A Change of Plan Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Well, here I go again. Another brain fart hit me. I have to quit having these things. This one will be all about changes to plans made by others. Tom, Albus, Alastor, And Hermione all made plans, and Harry or someone else changed them. I guess we will find out what affect they have on the story. I know I promised you a Star Trek story, but, I am having a slight problem formulating it. Hope fully it won't take too long to write. In the meantime, please enjoy this one. Keeperoliver.


Severus looked at the woman floating in front of him. She was his friend from Hogwarts, and it pained him to see her this way, but it did not show on his face, as he still carried his deadpan look.

His mind was working feverishly for a solution. He did not wish to see her die. A thought just struck him. "Master, I think I might know a way to use this woman to our advantage rather than kill her."

Lord Voldemort gave him a curious look, "This better be good Severus. I don't wish to deprive Nagini of a meal."

"Of course sire. I was just thinking, that with Amicus, Alecto, and I all at Hogwarts, and known supporters of yours, wouldn't it be to our benefit if we had another there unknown to the faculty as being a supporter of yours? Like Pious is in the Ministry. Some one who has been there all along, and trusted by the rest of the staff."

"Hmmm, yes, you plan does have merit Severus. Pity though, by doing this, Nagini goes unfed, unless. Wormtail. I thought I told you to keep the filth quiet. It was the simplest of tasks, and you fail me again, for the last time. AVADA KEDAVRA! Peter dropped to the floor with a look of shock on his face.

"Dine well Nagini. Now, Severus, please tell me about this new plan of yours."

"Very well my lord. When she returns to Hogwarts, Miss Burbage will be under my Imperious, and will follow what I tell her to the letter. She will present her self to the students as protection from the Carrows and myself. In doing this, they will provide her information that we may be able to use, and then when needed, take them in for protection, and shield them from taking any action in helping the staff when necessary. Hold them hostage if you will. That way, if any parents arrive to help, we tell them that their children are being held, and if they fight, the children will die."

"Interesting plan Severus. But why you? Why not Amycus or Alecto?"

"It would seem strange for any to see Burbage and the Carrows being friendly. I knew her somewhat and it would seem more reasonable. We do not want to draw suspicion upon any one. Especially not Miss Burbage."

"I suppose you're right. The Carrows would bring up quite a few questions if they were to appear to be friendly with our little spy. Very well then, do what you have to do."

"Confundus!" The fear in Charity's eyes disappeared, to be taken over by a blank expression. "Imperious!" The blank expression never changed with the last spell cast.


Harry was alone in #4. The Dursleys left hours ago, and it was getting dark. He had sent Hedwig on ahead to the Burrow so that he would be able to respond to any plans that were made with out fear of loosing her. She did not want to go, but Harry promised her he would see her again. So she left, though slowly at first, circling the home as if to say goodbye to Harry, then she took off for the Burrow.

Alone with his thoughts, he wondered what the Order had come up with for his escape. What type of transportation they would use, and under what circumstances. He did not want to put anyone in Jeopardy. No, he would not put any one in jeopardy, under any circumstances. No one else was going to die on his behalf. He had already lost too many to the cause of the Greater Good. Namely himself.

If this plan sounded like others might get hurt, then he would no accept it. There had to be a better way.

Darkness had set in, when there was a rap on the front door. Harry opened it, only to be pushed back when Hermione jumped him and pulled him into a hug. "Harry, it's good to see you. I have so much to tell you when we are safe."

"Alright Hermione, let others greet him too. Hi, Mate." Ron took Harry's hand in for a shake, and was pulled in for a hug as well. They were followed in by Fred, George, Bill, Fleur, Remus, Tonks, Kingsley, Hagrid, Alastor Moody, Charlie and Mundungus Fletcher. After sharing their greetings, Alastor told Harry of the plan.

At once, Harry shouted "NO! There is no way this is going to happen. No one is going to risk their life for me."

"Potter, they are all here of their own will. What you think is of no consequence. Unless you have a better plan?"

Harry thought for a moment, and in that moment, Hermione stepped forward and reached for Harry's hair. She never reached him, as he set up a shield to stop anyone from reaching him. "Get away from me Hermione. I told you no one else is going to be hurt on my behalf."

"Harry, be reasonable. There is no other way out of here. The floo is being watched, Apparation and Portkey travel is being blocked. What else is there?"

Harry snapped his fingers, "Of course. Why didn't I think of this earlier. Dobby, could you come here please."

A pop alerted everyone to Dobby's arrival. "Harry Potter wished to speak to Dobby sir?"

"Yes Dobby, How many people can you take with you when you travel?"

Dobby counted all that were in the room. "Dobby can take half of you at one time sir. He could be back in seconds to get the rest."

"Then please take all the ladies, Ron, Fred, George and Mundungus first. Take them to...?"

