A Change Of Plan Keeperoliver Chapter 12

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It had been two years since Severus, Narcissa and Charity married, and in that time, Fred and George married Hermione and Luna. Ron married Daphne, and now they were all gathered as it was Harry and Ginny's turn. Ginny had asked why they were the last to marry, and Harry just smiled and told her, "Because my love, being the last, it will always be the freshest in every ones mind. "Of course sharing it with Draco and Astoria will make it extra special to remember."

"And that's the only reason? You're not doing it because you're afraid of commitment? Or because you want to be sure I'm the right one?"

Harry pulled the beautiful woman he had made this commitment too and hugged her close, "Gin, first of all, my commitment to you was made back in your first year. At the time I was not aware of it like I do now. Every one thought I risked my life to save you, but in fact, If anything had happened to you, I would probably have died. By doing what I did, I saved both our lives. As for the second part, do you honestly think I could love some one other than you, after all we have been through? The real reason I waited this long is because I did not wish to take away any of the happiness shared by the others. I did not wish to take away from the important moment each of them were making. Never feel that I have any doubts about the way I feel about you. I love you now, and I will love you for ever."

It was two days before the wedding, and it would be the last time they would see each other until the wedding. Harry and Draco took the ladies to dinner, and then to a play. The evening went by too fast for the four, and then the ladies were brought back to the Burrow where they would be staying until the wedding. Final preparations were made for this most auspicious occasion, as Molly wanted everything to go exactly as she planned for her only daughter's wedding.

Harry and Draco spent this time together to make arrangements for there time after the wedding. First a hotel stay for the first evening in a posh hotel, then a flight to the States for their honeymoon in Florida.

This site was unknown to the ladies, and it would be quite a surprise to them, as they had talked about the warm weather that was enjoyed year round in the seaside State. Sanibel Island would be their destination, near the city of Fort Meyers. It was a a favorite resort area for many who wished to get away from their colder climates during the winter.

With their plans made, and with everything set, all they had to do was wait.


Although only guests could attend the wedding inside the Burrow, everyone knew that there would be others who wished to witness the wedding of the century, when their savior would give his heart to the woman he loved. Ginny now knew why Harry waited for this moment. She looked out her window, and saw thousands sitting on the hill outside the Burrow and waiting for the moment to arrive. Astoria was there with her, and together they watched as the crowd grew larger. Ginny heard Astoria, "Don't they have anything better to do, than to sit and wait for this to happen. They won't even be able to hear what is being said?"

Ginny turned to her friend, "I think they will be able to hear. Not only will Kingsley be using a Sonorus Charm, but the twins set up a loud speaker system outside the wards for all of them to hear. They also have people going through the crowd to sell Omnioculars, drinks, food, Photos, dolls, and anything they think will sell. Let it be known to all that my brothers will use what ever it takes to turn a shilling. They will take advantage of any situation and make money. As along as it doesn't interfere with the wedding, I don't mind. It's them that will have to clean up the mess after wards, not me."

"Ginny, I think your to easy on those two, Using their own sisters wedding to make money seems wrong to me."

"Harry and I get fifty percent of the profits."

Astoria laughed at this, then hugged Ginny when she finished, "Harry said that you and Draco would get half of that since you are a part of it."

Harry and Draco were outside doing the same thing the ladies were doing. Watching the crowd gather outside the wards of the Burrow. They watched as Fred and George's workers made their way through the crowd selling their wares. What they saw amazed them, as they couldn't take two steps after the last sale before they were making another.

Draco looked at Harry, "Are you sure you want to give Story and I half of what you get? Harry, I see thousands of Pounds being exchanged out there, and I can't see all of the attendants."

"I'm sure Draco. I know that neither of us need the money, but I have already given my share back to Hogwarts for assisting students who don't have the funds to attend. Also for new brooms for first year lessons, books, and for other necessities. Minerva was happy to accept the offer. I don't think she realized what the amount would be. From what I am seeing, It could well be over ten thousand galleons for just Ginny and My share. Not too shabby I don't think."

