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You + Me = Couple

It was supposed to be a normal day for Ryoma. A typical day of an average high-school student.

All that Ryoma had wanted to do was go to the local 24-7 convenience store, grab something for him to eat and at the evening, when it gets cooler outside, drop by the local street courts (and kick some ass). That's all that Ryoma had wanted to do on this hot Sunday.

So then, how had the situation turned out like this?

"What the fuck are you staring at?" Akutsu wasn't in a very good mood (then again, he never was). He had sweat trickling down his face, the usual hairstyle now out of shape and the silver locks falling in front of his face. "Did you hear me, brat?"

"I did." Ryoma stuffed his hands in the pockets of his knee-length shorts, the cap was shadowing his eyes, "But, you're blocking my way. That's my apartment."

Akutsu glared at Seigaku's first year prodigy and then at the name plate by the door he was leaning against; the name 'Echizen' was written on it with a messy handwriting (Ryoma realized that his handwriting sucked, thank you very much). Ryoma had gotten the permission to live alone from his parents after he entered high-school; they thought that it might be a good experience for him, to see how it is to live alone. Of course, they were the ones that covered his monthly bills, but Ryoma had taken up a part-time job so that he could earn his own allowance.

Akutsu 'che-ed' and got up from his sitting position. He took two steps away from the door and then focused his eyes on the fifteen-year-old. "Heh, so you're one of my neighbors now. Interesting." With that he slowly walked to the staircase and got up to the third floor.

Ryoma watched him leave with an empty expression on his face. Why was he here anyway? Coincidence, I think not. The teen narrowed his eyes a little, but soon let it go.

He got out his key and unlocked the door, stepping inside the cool apartment (Air-conditioning – best thing ever since Ponta). It was only a week he's been here, so until this day he thought that it might not be too interesting of a life here. But now, after finding out that the crazy delinquent lives here too, it might not be so bad. In the least, there might be some unexpected situations that would serve as entertainment for him.

Ryoma smirked to himself while putting the instant ramen in one of the cupboards in the small kitchen area, "Mada, mada, huh?"

Ryoma sighed as he walked the road down to his apartment place. Meeting with his sempais again was both fun and tiring at the same time. Sure, he had still met up with them even after they graduated, but due to the busy schedules they all had the time was very limited and they couldn't meet up as much as they used to.

"They are still the same." Ryoma mumbled to himself and took of the blazer jacket, slinging it over his shoulder. It was yet another hot day today; he was considering not going to the ceremony, but then Kikumaru had called him (At 6 am).

It was hard to say 'no' to someone who was so hyper about meeting you again.

Ryoma stopped a few meters away from his apartment complex and tilted his head on the right a little. He was sure that what he was seeing wasn't an illusion created by the heat, so then… Why were a couple of lame looking delinquents hung on the fence that was built around the house that he lived in?

Ahh…. But… Ryoma looked around and then walked a bit closer to the knocked out guys, Since Akutsu lives here too, they probably are his doing. He took a stick that was lying on the ground, next to his feet, and poked one of them.

"The hell are you doing?" this time Akutsu didn't sound pissed off, rather, he was a little amused (Or so Ryoma liked to think). But knowing Akutsu that was a bad thing, mostly.

"Checking to make sure that they are still alive. I guess." Ryoma stopped what he was doing and turned his head, so that he could see Akutsu. "Didn't the landlord forbid things like this?" he asked merely out of curiosity, really.

Akutsu gave him a strange look. He didn't say anything, just stood there, with hands in the pockets of his ripped jeans and stared. "Like I give a shit." He finally said and then turned to leave. "My mom said she wants to meet you." He then added, already heading for the gates.

"What?" Ryoma blinked a couple of times and then ran to catch up with the elder boy. "Your mom? Why?" This was a strange turn of events, even for him.

Akutsu 'tch-ed', "She heard about you from the old fart and now can't shut up about meeting you. Like I care." He took out a cigarette from one of the pockets of his pants, together with a lighter and lighted it. "She's annoying me to bring you up, thinks we're friends." (The word 'friends' was said with such disgust, that it was almost funny.)

Ryoma wasn't about to say that he didn't sound annoyed or anything, but this sure was a very strange turn of events. Even stranger than the time when he had actually liked Inui's newest creation, or that time when he thought he was a volleyball prodigy.

"Hmmm…" he hummed to himself and stopped when they reached the second floor, he watched as Akutsu ascended to the third floor before yelling back at him. "Tell your mom that I will think about it. Meeting her, I mean. And that we're no friends. That would be strange."

Maybe it won't be so bad? He had heard from Kawamura-sempai that Akutsu's mom was supposed to be a very good cook. And that meant that he could try and mooch off some food, if he got to know the woman a bit better. But being friends with Akutsu… that would just be awkward. Well, not as awkward as that time he almost kissed Momo-sempai…

Ryoma shuddered – some memories were better left unremembered.

Akutsu raised one eyebrow and 'tch-ed' again, biting the end of the cigarette that was in his mouth. "Like hell I will, brat." With that the silver-haired youth walked away, leaving Ryoma alone by the staircase.

The tennis prodigy stood there for a little while, wondering of whether that was a yes or a no, but, after deciding that it didn't really matter, shrugged and started to head to his own apartment. It had been a long day for him, although it had been no longer than a few hours from the moment he had left his place in the morning.

Then again, being with a hyper Kikumaru made minutes feel like hours.

I can't really tell them about Akutsu living almost next to me. Ryoma mused to himself while taking off his shoes and throwing his bag and jacket on the sofa. As well as the fact that I am now living alone. Oishi-sempai will go high-wire.

He then took a cool ponta can out of his small refrigerator and flopped on the sofa, putting his feet on the table in front of it. He enjoyed the cool liquid running down his throat, some of the drops sliding down his skin as he greedily took large mouthfuls of his favorite carbonized beverage.

The teen let out a satisfying sigh after he was done drinking and looked out the window, "Strange week." He muttered to himself, before bringing the can to his lips again.

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