like apologise and make her tears spill- she trotted after her mother, who was standing in the doorframe looking mad.

A hot wave of dread washed over Olivia as she glumly followed her mother outside, hitching up her long black dress so it didn't get drenched.

As Olivia passed Joe on his swing, she paused, wanting to say something. But what? She had never even spoke to him before, so as she passed she gave him a small smile of encouragement. She then hopped into her mom's silver grey car and let her drive her home.

She didn't say anything, fearing it would result in more punishment. It didn't matter either way though, as that night Olivia dropped off to sleep, fresh stitches on a new cut. The longest one yet.

Four months later.

Olivia glanced at the clock, watching the seconds tick by. As punishment for slapping Tracey Judd silly she had to spend the rest of the day in the library, sorting out the books in silent reading section.

Olivia didn't see why she got punished. It was during gym, and they were learning self-defence. Tracey got all up in Olivia's personal space, so she defended herself from Tracey's bad breath. Serves her right if you ask me. Olivia felt Tracey had no right breathing on her with breath that foul it made skunks jealous.

Once in a while the Librarian would come and check up on her, which meant she had to leap into action and pretend she was working, but she usually got there in time. The librarians heavy footsteps echoed throughout the whole library, making the bookcases tremble. Some people say it's because she's so scary. Logical people say it's because she is one fat shit.

Charles, who was returning a book, crept over to Olivia stealthily. "The witch, coming our way!" He hisses, and she leaps into action, knocking a pile of books over and making herself look flustered that such a thing could happen and that they may be damaged and putting them onto the shelf with extra care.

"Olivia!" The witch barked with authority.

"Yes ma'am." Olivia said, unsure if she should salute to her.

"Don't speak to me in that tone!" She snaps. "I know your mother." To cover up Olivia's slight tremble, she cockily rolled her eyes.

"Whatever." She said arrogantly, leaning against the bookcase. Fatty's beady little eyes narrowed at her menacingly.

"Do not speak to me like that. I will call the principle!" Fatty hisses. She pretends to yawn and examine her orange painted nails. The librarian's hand twitched down to her boot and Olivia gazed down there fearfully, seeing the wooden stick poking out.

Some students say that she still uses the cane for those who were really naughty, as if Olivia didn't get hurt enough. Even thinking about that, Olivia pulled down her pale pink cardigan even further down her wrists until the edges were stretched across her knuckles.

The librarian smiled wickedly. "Hurry up and sort these out Miss Hobson, you won't be going home until every single book is in its proper place, with only me for company." And with that, she turned on her heel and marched out of the section, snapping at kids on her way out who were speaking over a whisper.

Olivia glanced over at Charles and glared at him as he tried to conceal his fits of silent laughter. She rolled her eyes.

"Shut up Charles, if I'm here all night, I won't be able to help with the movie." She shot at him, taking pleasure in seeing his face fall.

"What? You're the only one who brings food!" Ever since she met the boys at the funeral, they've been good friends. Her mom was right for once, a funeral was a good time to get new mates or whatever. She didn't have any friends before, so it was easy for her to slip into the gang. Sadly, all the jobs in the movie were taken, so her job was helping Joe with make-up and bringing food- which she didn't mind at all. She was just glad to get away and have friends around her to distract her.

She got on great with the boys, except for one.

"Speak of the devil." She muttered darkly to herself as Cary raced into the room, a huge smile on his face.

"Oh my god! Did you hear that? Di-did you hear that explosion? Man that was the best chemistry lesson ever man! Shit, that was fucking awesome!" He said as he jumped into the chair next to Charles and smiling like a child on Christmas. He sees Olivia, and if possible, his smile gets wider.

"Hey midgit! You would've loved it! I just know you love fire and explosions and shit." He teases, and Olivia glares at him nastily to try hide her hurt. Ever since she confessed that she had a fear of fire when he tried to blow her up, he never stopped teasing her about it. Each time he did though, it made her feel sadder and sadder.

If only he knew the real reason.

Olivia smiled at him sarcastically. "Yeah, I just get all excited from the thought of it!" and then, she added nastily, "Just a shame I'm not a bloke like you Cary, and don't get wet dreams over them." His face went beet red and he flipped her off, his blue eyes narrowing.

"I hate you, you smart-ass." She shrugged. She couldn't care less if she tried.

