Chapter I: A White Tiger Named Oblivion.

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This story is part of my A Talbain Tail series. It is not a sequel or a prequel in any actual aspect but it's to add depth to the series and to satisfy a request. If I had to place this story somewhere, it would be after Her Name is Blue and before (and during) Talbain, Jonathan Talbain. If you have not read any of my stories, please feel free to do so. Thank you.

The new mooned sky did it's best to illuminate my dark backyard on this Saturday night. I looked around and saw Poe and his girlfriend sitting on the hammock attached on the two trees on my back yard. At least I thought it was Poe. I had twin sons; Poe and Jimmy and I was only able to tell them apart when they spoke as Jimmy's voice was slightly deeper than Poe's.

Desirée, my oldest daughter, walked out through the sliding glass door, holding a homemade burger. She wore a plain white T-Shirt with the words "Plain White T's" written across her chest. She wore a simple blue jean skirt over some black stockings and sandals. Her right ear had seven different earrings, each with a single carrot stone of different color while her left ear had four. She told me that they represented the zodiac signs and that the placement meant compatibility. The subtle aquamarine piercing in her nose meant that she was born in late march, which made her an Aries.

"Here you go, dad." She said and placed the burger in my lap.

"Thanks, Desirée." I said and examined the burger. "It's not raw is it?"

"No... At least, I don't think it is." She replied seriously.

"Did you cook it?" I asked and poked at it, not really sure where I was going with that but I just wanted to do something to the motionless burger I front of me.

"I am getting better in the kitchen; mom and Aunt Alexandria have been showing me." Desirée replied.

Jimmy pushed through his older sister and fell to the floor in front of me. He rolled around while holding his chest and wheezing.

"Help...I'm dying..." He said between gasps. "Dezirée's burger...killed me...poison! Call the cops." He stopped moving as he lay on the floor with his head to the side and his tongue out, his leg twitched twice and he lay still.

I stared at him then at Desirée's, who cocked a hip and crossed her arms. I sighed and stretched and placed my feet on top of Jimmy's stomach.

"Ow!" Jimmy said and crawled away.

"Stop making fun of your sister." I said and bit into the burger then frowned when I saw that it didn't have any lettuce. "It's not her fault that she can't cook."

"I can too cook!" Desirée protested.

"No you can't! Remember when you put eggs in your spaghetti?" Jimmy said.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time..." Desirée replied.

"Yeah, if you're crazy!" Jimmy said.

"Stop making fun of your sister, Jimmy." I said. "You're doing the dishes today."

"Awe, dad! Why do I have to do the dishes? I'm a guy!" Protested Jimmy.

I heard Desirée pout.

"Guys do the dishes too." I said.

"So why don't you do the dishes?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah why is that?" I heard someone say.

I turned and saw Aye, my wife, walk up as if she just appeared. And knowing her, she probably did. She opened my burger and placed a piece of lettuce and tomato inside of it.

"Awe, I don't want a tomato!" I said and started removing it but stopped and placed it back when my wife stared at me, disapprovingly. "...and to answer your question: I had kids for a reason. They do the dirty work, and I take the credit."

"Hey!" Desirée said as she stared at me with her arms crossed and tilted head.

"What?" I asked. "Why else would I have you guys? To feed and care for you?" I asked and bit into the tomato contaminated burger.

"Yes." She suggested.

"Yeah well that's part of it."

Desirée scoffed and walked back inside.

"Bring me another burger!" I yelled after her.

"Hey dad!" Poe said as he walked closer and dragged his girlfriend by the hand.

"Yeah?" I asked as I finished my burger and slid over as Aye sat on the chairs arm, next to me.

"Erika wants to know your guys' story. You know, the one you've told us about, the one you've told us a million times."

"Oh yeah! So the doctor said that the bump in my back was just a zit and when I finally do pop it, it will smell like rotten pickles." I replied and smile when everyone stared at me in disgust.

"Ew! No the one about when you was a kid." Poe said and silently reassured his grossed out girlfriend.

"If it's not too much problem." The girl said. She was a nice girl: a year older and two inches taller than Poe. She had long black hair and almond shaped brown eyes. Poe brought her home several times, and she's always been nice so I've never complained.

