This is not the Third Earth that you might know. True the characters are the same, and the way they emote, act and deal with the consequences are the same, but their world and timeline could not be any more different.

Mumm-ra has returned with an army of lizards, mind washed cats, or just plain traitors such as former Captain Grune. Their goal is simple: Take over all of Third Earth and completely wipe Thundera from existence.

On the other hand is the Empire of Thundera, lead by the aging King Claudus. A noble king in the eyes of his subjects, he rules his empire with a fierce heart and razor claw. Along side him are his two sons, Tygra and Lion-O.

Tygra is the captain of Thundera's most decorated, respected, and feared battalion, the White Tigers. Their military prowess, technology and speed are legendary. The soldiers of the White Tigers are known for ruthless slaughters and unbridled skill in combat. With Tygra at the command, they are invincible. Within days, they would crush city after city, annexing them into the Empire. No one stood a chance.

It is because of this, some believe that Tygra should be king. He is quick as a whip, great swordsman, marksman, and a natural born leader. But he is also arrogant, cocky, extremely brash and a bit of a war hawk. He would rather use brute force then perform a peaceful summit.

Lion-O, on the other hand, is in charge of the Royal Guard, the Thundercats, and the rightful heir to the thrown. He once served with his big brother on the field, but took a bullet in the knee for Tygra. Now he just spends his days acting as the stand-in king during the congress meetings if his father is too bedridden to do it.

Over the years since he has been home, he has gotten quite good at the political game. Able to dodge the landmines and increase productivity of the empire by fifty-five percent. It will be said that under his rule, Third Earth will experience the longest age of peace.

Then come their main bodyguard, and Tygra's current Royal Consort, Cheetara. She is a cleric whose skills take advantage of her immense speed. In the very beginning, she was completely devoted to Tygra. Mind. Soul. And most importantly, body. However since the war, Tygra has been serving in more and more campaigns and less time with her in the homeland.

This is how our story begins...

For the fifth night in a row this week, wildly inappropriate thoughts pervaded the cheetah's mind to the point where Cheetara found herself entirely incapable of any kind of aptitude or competence, which, in her line of duty, could not be tolerated. This evening, she finally came to terms with the fact that she would continue to be plagued by such distractions unless she took matters into her own hands... which she did so quite literally.

In her heavily darkened room, Cheetara found a comfortable position on her knees at the top of her plush bed, her left hand firmly gripping the crest of the ornate headboard in front of her, and her right hand plunged between her thighs. Her head was bowed and her eyes were shut tightly closed in a fierce concentration. As her nimble fingers sought out the sensitive flesh she knew too well, her lips periodically parted to accommodate a modest sigh, or, as her actions grew more frenzied, a stifled moan. She was not thinking of thinking of anyone in the heat of the moment, not even the man whom she would marry and bear his children. Tonight, Cheetara was just a woman thinking of only herself.

Cheetara felt the familiar wave of heat wash over her as her release drew nearer, her heart pounding, her lungs forcing her to pant ferociously in their desperation for oxygen.

Then suddenly, there was a knock at her door:

"Cheetara, are you okay in there?"

In the heat of her own pleasure, the sound of her consort's younger brother kind of made her sober up quite quickly.

"I must be hearing things," she told herself. But she was not only hearing things— there was another knock, followed by:

"Do you need me to come in?"

Cheetara scurried around the room to find her clothes. She panicked as though she left the door wide open and got caught in the act. All that she was able to find was a bathrobe that was several sizes too big for her.

It must have been Tygra's.

"If you're all right, I'll leave you alone..." Lion-O started to walk away. Caused by his permanent injury, he walked with a limp in his stride. It never slowed him down. In fact it made him feel strong, and the palace maidens loved it.

The doors then cracked open slightly. Cheetara popped her head out with a small devil-may-care smile. "Lion-O... What are you doing up so late?"

"I should be asking you the same question. Are you okay in there? I heard some commotion."

"Isn't it a little rude of you to eavesdrop… even if you are the future Emperor."

"I wasn't eavesdropping on purpose. I had a late night call to congress, and last time I check my quarters are this way." It took every once of energy in Lion-O for him not to look down. Cheetara was wearing one of his brother's bathrobes that was far too big for her. Her hair was in disarray, her fur was matted, she appeared to be in a sweat, and she appeared as though she was hiding something.

"Well I'm fine," she said, rather coldly. She wanted to finish this awkwardness as soon as possible.