Then the moment every one was waiting for started. The music signaled the start of the ceremony.

Teddy and Victoire were first to appear. They were followed by Narcissa and Molly, who were led to their seats. Next were the maids as they made their way down the aisle and up the stage. Finally, Ginny and Astoria, being escorted by Arthur and Johnathan were making their way to the stage. Harry and Draco left the stage to meet them and take the hands of their intended brides from the respective fathers. The four made their way up the steps and took their palaces in front of Kingsley.

The ceremony took twenty minutes to complete, and then the four were presented to the crowd as Mr. and Mrs. Draco Snape, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter.

The reception was carried out to the field across from where the real reception was taking place. Knowing that they would have a large crowd outside the wards, Harry had asked the house elves of Hogwarts to make cakes for the people out side the wards to enjoy with the guests inside the wards. Drinks were also provided. Harry would have been surprised by the amount of cake that was not eaten, but was preserved by the people outside the wards. It was to be a special keepsake for those who attended.

When the sharing of the cake was done, the music started up, and dancing began with the brides and g rooms taking their first dance together as husband and wives. Then they were joined by the rest of the wedding party. Then it was for all in attendance. Even the people on the hill were dancing, although it was difficult for them. Many tumbles took place, but the people just laughed as the made their way back up.

Both the Prophet and the Quibbler reported on the wedding, each giving their though on how many people attended the wedding. The Prophet guessed twenty five thousand, and the Quibbler thirty thousand. No one knew for sure how many attended, but in later years, if a poll was taken, there were over a hundred thousand who were there.

The evening was a most enjoyable one for all. But, it ended early for the four newly weds. They used the floo to go to the Cauldron, and then used a Taxi to get to the hotel, where they spent the night split between consummating their marriage, and sleeping.

When they woke the next morning, Ginny and Astoria were surprised that the men had already packed bags for their honeymoon and had them in the room ready to go.

They had breakfast in the hotel, then took a Taxi to the airport. The girls still didn't know where they were going, until they got to the gate in the terminal. Fort Meyers Florida.

Of course that wasn't the final destination, but it was enough to thrill the ladies, as they had been talking about it.

The flight was a long one, with a change in flights in Miami. Once through customs, the flight to Ft. Meyers was a short one, and then there was a Taxi ride to the final destination. It was late by the time they got to the cottage that Harry and Draco had rented. It was too dark to see anything outside, and they were all so tired that they went to bed and slept. No fun and games this evening. It was made up the next morning though. It was 10:00 AM by the time they all got around.

The weather outside was perfect for them as they made their way to the beach. The water was warm, but when they left it, the wind cooled them off, and they dried quickly. Other than a little shopping, this was all the four did for the two weeks they spent there. Beach in the morning, dance in the evening. They enjoyed the time they spent there, and it went by fast. Too fast, as it was now time to return home.

The flight back was another long one that wore the travelers out. It took two days for them to get over the jet lag. For some reason, the trip back was harder for them to get over than the trip to Florida.

Now, it was time for them to settle in for the time they would spend together as husbands and wives, even though they were still newly weds. It was difficult for them to go any place without being recognized as the four who brought joy to so many of the people who were at the wedding. Pictures were still posted every where they went of the event that so many people took part in.


It was now three years into their marriage and if anything, Harry and Ginny were even more in love. Ginny was Pregnant with their first child, and Harry was beside himself with joy. He was finally going to have the family he always wanted.

Hermione and Fred had two children, a girl and a boy named Rebecca and Arthur.

George and Luna had two children, both boys named Lewis and Clark. Don't ask!

Ron and Daphne had a girl named rose.

Draco and Astoria had a boy named Scorpius.

Severus and Charity had a girl they named Evilyn. Narcissa had a daughter and was named Cassiopeia.