Aye, my wife, in the other hand, didn't approve of one of her babies dating in general. It wasn't like it mattered as she complained but didn't do anything about it. I never said anything as I didn't approve of any of boys that my daughters brought home.

I shrugged and looked at Aye who smiled back at me then looked up sharply as Desirée and my other daughter, Joanna, yelled from inside.

"! Get in here! Help!" Joanna said as the fire alarm went off.

"Those girls can burn water, I swear..." Aye said then snapped her fingers and disappeared, air rushed to fill the space where she had been.

"Well first of it all... This tale starts long ago." I started and leaned forward in my chair as Poe, Jimmy and Erika (Poe's girlfriend) sat on the ground.


The three year old werewolf tackled me into the air as I laughed and landed on all fours then tackled him to the ground. He giggled as my sister jumped on my back and held on. A white cat girl walked up and pulled on the werewolf's hand.

"Jonathan, daddy wants you." She said.

An older werewolf walked up and looked at us. His thick blue and white fur stood proudly as he smiled at us. Dad said that he was a friend but he still looked scary.

"Come on guys. The fireworks are about to start." He said and helped us up.

We walked up and I ran to my mother who hugged me close to her. I scooted closer then stopped when I accidentally dug my claws into her leg. I apologized as a cat woman with extremely long blue hair smiled at my mother.

My sister sat down on my father's lap and smiled as the first of the fireworks illuminated the night sky. My father wrapped his white tiger arms around my sister to keep her warm.


"My name is Richard Oblivion" I said as I introduced myself to my class. "I'm eleven and I have one sister and no brothers. I like to write and do math."

"Hi Richard." The classroom said, without the slightest hint of synchronicity.

It was my first day in school in this familiar Texas town, my family moved here before I was born. My father said I had a Texan accent, I would find that weird but most of the people here did.

There was a change in school districts, a month back, and several students were drafted into this school, not that there was anything wrong with that. It was just that, apart from my sister, I didn't know anyone here, and the other kids that were drafted along with me were complete strangers.

"Thank you, Richard. Please sit down in an empty desk." The teacher said as she placed her hand on my arm and signaled towards the other students.

There were only two empty seats; one was by an older boy, around 14, with black make up around his eyes. He kinda looked like a raccoon with an attitude problem. I imagined his reaction if I was to offer him a cookie and dangle it in front of him but the dog collar around his neck frightened me. The boy stared at me, which made me wince so I sat down in the edge of the room next to a mousy Hispanic girl.

I placed my books on the desk and looked at the white board as the teacher wrote down important dates.

I started writing the dates in my notebook then jumped when a neatly folded note hit my arm and fell to the floor. The teacher stopped when she heard the paper hit the ground but continued after a few seconds.

I looked around and the girl next to me smiled then looked away as I slowly unfolded the note.

"Hi!" It said and had a circle on top of the i. My sister did that too, I wondered if it was a girl thing.

I wrote a quick reply and tossed the paper back. The girl next to me caught it, even though she didn't see me toss it, and opened it expertly.

We spent the rest of the class passing notes between note taking until the bell finally rang and we all walked out.

The girl walked up to me and held out her hand.

"I'm Veronica, my friends call me Vee." She said.

I shook her hand and smiled. "I'm Richard, my friends call me Richard."

She smiled and looked at me. "Where's your next class?" She asked as we walked out while hugging a notebook with white tigers on the cover.

"Room... 231." I said as I examined my schedule.

"I have room 222 so I'll show you were it is." She said and walked out and down the hall with me right behind her.

"Isn't it lunch time right now?" I asked, honestly curious.

"Yeah." She started as we stepped out of the corridor. "The cafeteria is in there, I have to get my stuff so I'll meet you inside."

"Okay." I said and stepped into the crowded cafeteria.

The sound of several conversations happening at once filled the building. People lined up and traded tickets and notes for meals on a tray. Mom never believed in those so she always packed us a lunch.

"Richard!" Said a familiar voice.

I looked around and saw my sister jumping up and down as she tried getting my attention.

I waved back and walked over then sat opposite her.

"Hey, Allie." I replied as I opened my lunch box and pulled out the ham sandwich.

"Hi, Richard, how's your first day going?" She asked and bit into her sandwich.

"Good, yours?" I replied.

"Good. You've made any friends yet? I haven't..." She said sadly.

"Well..." I started but was interrupted when someone else called my name.