"Okay, okay," Lion-O said, showing both hands, open and extended, showing Cheetara that he was no threat to her. "I apologize if I care about your well being. You're my best friend and future sister-in-law after all."

"I'm fine. So stop worrying. Good night."

"Good night." Lion-O backed off and started to walk away.

The cheetah bit her lip. This is wrong, her mind lectured. But her body begged to disagree. And for every limping step the lion took away from her, those conflicting thoughts incessantly battled in her mind. Before the Thunderan king got too far, one part of her won that inner argument.

Mind over matter…and the mind had lost this battle.



"Ca...Can you... stay with me tonight? I... I don't want to be alone...right now."

Cheetara looked at him dead center in the eyes.

She was asking for his company.

It seemed like a benign request, after all she was his future sister-in-law for god's sake. Right? Nothing wrong with that. He gulped and responded, "Alright."

Neither of them had a clue what would transpire next.

Lion-O was worn out and tired from his responsibilities as the future king.

Cheetara was just tired of the lonely nights and the constant waiting for a future husband who loved the battlefield more than her.

Taking a long, deep breath, Lion-O could smell the unforgettable stench of sweat, sex, and shame. He picked it up on Tygra numerous of times when they would annex a part of Mumm-ra's Dominion.

And he can sense it on Cheetara when she opened the door. Now there was no mistake.

She was in heat.

The lion's gaze assessed the disheveled appearance of the bed, as well as the similar appearance of the cheetah. Her robe was gaping slightly, allowing him a glimpse of her body that before today only his brother had the luck to see and touch. Her hair was tousled…and he can tell that it was not because she had been sleeping. When she led him in, the lower part of the robe parted slightly, telling him that beneath that oversized clothing was her bare flesh.

Her scent was beyond telling. Lion-O was not naïve.

That scent. That appearance. That unmistakable noise that alarmed him to knock on her door.

He had allowed his reasoning to falter and had submitted to his physical need.

"So whom were you thinking about?" His question sent a chill up Cheetara's spine as she was hit with the sudden realization that Lion-O caught onto what she had been doing earlier. The idea that he knew was oddly intoxicating. But she didn't want to let him know that.

"What makes you think it was a 'who'?" she responded coyly.

Lion-O laughed. Then, as he spoke, he began to press forward, causing Cheetara to fall back into the bed.

He had moved predatorily over her. His rational mind had given in to his carnal demand. "Well it clearly couldn't be a 'what.' He moved on top of her. "A what could not create that kind of fantasy as much as a who. So who was it? Were you thinking of Tygra, or was someone else making you hot and bothered?"

As he spoke, Cheetara felt a hand—or rather, the tips of his fingers, a feather-light touch—grazed the underside of her thigh, running upward from the crook of her knee toward her hips. Her breath hitched in her throat and her fur stood up along her exposed areas. Lion-O's other palm found purchase placed firmly on the bed next to Cheetara's shoulder, and soon the entire length of his lean body was atop hers, his right knee wedged between hers, slightly creaking because of his injury.

"So tell me," his tone was low and his eyes were roaming over Cheetara's creamy throat and down to her heaving chest, "Who is it that gets you so hot and bothered, Cheetara?" Lazily, Lion-O's fingertips began tracing patterns on the side of Cheetara's supple thigh.

The sensation drove her insane with lust, making her desperate for more. But she wasn't willing to give in just yet…

"I'll never tell you," she spoke defiantly, looking Lion-O straight in the eyes. His gaze darkened dangerously, and his hand left her yearning flesh. Instead, he heaved a sigh as his fingers made contact with Cheetara's collarbone and slid upward along her throat, coming to rest behind her ear, his thumb absentmindedly stroking her flushed cheek.

"Stubborn as always Cheetara…I should have expected this from you. No matter. I already know who it is that plagues your every thought…the person who turns you into a dripping mess, forcing you to pleasure yourself alone, in the dark…" Lion-O's slender fingers unknotted themselves from Cheetara's spotted blonde hair and drew forward along her jaw, pulling her chin upward, her lips now mere inches from his. He smiled deviously, and gently forced her head to the side so he could lean down and whisper into her ear.

"I just want to hear you say it is all." As a last measure of certainty that she would give in, his tongue pressed against the soft flesh just beneath her ear before nibbling on the ear itself. For a moment he teased her, testing the sensitive flesh with his lips, tongue, teeth. The warmth of his breath against her neck drove Cheetara to her breaking point. A whimper escaped her parted lips and to Lion-O, there was no sweeter sound than that of her surrender.