Finally, Remus and Tonks had two girls after Teddy. Twins named Samantha, and Veronica.

Ginny was 8 months, and very moody. She was eating more than she ever ate, and the food she ate was something that Harry would never even thought of buying. Sardines, bagels, and bags of spicy hot potato chips. He hoped once she delivered, she would drop her diet. The bagels and chips were not too bad, but he gagged every time Ginny opened a can of sardines.

Finally the time arrived for Ginny to give birth. It was 6:00 AM when she announced to Harry it was time. By 4:00PM Ginny had given to Harry, a daughter. They named her Lily Luna. She had red hair and green eyes. From that moment on Harry had a favorite song that he learned to sing to her, to get her to sleep. It was by a muggle group called the WHO. The song was 'Pictures of Lily'. She was born on the 18 of May, 2003. Luna was named her godmother, and George the godfather.


Three years after the birth of Lily, Ginny was giving birth to another child, this time a boy they named James Sirius. He had dark hair with brown eyes. He had Ginny's features and eyes, with Harry's unruly hair.

Lily was three years old, and fell in love with her baby brother, wanting to hold him all the time. After he was born, Lily would not sleep in her room. She wanted to sleep in the room as James. This went on for two years. James was born on 18 September 2006. It was the best birthday present Hermione ever got. She was also named James' godmother, and Fred the godfather.


Two years later found Ginny giving birth for the last time. Once again it was a boy they named Nathaniel Remus. Remus and Tonks were named his godparents. He was born on 25 December 2008. He also had dark unruly hair, and had Harry's green eyes, and was the spitting image of Harry. This was the last child, as Ginny had complications with the birth, and they had to do surgery to remove him. This hurt Ginny, and Harry had to do a lot of consoling to get Ginny to remember what they had, and not what they would miss.

With his family now complete, Harry set up an account for his children that they would be using for when they went to school. There schooling was paid for at Hogwarts.

Ginny got over feeling bad about not being able to have any more babies, and devoted her life for the three she had, and for Harry. There was never any doubt that she would be a good mother, but to have her kids say that they had the best mum and dad that any child could have brought tears to her eyes when ever they said it.

They never lacked for playmates, as each family would take turns as to who would have all the children over for the weekend. For some reason, no matter who took them, they always ended up at Grandma and Grandpa Weasley's home. Even Draco and Astoria were a part of it. That was probably the reason that Scorpius and Rose were so close. Ron would often tell Rose under no circumstances was she to like Scorpius. He made sure that Draco was there to hear him. Draco knew that Ron was just kidding, as there was no way that Rose would ever listen to her father. Her and Scorpius were too close. Besides, Draco was her godfather, and Ron was Scorpius godfather. Daphne and Astoria besides being sisters, were each others god mother to their children. Ron and Draco had become strong friends because of their being married to the Greengrass sisters. Any animosity they had as youths was buried years ago. Many were the hours they shared with each other, laughing at what they called childish and immature behavior on both their parts while growing up.

Fred, Hermione, George and Luna shared the same bond as Ron and Draco, for much the same reason. Hermione and Luna were married to brothers who shared the same birthday. This made them closer than Daphne and Astoria. It did not mean they loved each other more though. Fred and George had learned that now they had responsibilities that went beyond their own sibling bond. They had families to look after. Wives to love. A home to share with them all. The WWW was a thriving business and Fred, George and Verity were doing better than OK. Verity was made a full partner one year after the war, and has contributed to business by building a customer base that grew larger every year as the families expanded. Their motto was, ( : A laughing family is a happy family, so we always keep you laughing. : )

Severus, Narcissa and Charity were never left out of the family gatherings. They had been included in anything that was taking place, and they could not have been more pleased. They were part of one of the largest families in the magical world. It was definitely the strongest and most powerful. If there needed to be a change, and if any member of the family approached it to the Wizengamut, it was taken to vote right away, with a 75% approval rate. A few of Ron's thoughts on rules to change Quidditch were passed on. One of Hermione's on elf rights was also passed over, however, she was expecting it to be. She knew that equal status in the Ministry was too much to ask for, but it left the door open for her to get one passed that at least allowed a representative of the elves to share their thoughts on how their lives should be more respected. It was a victory in Hermione's eyes and those of the elves, as it showed them that some one was there trying to get them a better life.