She walked towards the two and sat in front of Charles and grinned at them both.

"Wanna play this new game I invented?" She asked, getting a coin from her pocket. "It's awesome. I throw the coin in the air, and you have to catch it in your mouth without swallowing it." Charles moaned, shaking her head at Olivia.

"You're both in need of physiological help. Cary is going to burn to death one day, and Olivia, you will just try something crazy like jumping off a bridge to see if you'll live, and you will die. That would ruin my movie!" Charles moaned again, burying his face in his hands. Olivia rolled her eyes dramatically and smirked at Cary, imagining his butt on fire.

She giggled to her own little thought, and Charles looked at her as if to say, 'there! You are a crazy bitch!"

"Gotta go pack the books away now before Fatty spanks me." Olivia says, getting up from the table.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Cary says haughtily.

"Fuck off." Olivia gives him the finger and then makes a cut-throat motion, mouthing 'die'. He looks even more amused and leans back in his chair. "I look forward to it." He says.

"No talking in the silent reading section." She snapped, getting more and more irritated. "It's meant to be silent reading, now go or read a fucking book." And she turns away from him, blanking the boy that makes her life almost worse.

"Can't you two just get along?" Charles sighs.

Together, in unison, as if they'd practiced; Cary and Olivia shared a look of disgust. "Hell no!"

Charles throws his arms up in mock surrender, shaking his head. Cary and Olivia grin at him. "Just be sure to stop by at my house and tell my mom I won't be home tonight." Olivia tells him with forced cheerfulness. As if her mother would even care, unless she wasn't around for her to take her anger out on. I bet she never notices where I go at night, Olivia wonders.

Olivia gets to work sorting the books out, grumbling to herself the whole time about Fatty and how much she hates Cary, refraining from mentioning anything about her mother.

At one point, Alice Dainard came in, and the moment Charles saw her, he shot after her like a bullet.

"Wonder what that's about." Cary says, musing to himself. Olivia shrugs in answer, not bothering to reply. "Hey, Liv!" Unable to help herself, she flinches, hating that Cary calls her that. Annoyed, Olivia spins round to him.

"What?" She says, exasperated.

"Heard that new kid Max Turner asked you out." He said, waggling his eye-brows. Olivia blushed furiously, and shoved a book into the bookcase.

"He did indeed." She said, trying to keep her voice controlled.

"What did you say?" Cary asked, his voice gone all weird. What Olivia couldn't see, as her back was turned, was the slight pallor of his face, the tightness round his eyes, and the way he gripped the table tightly until his knuckles went white.

Olivia, just about to snap at him- it wasn't any of his business- was stopped when Fatty screeched at him.

"Get out, get out, get OUT! I do not want you, MR FIREBOY-"She yelled, roughly stabbing him in the chest with her finger, "Anywhere near my precious babies with your explosives!" She snapped, furious.

"Babies?" Cary asked, laughing at her. Fatty's face went an even deeper shade of crimson from anger, and grabbed Cary by the scruff of his neck and hauled his ass outta there, leaving Olivia behind, pissing herself laughing.

"OLIVIA! GET BACK TO WORK! NOW! OR SO HELP ME I WILL KEEP YOU HERE ALL SUMMER!" she flinched at the scream and scurried to pack away all the books.

The bell rung, finally, and while the witch was busy checking out everyone's books at her desk, Olivia crept to the back of the library, ninja style and jumped onto the window ledge. She mentally cursed herself. Why in god's name did I choose today to wear a dress? Quickly scanning the ground beneath her and making sure there weren't any pervy boys lurking about, she dropped from the window and ran across the field to the front of school.

Spotting Joe's checkered shirt, she raced across the crowds of people towards him, not being careful as she elbowed people out of the way.

"Joe!" she called, and he visibly flinched. He whirled round to see where Olivia was standing, and grinned at her.

"Caught me by surprise." He laughs awkwardly. Olivia rolls her eyes and reaches into her backpack, bringing out some Twix's. They were the best chocolate bar's ever, and only came out earlier this year. She handed Joe one, but he politely declined. Secretly, Olivia was happy. She was never very good at sharing.

She pulled her auburn hair into a sleek pony tail, revealing all her face. When she was with her friends, she didn't really mind what she looked like. She didn't care very much if they thought she was butt ugly.

