During the 'Fifties' era, a young South Korean man was one of the first few to obtain a Special Ability. He was

a part of a controlled experiment executed by a criminal organization known as The Movement for Human

Evolution(M.H.E), a group whose identity remains a secret.

Only 19% of subjects survived the first test.

For the second test in 1968, M.H.E decided to test on some of their own members as well.

This time 25% survived.

Their are no records of their possible later experiments. This led most authorities to believe they disbanded.

However, some believed they still existed in secret.

Their beliefs were proven true in 1989 in the sudden appearance of 'Special People' now known as The Special

Explosion. Soon academies started to form in order to teach the younger ones to control their power.

This event also gave rise to the U.N funded Special Crimes Unit, a global task force centered around

apprehending criminals with Special Abilities. This unit is headed by Shaun Gulliver.

However, sometimes their targets would be either too strong or clever(or both) to be captured. Most notably

the M.H.E.

Their decade-long campaign against them would end though, with the help of a certain Japan-based academy.

That academy is Y.A.C.S.A: Yamaku Academy for Children with Special Abilities.