Ron blurted out, "The Burrow."

Harry nodded, and Dobby took the seven and was back to get the rest. In all, it took twenty seconds for the entire trip.

Dobby was ready to leave, when Harry stopped him. "Dobby don't leave, as I need to talk to you."

"Yes sir Harry Potter sir. Dobby will stay."

Before they Harry could talk to Dobby, he was pulled aside by Alastor. "Potter, Don't ever expect me to be saying this again, but, Thank you. I would never have thought about using a house elf to travel. You may have even saved someones life by doing it. A very good choice for such a quick decision. It goes to show me that you listened to me when I kept preaching to you all about Constant Vigilance. "

Harry smiled at the scarred warrior, "You pounded it into us enough. Maybe you should start listening to your self more often."

"Don't get cheeky boy." Alastor responded, then broke out into a smile.

Harry turned and was ready to talk to Dobby, when he had another thought. "Moody, would you stay and listen to what I have to say before you leave?"

"What is it Potter? I figure I still have about two hours left to what our plan would take."

"Thank you. Hermione, Ron a moment if you will."

The three stepped out side and Harry began, "Hermione, I know you're going to complain when I say this, but, we need help. The three of us are not enough to finish what Professor Dumbledore set upon us."

"But Harry, he told us not to confide in anyone."

"He's also not here, and he left us no where to start. Hermione where would be the first place we would go, once we leave?"

"What? I don't know Harry, where?"

"That's just it Hermione, I don't know either. How about you Ron?"

"Me? Blimey Harry, I'm just along for the trip. You two are the ones with all the brains."

Hermione snickered, "He finally figured it out."

Harry couldn't help but laugh. "See Hermione, none of us have a clue as to where to start."

Hermione blushed as she always did, when proved wrong. "OK Harry, what do you suggest?"

"Get the Order to help us. Minus Fletcher that is. That guy gives me the creeps."

Ron shuddered, "Same here Harry. Not only that, but did you smell him. I don't think he bathed in over a week. He wears half of what he eats and drinks, and I think he carries a lit pipe in his robes. He always smell like tobacco."

Hermione scrunched up her nose, "I never thought I would admit to this, but, I agree with Ron. All the way around. He is not a good choice if you intend to ask the Order for help."

He pulled the two into a hug and thanked them. They walked back in and talked to Alastor alone. Alastor liked what they asked, and agreed to their request for Mundungus to leave. Fletcher was only too happy to agree, as he was late for cocktails.

Dobby was standing by himself off to the corner, watching everything that was going on, and wondered why he was asked to stay. He nervously kicked the floor with his foot. The he felt someone take his hand and pull him back into the crowd. He looked up to see Harry Potter's Missy Weezy pulling him.

Harry looked to everyone and then started, "Professor Dumbledore gave Hermione, Ron and I a task to do. He died before he gave us any instructions, and we don't know where to start. We would like to know if you all would help us?"

Alastor spoke up, "Depends on if you tell us what this task is he asked you to do? You don't tell us, then we don't help you."

Molly turned on Alastor, "Don't you dare speak for all of us Alastor Moody. We would Help Harry if he asked us, even if he couldn't tell us what it was he had to do."

Every one else agreed to what Molly said, But were brought back to Harry when he got their attention.

"Please everyone, just listen to what I have to say. What Moody asks is not out of line. In fact, in order for us to ask your help, we have to tell you what it is we have to do. I want to start off by saying that the three of us will not be going back to school. It is a safe bet that someone will be there to report to Voldemort what we will be doing. It may also be of benefit if Ginny were kept out as well, as we will not be there to help her if there is trouble. We can't stop everyone from going back, but I don't want anyone I love to be in any danger."

Molly and Ginny had tears in there eyes at Harry's thoughts. Molly for his thinking of protecting her only daughter, and Ginny for Harry's saying he loved her enough to keep her safe. Though he never mentioned a name when he made this statement.

"Now, to the gist of the matter. Dumbledore left us the task of finding certain objects of Tom's that he used in his own self protection. He made horcruxes from things of the founders and of his own life. The Diary Ginny had in her second year was one of these horcruxes. Since it is destroyed, we don't have to worry about it. The second one is also destroyed, but it was at a price. Dumbledore lost the use of his right arm because of it. What I am trying to say is that each one of his horcruxes is protected by Tom's magic."

Alastor asked, "And what was the second item?"

"A family ring. The Gaunt family ring. It was the only thing his Mother left him."

Remus spoke up next, "Do you know anything else he used for the horcruxes, Harry?"

"Yes, a couple or three. First is Helga Hufflepuff's cup. The next is Nagini, his snake, and third is Slytherin's Locket. It looks like this." and Harry pulled out the locket he and Dumbledore pulled from the cave.

