Chapter 1: Memories




That's all the tiny female could hear as moved fluidly threw her movements. Her heavy labored breathing from the ongoing battle seems to appear to have no end in sight. The clang of her metallic sword against various claws and weapons echoed within her ears as she slashed thru her enemies. And the simple swears of her dog eared companion fighting just a few yards away from her current position.

"Fuck." Was the newest growled out swear that entered her ears. She stepped forward arching her katana with the fluid grace of an experienced swordsman, effectively cutting thru the arm of another random demon that threatened her life. She huffed in annoyance blowing her mud dotted bangs from her glaring sapphire orbs.

"Inuyasha. Are you sure you are doing okay over there?" The infamous miko questioned with a hint of humor lacing her words.

"Shut up wench." Was her answer before once again her sword clashed another handful of demons that wanted to bathe themselves in her blood.

Block. Spin. Slash. She moved with each step as if it were an intricate dance. Her eyes remained trained on the so called hog like creature that continued to clash his tusk against her blade. She growled in annoyance, pumping some of her miko powers into her biceps in a small attempt to gain form a stance against the nasty creature.

BOOM! "Shit!" Inuyasha cursed loudly. "Kagome!"

Kagome quickly glanced to the side only to see a large snake demon lunging towards her. "Fuck." She swore under her breath pushing more of her miko power into her arms to try to free her blade. 'I'm going to be too late.' She thought, bracing herself for the impact.



"It seems as though neither of us can trust the half breed to watch our backs huh miko?" The smooth baritone wafted across her ringing ears.

Kagome swept her sword forward and spun once more arching her blade in a fluid decapitating swipe effectively killing the beast instantly. She turned and smiled up at the male that stood before her. "It seems so Lord Sesshomaru." She snickered. "It is a good thing that you should up. And for that I thank you."

"Hey! Shut up over there. Some of us are getting more demons than others right now. Maybe Lord icicle up his ass can break a sweat for once and do some dirty work." Inuyasha remarked back snidely.

"Watch your tongue half breed." The Lord growled out simply before turning his sword towards the hoards of demons that seemed to be raining from the sky.

"Do not mind him Lord Sesshomaru. He woke up on the wrong side of the branch this morning." The miko giggled just loud enough for the Lord to hear.

"Kagome?" Sesshomaru began in order to get the tiny mikos attention. Said miko immediately stopped her giggle, straightening her posture while turning her full attention to the demon before her. "Remember what this Sesshomaru has taught you in the way of the sword. This is the last battle Miko Kagome. Make it a good one."

Kagome smiled up at the man before her. She had spent years training under the Lord in the way of the sword while Kaede trained her in the ways of handling her miko powers. "Make it one to remember for yourself to my lord." She stated with a slight bow.

As she unfolded herself from the respectable bow she allowed her powers grow and unfold from the confines of her skin. Her pink aura encircled her body as it turned in the direction of the storm clouds that rained demons and water droplets. In the center of this storm stood the being that had caused it all.


Sesshomaru raised his mighty blade into the air before swiping it down in a simple arch, releasing its awesome power upon his prey. Kagome turned on her heels pulling her sword up, blocking the large tiger like beast from slashing into her Lord's back. She flicked the blade to the side before turning it down and plunging into the massive cats chest cavity. Her head turned to the side taking in the next big beast that wanted to attack her. The huge black wolf looking animal slammed into her side effectively removing her from the Lord's side. It leapt towards her. Its large mouth was wide open as it fell closer and closer to its prey. A mixture of saliva and blood was dripping from the points of its teeth. As it fell upon her she prepared herself for the pain that was sure to come.

Kagome gasped as she sat up straight. Her body reacting to her dreams by pulling out her beautiful blade that was attached to her side. Her chest heaved up and down while her eyes flicked back and forth searching for any signs of danger.

A whine from her right caused her to jump slightly before her eyes trained onto the massive beast that lay behind her. Her recent memories flooded into her over active brain allowing her muscles to slowly relax back down. She allowed her blade to slip from her fingertips as her back fell back against the three headed dogs stomach. "Stupid memories." She grumbled under her breath.

She closed her eyes allowing her brain to take in her memories of the past. Back when she was innocent on this world. She wished to be innocent once more, to have the freedoms of walking amongst the mortals and not having to worry about anything but demons and humans. No. Not anymore.

Her companion whined once again in an attempt to get her attention. Kagome blinked before turning her gave to one of the three heads that watched her with a hint of worry sparkling in their eyes. "I am fine Cerberus." She breathed out, patting its head affectionately.

The black beast licked her little fingers before allowing its head to turn in another direction, taking up look out once more. She sighed, turning her head to look up at the sky. The stars sparkled brightly in the clear sky giving out a sense of calm to the beast of the forest that she lay within. Flashes of her training with Sesshomaru skipped across the front of her mind allowing a delicate smile to play her lips.

A tiny tear dripped from the corner of her eye. She remembers the last day she had on earth. It was the day she and the others fought Naraku. She had wished upon the jewel. She had wished upon the jewel while looking into the eyes of the man that she loved. When the wish was said she knew something was wrong.

Kagome lifted her right hand looking at the palm that held a dark circular scar. That was where the jewel had melted into her flesh. She had stretched that hand out to the man she loved in a desperate hope to be saved from the torture that was to come. They had taken her away from him before he could realize what had happened. No one knew what happened that day but her. They thought she died. They thought that when the lightening came down from the sky to take her away from her freedom she had died. They thought the lightening had killed her.

She didn't blame them for thinking such things. The storm had gotten worse during the battle. She had watched some demons get struck by the lightening and blow up from its harshness. But.


She did not die. She was broken and rebuilt into this creature that she is now. A demigod. An immortal. She is a creature with mixed bloods that was created to do one thing and one thing only. Kill the god's mistake that leeches upon the humans of the planet.

She sighed once more as she rose to her feet, collecting her katana in the process. Her cloak fluttered slightly as she seethed her sword. Her eyes glowed slightly as she turned her head towards the east. She felt him coming. She could feel the hairs on her arms stand up with anticipation of allowing the while to catch her at some point. But not now. Not yet.

She had to kill the stupid little shit that had told the gods to take her. The one that told the gods to make her into the ultimate weapon. 'Stupid fucking retard.' She thought, allowing an evil smirk to play her lips. If he thought he wasn't going to die by her hands then he was dead wrong. If he thought that the gods would always be there to protect him he was even more dead wrong. The gods didn't care about anyone but their own kind. Especially little rats that grovel at their feet. She will kill him.

She will kill Hosenki.