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Luckily for Ryoma none of his sempais knew where he lived, yet. Akutsu's mom had ordered (nicely) him to stay home for a few days and avoid straining activities, such as tennis (or sports in general) and just relax. Like that was easy.

So Ryoma sent his teacher a message, saying that he won't be coming to school for the rest of the week, three days to be exact. He guessed that his homeroom teacher had already told that to his classmates, thus letting Horio know. And if Horio knew then the whole tennis club (as well as the whole school, probably) knew that Ryoma had been in some sort of accident and won't be coming to school for a while. And, once again, knowing Horio, he would surely add something of his own to spice up the whole thing.

The first call the teen got around 4pm, just around the time that the tennis practice should start. Luckily it was just Oishi-sempai calling.

"Oh, Echizen, how are you doing? I heard from Horio that you had an accident and I was worried that something really serious might have happened to you." The third-year sounded relieved and worried at the same time. Only Oishi-sempai could do that.

Ryoma sat up in his bed and scratched his head, "Ahh…" he probably shouldn't tell that he was almost abducted by a couple of low-rank mafia guys because of Akutsu. And he also should keep that fact that Akutsu was his neighbor. Yeah. "No, I just slipped and hit my head; nothing to worry about sempai. It's nothing serious."

"Oh thank God. I, we were worried about you. And Eiji said that you live alone now…" Oishi's voice faded out, as if he wasn't sure what to say next.

Ryoma glared at nothing. It was a bad idea to tell that particular information to Kikumaru.

"Don't worry sempai, I am just fine. Nothing to worry about." The high-school student surpassed a sigh. He knew that his sempai was worried, but this wasn't anything that serious. The promised fighting lessons, given by none other than Akutsu though…

There was a relieved sigh on the other end and a few yells echoed from somewhere near Oishi, probably some of the first years were running around making a racket while Tezuka isn't there yet. He heard Oishi yell something about stopping and being careful before focusing on his kouhai again. "Well, since you are fine I will not have to worry anymore. Sleep and take care of yourself Echizen. If you need anything - just call."

With a sigh Ryoma hung-up and tossed the small device on his pillow. Bothersome.

I should probably eat something. He lazily thought to himself and yawned. That had been a good sleep, yep. But now he was hungry and the only food he had were a few instant ramens and something that used to be food, or so he hoped. So I have to go out to get something to eat… Annoying.

The teen mumbled a couple of curses under his breath and started to look for some decent clothes to wear for going out. This was yet another hot day, so he didn't really want to leave his air conditioned heaven, but alas – food. He should probably make something himself, not just live off instant food. Ryoma could cook (contrary to what others thought) and he cooked really good, he just didn't want to cook.

He wore a simple t-shirt with a lame text message printed on it and black shorts, his trusty old cap on his head (as well as to somewhat hide the bandages). The boy stepped out of his apartment, tch-ed, locked the door and climbed down the stairs. He made his way to and from the 24-7 store, coming back with the ingredients necessary for a simple meal for one stuffed in the plastic bag he was holding. After seeing what the store offered Ryoma decided on some salad and pasta with cheese. He also bought some extra ponta cans (there can never be too much ponta).

Just as Ryoma rounded the corner and managed to spot his apartment house in the not-so-far distance he was grabbed by his hand and pulled back behind that corner, a hand covering his mouth during the process of pulling him back. The teen was ready to attack, but then he heard Akutsu's voice near his ear, warm breath caressing his skin.

"Shut it and stay put." The delinquent issued an order that had no option of 'no'. It poked Ryoma the wrong way, but he chose to keep his mouth shut, for now.

He waited for approximately ten seconds (give or take, Ryoma's sense of time was questionable) and then removed Akutsu's hand from his mouth. "What is going on?"

The elder teen looked down on Ryoma (the latter made a pout that wasn't actually a pout. Because he didn't pout. Ever.) and sighed, sounding like a very tired mom that has to explain something for her child for the tenth time. "Shut it and stay put."

Ryoma opened his mouth to say something but then closed it. Instead, he jabbed Akutsu in the side with his elbow and, using the other's pained state, slipped out of his hold and out on the main street, quickly walking to the apartment building. Whatever the reason Akutsu had for hiding had nothing to do with Ryoma, obviously. Besides, he saw no one around, the street was pretty much empty, except for the cat that was bathing in the warm sunlight.

The cat-eyed boy had already placed one of his feet on the first step of the stairs when he heard his name being called out. Turning around he saw Akutsu's mom walking his way. She was smiling brightly, although, she was a bit out of breath.

She said her hellos and then asked: "Ryoma-kun, have you seen my boy? I have to go to another meeting with the principal and this time I have to bring Jin with me. He hasn't returned home since going out this morning." She sighed.

"Ahh…" now Ryoma understood, "I just saw him a second ago, but I don't know where he went." It was the truth, really. Akutsu might as well be hiding behind that corner, or he had already managed to run off somewhere.

"Is that so?" Yuuki's face lost its sunny smile for a second, but then it showed up again a second later, "Thank you, Ryoma-kun. I'll just go alone then." She said her goodbyes and turned to leave, still looking around in case Akutsu suddenly shows up.

Ryoma stood by the staircase until he could no longer see Yuuki and then resumed his walk to his apartment. "Shouldn't you go with your mom?" he didn't really care about the inside problems on the Akutsu family, but Akutsu's mom was feeding him from time to time, so he owed her.

"Fuck off. That old fart will only talk crap about me. Why should I care?" came the grumpy answer from behind Ryoma. Akutsu walked right behind the brat, the air around him smelling like cigarette smoke.

Ryoma chose not to comment, merely continued his way to his place, thinking about the half-assedly made food that he will soon have the pleasure to eat. Living alone could be a pain, but he didn't have to clean up and could walk around in only his underwear, so the pluses outnumbered the minuses. And he sometimes got food from the neighbors (just Akutsu's mom, actually).

"What do you do on Saturday?" Akutsu suddenly asked the younger, stopping and glaring at the brat's back, cigarette between his fingers.

Ryoma thought about it (or pretended to) and then hummed, turning slightly to look at the silver-haired delinquent. "Nothing. Why?" he had a general idea why Akutsu was suddenly interested about his life, but he chose not to say it. Let the so-called king of delinquents feel as awkward as possible (Ryoma even did his evil laugh inside his head).

"Tch." The brown-eyed teen took a breath of his cigarette and let out a whirl of white smoke, not looking away from the younger one, "First lesson." He barked and then quickly ascended to the next floor.

Ryoma was a bit dumbstruck. Wasn't all that talk about "teaching him how to fight" just a, you know, momentary idea that should soon be lost in the universe that is the human memory? Not to mention the fact that Akutsu doing anything for anyone was as rare as, for example, living dinosaurs or unicorns.

So he was serious about that? Ryoma tilted his head on the right side a little, Well.. I guess it's fine. As long as he doesn't come too early.

The teen rolled his eyes and got out his key – conditioned heaven that is his apartment was waiting for him already. And one must not make air-conditioned heavens wait, mainly for his own good.

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