Remus and Tonks became constant visitors to Harry and Ginny. Their kids were constant companions with each other. Remus saw in Harry, the person he missed so much in his father James, and Ginny reminded him somewhat of Lily, though Ginny's temper was much worse than Lily's. She was right scary at times. He was on the receiving end of one of her bat bogey hexes once, and he felt the effect of it for several days. He vowed never to piss her off again. Tonks and Ginny were very close. Almost like sisters. Their friendship was one that often found them taking a few days away from the family, at their husbands request, and spending it at different locations around England and the continent. Spas, resorts, and villas. Things of that nature. If Harry and Remus knew how often they were hit on by men, they may have brought an end to their sojourns. Even after three kids, they looked like 25 year old ladies. Knockouts at that. Both were still beautiful women.


The year was 2014, and it was the year that Lily would finally be going to Hogwarts. It was also the year that Hogwarts had a new Headmaster. Severus Snape was once again the Headmaster of Hogwarts, but this time, he was welcomed. Minerva decided it was time for her to move on, and let the younger generation enjoy them selves. Joining her in retirement, were Madam Pomphrey, Professors Flitwick and Sprout. They were replaced by Madam Bones, Professors Weasley (Hermione), and Longbottom. There was mixed reaction from the kids, though most of it was good. Lily looked forward to learning from her aunt Mione, and uncle Nev.

Her first year was a wonderful experience and was filled with laughter and fun. There was no stress at all, and if any thing, it was a relaxing time while learning to be the best witch she could be. Aunt Hermione was by far he favorite Professor. Her method of teaching Charms was amazing. She seldom gave homework, which was a pleasant surprise. She used the book as a guideline, and any reading that they needed to do, was done in class, so that any questions could be answered. She helped any student with correcting wand movement so that they knew exactly what to do to get the most efficient out come from the spell.

If her Uncle Neville hadn't been teaching the class, Herbology might have been quite boring. He actually made it an adventure. He got Hagrid to help him plant some of his most unusual plants in the woods, and he would bring the class into the woods to see if they could locate them. With out knowing it, the class was protected from harm by the centaurs. They were hidden from sight, but still able to react if need be. The woods were still not the safest place to be, but much safer than it was twenty years ago.

Yes, Lily's first year was a most memorable one. One that should would always remember.


The years passed for the family, and soon they would be losing family members, like Grandma and Grandpa Weasley. But hopefully that was still a few years away. All of the children were now grown up, and some had children of their own. The family was now the largest family in the wizard community, numbering over 75 family members. Bright red hair, or light brown hair or even black hair was giving way to gray. It seemed only the blonds escaped the gray, changing instead to white.

Even with their age, their energy level never lessened. They were able to keep up with the Grandkids in every thing they did together. There was still the family get together once a month. The number of children had doubled since Lily was a child. A new wave of children was taking over and things never looked better.

Ten people were standing outside the Burrow watching the children as they played. Harry, Ginny, Fred, Hermione, George, Luna, Ron, Daphne, Draco and Astoria stood watch as the kids played. They all remembered when it was a rare day when they were able to feel this free while growing up, and thanked those up above for the time they now lived, where a person could feel free and easy about their lives. Where there were no worries of hidden evil lurking around every corner.

Luna said it best, while leaning against George, "A peace like this was well worth what we all went through those many years ago. I don't know if I would change a thing, if it meant giving up something we all have right now. No, I don't think I would change a thing, as everything is perfect as it is."


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