I looked back and saw Veronica running towards me with a tray in her hands.

A boy extended his foot and tripped Veronica while laughing and high fiveing his friend. People turned to look as she hit the floor. Some laughed, others gasped but nobody did anything to help.

I stood up and walked over as students stared.

"Freak!" The boy who tripped her said and walked off with his friends right behind him.

"Veronica, are you okay?" I said as I knelt next to her.

"Yeah..." She said and examined her scraped elbow. I helped her gather the only thing that wasn't all over the floor and walked her over to the table where my sister was.

She sat down next to me with a chocolate milk carton in her hands. I handed her half my sandwich and she took it happily.

"Veronica, this is my sister, Alexandria." I said.

"Call me, Allie." My sister said and shook her hand. "Good to meet you Veronica."

"So both of you were drafted here?" Veronica asked.


I walked out of my class and met Veronica as I walked through the gate into the everyday world. She stood by me while I waited for my mom to pick me up.

"Are you okay?" I asked. "That boy was mean to you."

"Yeah... A lot of people are like that." She said.

I was going to ask but stopped when my sister walked over to stand next to me as my mother drove up.

"Where are your parents?" I asked Veronica.

"They both work today, so I'm walking home." She said as she adjusted the backpack on her back.

"Want a ride?" I asked her.


"Mom, can we give my friend a ride home?" I asked and smiled when my mother nodded.

I stepped in and helped my sister and friend into the minivan. My mom was turning the corner a few seconds later. Veronica lived a few blocks away from us so we had to make a detour.

"Thank you Richard's mom!" Veronica said as she stepped out of the minivan and waved.

"You're welcomed, Veronica! Bye." My mom said and Veronica slid the door closed.

"So Richard... Is she your g-" My sister started but I caught her off.

"I know what you're going to say, Allie. And I know that you won't stop until I say 'yes, she's my girlfriend' happy?"

"Awe, you're no fun..." Alexandria pouted.

My mom chuckled and took off.


Two weeks passed and it was clear that some people here didn't approve of Darkstalkers, in general. My father told us to not transform unless it was completely necessary. It felt as if we were hiding what we really were.

Did I forget to mention? I'm a white tiger. My father and sister are too. My mother is a regular human, though. My father called her explained what we were but it never sank in. All I knew is that I was able to transform into a sudo version of a white tiger. I never changed to my full tiger form as it was really hot, so instead I just transformed my limbs and senses.

My father said that our kind was segregated because people weren't too understanding; I kept forgetting to look up the definition of the word "segregated" so I didn't exactly knot what he was talking about.

The more time I spent in school, the more obvious it became that bullied antagonized people, in what seemed at random sometimes. Veronica was one of those people. I didn't think that she had powers like me or my sister or my father. No, I think that she was picked on because she never fought back. I punched a boy for pushing her a few days ago. My mom grounded me but my dad overruled it as he said that I didn't do anything wrong.

A few people at school were always picked on, the nerds and losers as well as others. My father always told my sister and me to never let anyone walk over us so it wasn't a surprise when my mother was called into the school as I sat in the principal's office with another boy next to me. We both had been fighting, he hit me once and I whooped his butt.

My father showed me how to use the white tiger's speed and strength without actually looking like one. It wasn't much help but it was enough for me to have the edge in a redundant and useless school fight.

My mom was arguing with the principle, or pretending to. The principle had already agreed that I didn't do anything wrong and that the kid next to me was going to be expelled as he would constantly fighting with others and even pulled a knife on a girl.

I was sent back to class after that. I sat next to Veronica who passed me a note, asking what happened. I explained and passed the note back. We passed notes for half an hour but stopped when the teacher stared at us. The bell rang and we all headed out.

"Richard, Veronica, can I see you two after class?" The teacher asked before I could make it out.

Veronica and I walked back and stood by the teacher.

"I know, teacher, don't pass notes." Veronica said quietly.

"Exactly, or at least, don't do it quiet enough for me to not hear the rustling of paper." She said and winked at us. "Just remember rule number one."

"Bro's before ho's?" I asked but flinched when she stared at me. "I mean, what's rule number one?"

"Rule number one is don't get caught." She said and shook her head. "It doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't matter as long as you don't get caught."