Remus saw it, and remembered, "Harry, I remember seeing something like this at the Black Manor. It was in that old curio cabinet in the sitting room."

Hermione gasped when she heard this, "Of course, Harry, remember when we were cleaning, and we got rid of all the dark items we found. That was one of them."

Harry groaned, "Great, now all we have to do, is search all the dumping areas used by the city of London. Doesn't that sound like fun."

Fred and George snickered, "Where's Fletcher when we need him. You got rid of him too soon Harrykins." they see sawed.

Then Kingsley brought something up. "Don't panic just yet Harry. I saw Kreacher going through the trash, and taking items from it and hiding it in his little cubby hole. Maybe this was one of them."

Once again the twins made comment, "Saved by the King. Thank you oh mighty one."

This earned them a hit to the back of the head by Molly with her wooden spoon. Hard enough to get their attention, but not to hurt them. "OI Woman that hurt. You shouldn't hit us in the head, it may cause drain bamage or is that dain bramage?"

Never had Molly responded to the twins so fast, "You can't hurt what's not there. Now hush, and let Harry finish, Or was it Remus?"

"It was Kingsley woman, now keep up with the story." Fred ducked as she once again took aim at his head.

Even Alastor was laughing at the three Weasleys.

Then Harry asked, "Kingsley, do you know who Kreacher is answering to now?"

"Yes I do, it's you Harry."

"ME? Why me?"

"It was in Sirius' will Harry. He left almost everything to you. He left some for Andromeda and myself, but the rest of it went to you, which includes Black Manor and Kreacher."

Harry called out, "Kreacher, can you come here please?"

There was another pop, and Kreacher stood before Harry, "What does my half blood master want with poor old Kreacher."

Kreacher looked up at Harry, and saw something in his eyes he missed every other time he looked into them. Understanding. The last time he saw them, there was panic, as he was looking for his master.

"Kreacher, have you seen another necklace that looks just like this one?"

Kreacher reached out to grab the pendant, but Harry pulled it out of his reach. "Tell me Kreacher. Have you seen another one like this?"

"Yes Master."

"Do you have it?"

Kreacher shrugged his shoulders, trying to bury his head, "No master, Kreacher does not have it."

"Do you know who does have it?"

"Yes Master."

"Please tell me who it is that has the real necklace Kreacher."

"Mundungus Fletcher has it sir."

"Dobby, please find Mundungus and bring him here." Dobby popped out.

"May Kreacher help with the search as well master. Kreacher was bad elf letting stinky take master's charm."

"Please do Kreacher, and don't hurt him too bad."

It was the first smile Harry ever saw on the old elf. It made him look sinister and wicked.

Harry then continued on with what else he knew. That Dumbledore thought there was one more horcrux out there besides the ones he just mentioned. Something from either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. He knew it wasn't the sword, of Gryffindor. "Maybe the Sorting Hat is it?"

Hagrid laughed at this, "It can't be Harry."

"Why is that Hagrid?"

"Because it's been on your head and in your mind Harry. If it was a horcrux, then don't you think you would have felt something, like you did with the Diary?"

"That was Ginny with the diary, Hagrid."

"To begin with maybe, but not at the end. It was you who destroyed it was it not?" Hagrid continued.

"Yes, so."

"Didn't you feel nuttin when you did it Harry?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know Harry, you tell me."

Harry shook his head as he thought back to that day in the chamber. He remembered when he looked at Tom standing there gloating as he was drawing the life out of Ginny. Harry was so mad, all he could do was stab the stupid book with the fang he pulled out of his arm. Not only did Tom scream, but so did Harry. The pain in his head felt like an explosion taking place in his mind. He almost passed out from it, but that was when Fawkes landed next to him, and healed his arm.

"I didn't understand why my stabbing the Diary caused me such pain. It was destroying Tom, yet it felt like it was doing it to me as well."

Alastor questioned this, "You mean to say that when you stabbed the diary you felt the pain as well?"

"Not really, I think mine happened as I was thinking of stabbing it. Almost at the same time I pulled the fang from my arm."

Kingsley saw where Alastor was going with this, "Harry, did you see anything from the dairy when you stabbed it?"

"Ya, Ink flowed from it."

"And did anything happen to you that you couldn't explain?"

"My scar was bleeding."

Alastor and Kingsley smiled across the room at each other. They knew what happened to Harry that night. Kingsley laid his hand out to Alastor for him to tell Harry, as it was his thought that brought out Kingsley's questions.

"Potter, Kingsley and I know what happened that night to you. When you pulled the Fang from your arm, the flow of blood returned to your system, and the poison from the fang went to your brain, and killed the piece of Voldemort's soul you had in you. Fawkes healed your arm and drew the poison out before it affected you, but was slow enough to let the poison destroy the horcrux you had become."