Olivia skipped along-side Joe, chuffed that school had just broken out for summer. This meant lots of bike rides, movie making, lots of sleepovers, and lots more time to tease Cary.

"Oh my god. That was the longest day ever!" Charles whined, coming up next to her. "Here." He said, handing Joe and Olivia both scripts.

She stared at it in her hand. She had gotten all chocolate marks on the paper from where the Twix had melted in her fingers, and she gazed at the ground sadly. He made her drop her candy bar. Stupid little shit, and Olivia playfully glared at Charles. Who, was in his own little world or didn't give a fuck.

"Quick!" Joe squealed. "Five second rule!" Olivia shook her head sadly. It's too late.

"Olivia, how the hell did you finish tidying up the section?" Charles asked, amazed. Olivia, grinning slightly, tapped the side of her nose with her finger with a wink.

Joe rolled his eyes. "You snuck out? When we get back to school, you, my friend, are dead." Olivia shrugged. She didn't mind detentions. The more time she was at school, the more she could stay away from home.

"What's this shit?" She asked, looking at the script which she now noticed was much thicker. "New scene?"

"Yeah, new scene. Check it out."

"Martin will freak out, man!" Olivia said, laughing at the prospect of seeing Martin vomit. For some odd reason, Olivia loved it when he did that, it was so gross! He vomits so much; it could make anyone with an eating disorder jealous.

"Detective Hathaway has a wife now?" Joe asked with confusion.

"I don't know. I think it might make a better movie. I need a better story line and production value." Charles said.

"Hey! Guys!" Olivia looked up, and her frown got even bigger. First my candy bar, and now this? She shot him mean looks as Cary ran over to them and stood next to Olivia, discreetly, she tried to edge away from him. "Hey guys. Martin barfed all over his locker today. It was the grossest one yet! I've never seen so many colours in my life!" He said excitedly.

"Shit! Can't believe I missed it!" Olivia moaned, disappointed.

"Oh my god! Shut up!" Charles yelled at them both, and Cary and Olivia shared a smirk. He playfully stuck his tongue out at her, and she rolled her eyes at his childishness.

"You're such a baby."

"You can't talk, I'm taller than you."

"But I'm amazing and mature." Olivia said patronizingly with a wink. "Unlike you."

"Liv don't deny your love for me!" Cary sings. She raised an eyebrow and gave him the finger.

"In your dreams bitch."

"Oh my god, the both of you SHUT UP!" Charles screams with annoyance, storming on ahead. Olivia gave him the finger behind his back, knowing full well he'd have a cow if he saw her. She jogged back up towards the guys.

"So, who's gonna play the wife? Jen?" Joe asked.

"No way. I told you what she did with my top hat." Charles said.

"What about Olivia?" Joe asked again.

She laughed awkwardly. They all knew how bad she was at acting. Charles groaned.

"If we use Olivia, I'll lose for sure! No, we need someone good to be the wife. Someone… pretty." She nodded, agreeing.

"What wife?" Cary looked a little bit pissed off with Charles, and kept glaring at him, and back at Olivia. Probably because he was stupid and didn't know what was going on, she assumed.

"Yours." Olivia snapped.

"Alice Dainard." Charles said. Joe tensed beside her, and she grinned at Cary. After the last sleepover between her, Cary and Joe, they played truth or dare. Joe, never being the daredevil, opted for truth, and admitted he liked her a little bit. He had like 'admired her from a distance' or something, but then Cary and Olivia stopped listening because for no reason what-so-ever, Cary decided to tackle her to the ground and force her to eat a worm.

They crossed the road, not even looking for a car, and went to the candy store opposite school. The gumballs in the gumball machine out front were dirt cheap so they all get some except for Cary who couldn't eat them because of the metal invading his mouth.

"I was returning that book on codes and ciphers and chatting to Olivia and Cary, when I saw her come in. She was in the silent reading section, and I asked her if she'd play Hathaway's wife." Charles said, putting change into the slot in the gumball machine.

"Wait. You talked to Alice Dainard, really?" Joe asked with disbelief, wearing a cute faint smile.

"You're not supposed to talk at all in the silent reading section. It's for silent reading." Cary whispered, as if to prove his point.

"Hey! I said that! You stole it!" Olivia accused.

He grins at her. "I stole it, and made it better." He said winking.

"Shut up, both of you. She said yes. We're filming tonight, and she's driving." Charles said with finality in his tone.