Veronica and I stared at each other then at the teacher. "Okay..." Veronica started then smiled when the teacher showed every sign of being serious.

"Get out of here, you two. Y'all gon' be late for lunch." The teacher said and turned around to wipe the whiteboard.

We walked out then headed down the hallway towards the cafeteria.

"Well that was weird..." I said.

"Not really, Ms. Giddier has always been really nice with me, because I'm..." Veronica started but trailed off.

"Huh? Because you're what?" I asked but stopped when a boy passed by and knocked down Veronica's books from her hands then laughed and hi fived his friends as he walked away.

"Not again..." Veronica mumbled and bent down to pick her books up.

"Assholes!" I yelled instinctively.

The boys stopped then looked at each other and turned to face me.

"What you say, you little dumb, stupid, prick." The first boy said as he walked over. He didn't seem intelligent by any level.

"I called you an asshole, you illiterate bastard!" I said and walked forward.

A crowd had gathered to watch and to surreptitiously block teachers from stopping the fight that was about to happen.

The first boy quickened his pace as he walked up to me and punched me in the face.

I fell down but got on all fours and tackled the boy to the ground then punched him twice before one of his friends kicked me aside.

The boys surrounded me and proceeded to stomp on my midsection and legs. I covered my face with my hands as feet impacted my body.

"Leave him alone!" Veronica said and tried pulling the first boy away.

The boy shoved her away then slapped her when she tried removing him again.

I growled and felt my white tiger fangs extend from my canine teeth as I started transforming to my white tiger form.

My hands quickly changed to larger white and black paws. I waited till my claws peered from the paws and lashed out to the first boy and clawed at his leg. My claws tore through his pants and dug deep into his leg.

The boy cried out and fell back as the other boys stared at their friend in confusion. Blood quickly puddled around the floor under the boy's leg as he whined and whimpered at the sight of the blood and his torn leg.

I turned quickly and tripped the boy on the right and punched his face as hard as I could, with my white tiger paw. The crowd of students cried out when they saw me, when they saw the boy with white fur and paws. A few students ran away while others shifted to try and see me.

The boy underneath me shifted and cried out and I just growled loudly at him. He stopped and stared at me with horror in his eyes.

I felt a sharp pain and turned around to see the third boy pulling on my tail. I lifted my leg and kicked him as hard as I could in between his legs, and grinned as he crossed his legs and removed his hands from my tail to hold himself then fall over and made awkward noises.

I smiled then stopped when I realized that everyone was staring at me. I stood up and looked around at all the scared and horror struck faces until I stared at Veronica who stared back at me. She wasn't scared or shocked. She was actually...relieved...happy in a way.

I heard someone yell something and I gasped when I felt like I was falling until I realized that I was standing inside the nurses office. I gasped as the sudden shock faded away. I was now sitting on her leather chair that that the nurse used for students when she was checking their injuries.

I looked around and cried out when the door quickly opened and saw seven figures quickly shuffle into the room. I recognized most of them:

Mr. Johnson, my math teacher. A tall and slender middle aged man. He crossed and uncrossed his arms as if to find a comfortable position so he wouldn't just have his hands hanging on his sides.

Mr. Daniels, my sociology teacher. A medium sized man in his late 40's. He had a small spaghetti stain in his white shirt.

Mrs. Wake, my PE teacher. She was a large woman that enjoyed being in control and wasn't afraid to get in someone's face if she felt like they needed a good swift scolding.

Mr. Sherands, my English substitute teacher. He had been a substitute teacher with a permanent position as an English professor. He was tall dark and handsome enough.

Principle DeLeon. He wore some dark blue khaki pants and a black dress shirt with a black and white tie. He stared at me with curiosity.

And Ms. Giddier, my history teacher. She smiled pleasantly at me as she shut the door behind me.

"What's goin' on?" I asked, my voice was a little more frightened than I wanted it to be. I wanted to say more but I stopped myself when I realized that all my white tiger parts were gone. My paws, ears fur and tail had dissolved back into my human skin and limbs.

"Mr. Oblivion. Your transcript didn't say anything about you being a Dark one." Principle DeLeon started as he stared at me.

Mr. Daniels moved and closed the blinds as Ms. Giddier locked the only door, the only exit.

"What do you want? What are you going to do to me?"

They all stared at each other then turned and smiled at me.