"I was a horcrux?"

"It makes sense Harry." Kingsley continued. "Why else would your head hurt that bad if you were destroying his horcrux. It wasn't the horcrux in your hand that hurt you, it was the one in your head that did it."

"So what does that mean?"

"It means that you now have the power he knows not, according to the prophecy."

"How did you know of the prophecy?"

"All the Order members knew of it, but we were ordered not to say anything in fear that you may do something stupid, like you did in the Ministry during your fifth year."

Harry hung his head, remembering that horrible moment in time. Where his stupidity brought about the death of his Godfather. He was about to say something when there was a pop, and both Dobby and Kreacher appeared before them with a large bundle between them. Mundungus Fletcher.

He didn't look in too bad of a shape. A little roughed up, but not bad. Harry thanked Kreacher and Dobby but still asked them to stay.

He then turned back to Mundungus. "Kreacher tells me you have been taking items from my home that don't belong to you. This is to stop now. I will let you keep what you already took, except for one item. A pendant that looks like this one. Give it to me, and you can keep the rest."

"Fraid can't do that Potter. I don't have it no more."

"Where is it then, if you don't have it?"

"Some Ministry bitch took it she did. Some fat old broad in pink. She would have looked better in green. With warts."

Harry looked to Hermione ans they both said it together. "Umbridge!"

"Ya that's her. Ugly little thing. Nasty too. Just took it and didn't give me nuttin for it. How's a bloke supposed to survive."

Harry gave him a disgusted look, "Try working for a living."

"Tried it. It did nuttin for me. Longest 2 hours of me life."

"Dobby, Kreacher, show our guest to the door please. Don't be too easy on him."

Now both of the elves had a smile on their face. They kicked Fletcher all the way to the door, and then both gave him a kick out the door. Once he was out, he turned to find the home he just left disappeared. He didn't know someone had blanked his memory of the address. Kreacher's smile increased.

When they got back to the kitchen, Harry surprised Kreacher when he put the necklace around his neck. Kreacher picked the pendant up and looked at it. It had been his Master Regulus', and now his Master Harry gave it to him.

"Kreacher thanks his Master Harry for this gift. Kreacher will do what ever he wishes. He is sorry for the bad words he said about Master Harry."

"Kreacher, there is something you might be able to do for me. Do you think You might be able to get the other locket from Umbridge?"

Kreacher was gone as soon as the words left Harry's mouth. He was back before Harry could change his expression. With the second locket swinging from his hand. A large smile on his face.

Harry pulled Kreacher in for a hug, which Kreacher did not particularly care for. He didn't say anything, but he hoped it did not happen often.

Harry took the locket to the back yard, "Alastor, do you know how to create Fiend Fyre?"

"Potter I was head of the Auror for twenty years. Don't you think I learned something in that amount of time?"

"Then would you please use it on the locket as it and Basilisk venom are the only things that can destroy it."

Alastor called for the flame, and used it against the locket. The locket gave out a shriek and a stream of black oily smoke arose from the ruined piece of metal. Harry looked to the rest. "Four down, three to go. Now since Hagrid is sure the hat is not a hortcrux, and the sword is the only other article that belonged to gryffindor, and we know it's not one, that leaves Ravenclaw. We know about Nagini, and Hufflepuff's cup."

"Hello Harry. Might I say something?"

Harry turned to the person talking. Luna Lovegood was standing beside Ginny. "Luna, what are you doing here?"

"I'm spending time with Ginny, helping her prepare for Bill and Fleur's wedding. Could I make a suggestion as to what the item might be that you are looking for?"

Harry smiled at the young lady that he took to Slughorn's Ball. "Luna you don't need to ask anything. All you have to do is say it. We will listen to what it is."

"Thank you Harry, that's very sweet of you. I can only think of two items that belonged to Rowena that still might be in existence. The Room of Requirement, which would be hard to make into a horcrux, and her diadem, which would be much easier."

"What's a diadem Luna?" Harry had to ask.

"It is a hair piece Harry that keeps the hair in place. It is usually decorated to look like a crown that a Princess might wear."

"Do you know what it looks like Luna?"

"I could show you a picture of it Harry, if that will help. I asked Colin in to take pictures of my dorm so that they would be with me when I was home for the summer. I also have pictures of my home hanging in my dorm room so that way, where ever was, I was in my home away from home."

"Could you get it for me please after you have eaten in the morning."

"You don't want it now Harry?"

"No Luna, it's too late to get it now. This can wait until the morning. Thank you though for your idea. It could mean a lot."

"You're welcome Harry. And thank you for thinking of me."

"Luna, I don't know what I did to warrant that, but you are welcome as well."

The entire group found places to sleep in the Burrow, as tomorrow looked to be a full day.