Breathlessly, Cheetara gasped his name, "Lion-O…"

He grinned against her throat, releasing her flesh from his relentless torture.

"What was that? I couldn't hear a thing…"

Cheetara's chest heaved as her heart palpitated. At this point, she was entirely willing to beg.

"Lion-O, please…"

"Are you willing to answering my question? Who is it that brings you to the brink of ecstasy? To make you act like a common streetwalker?" Lion-O's roaming hand began to move once more, ghosting along her ticklish sides, over her hip, and back to her tone thighs.

"You, Lion-O…all I could think of was you," Cheetara's back arched almost involuntarily, craving more contact with the mischievous god looming over her.

His grin broadened in a victorious seduction.

"Now was that so difficult?"

At last, he gave her what she so desired and pressed his hips into hers as he pulled her thigh up and wrapped it around him to allow them to be better interlocked. After positioning her leg to his satisfaction, Lion-O's hand returned to Cheetara's face and turned her toward him so he could capture her lips in a series of fiery kisses. She clutched at his fancy clothing in an attempt to pull him closer. Feeling her eager tugging, Lion-O chuckled against her mouth and gave his hips a good thrust, grinding his pelvis against her soaking core. As he was hoping, his actions elicited a whimper from Cheetara's throat.

By this time her robe was gone, thrown to the other side of the room. Lion-O on the other hand felt trapped within his own clothes. Perfect quality cotton and silk clothes felt like sand paper against his fur.

"Enough foreplay..." Cheetara gasped. "I want it. NOW!"

"Yes, ma'm,"

Lion-O slipped off his hakama and under gear while Cheetara tore open his kosode and started to send a barrage of fiery kisses all over his chest. In one swift movement, even for her, Lion-O flipped her up and over so that she was on top of him.

"I'll save you from your troubles... but I won't rob my brother of your body."

In a sudden movement of his hips, Lion-O slipped his enlarged manhood into Cheetara's rectum. All ten inches, and thick to boot, was thrust right up her. The first thrust was just so shocking to her that there was no scream or gasps or moans. Just a small, "Eep..."

The second and third caused her to scream out in pain. To the point she started to beg that Lion-O should pull out or slow down. From the fourth onwards the pain turned to pleasure. She was moaning, gasping and acting like a wild animal.

Lion-O gave a small smirk as he bucked away into Cheetara. He whispered into her ear, "I want to hear your absolute surrender, Cheetara…I am going to make you scream."

He then slipped one hand into her wet folds, causing her to flow out and experience a series of small orgasms. Cheetara opened her mouth, but no screams came out. For some extra insurrance Lion-O slid his other free hand up Cheetara's tight stomach, teasing her plump breasts, and rubbing her neck. He then inserted two fingers into the cheetah's mouth, muting any gasps that might escape her.

Cheetara's body was acting on its own. She arched her back, rolled and shook her hips, and tightened her rear causing Lion-O to go harder and faster. At that moment she was not someone's fiancee nor a royal guard, she was just a woman experiencing a man for the first time in a long time.

Soon enough though, she felt that unmistakable, indescribable feeling growing more and more in her core. She spat Lion-O's fingers out:

"Lion-O! I'm...!"

Too late. She came, quite violently. Enough to make her quiiver as she shot out like a fountain. It was then when she thought that Lion-O would orgasm as well, pull out, and then they would go their separate ways from there.

Lion-O however, continued his assault. Continuing to pound away at her, even after her great explosion.

"Lion-O, pl...please stop... I can't-" Lion-O stuck his soaked hand into Cheetara's mouth while his other hand moved between her folds. Cheetara rolled her tongue over Lion-O's fingers, tasting every last drop of her own sweet juices.

It took two more orgasms on her part for Lion-O to fulfill on his part. His release had so much power and depth to it, that the cheetah experienced a fourth orgasm. Her felt limp and she passed out on top of Lion-O.

Lion-O smiled to himself as he watched Cheetara explode and fall on his chest in a mess of fur and hair. She was panting heavily, and her fur clung closure to her caused by the sweat on both sides. He pulled her closer and passed out as well. If he played his cards right, they could be doing this daily.

Authors Notes.

Well faithful listeners, it is official, I have gone to the dark side. I have done a story surrounding sexy smut... Well at least it is a about Lion-O and Cheetara. I have to give credit where credit is due, and that is to Fuuko no Miko: the godmother to all that is smut and revisor of the chapters.

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