Steaming Shadows

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Warnings: Dark/Smut/Angst/Kidnap/Adult themes

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Summary: Rumple keeps Emma in FTL. He won't make the same mistake twice.

It is like true love. You've got to take it if you want to keep it. And just taking it isn't enough. You've got to claim it.

I couldn't help but give her an appreciating look as she sat on the cold stone floor. "What are you looking at, you smug bastard." She scolded me, but it didn't hurt.

Technically I wasn't a bastard, but the smug part I had to agree with. I advanced on her and enjoyed the way I could now glower down at her. She looked back up at me with narrowed eyes. Her hands were bound in front of her and her white dress tattered at the rim. I know it is of her latest attempt to escape, one which, dare I mention, failed.

I grinned, smugly, and curled my fingers in her blonde hair. Her curls were so long now, her hair soft like silk, and all without a special vitamin diet or shampoo. "Don't resist," I chortled, realizing it only upset her more while she tried to jerk her head away from my hand.

"You bastard." She said again. I frowned.

"You call me a bastard one more time, dearie, and I'll hit you," it was a threat I had uttered many a time before, and raised my hand. "hard." She flinched and opted for silence, trying to curl herself into a ball as I lowered my hand again.

"Good princess." I complimented her, patted her head which she now allowed me. She obviously had learnt from her past behavior, which was pleasing indeed.

I unzipped my pants and took out my cock, pulsing and ready for release, then ushered it to her mouth as she glanced away. "Ah-ah," I said, my voice teasing and high, "what have I said?"

She parted her lips and took me in, sucking almost instantly. My eyes rolled back as I gripped her head hard and started guiding her up and down my shaft. I remember the first time she did this. She cursed and threatened to bite 'it' off. She didn't get away with that. When she knew she was fighting a battle she had already lost she gave in and sucked and nipped my skin with zeal, eager to have it over and done with. By the gods it had been a good fuck.

I heard her make choking noises and try to gasp for air. Apparently I was a little too worked up, but didn't show her any mercy as I pounded fiercely into her mouth without granting her that moment to catch her breath. My shaft hit the back of her throat and with a few more deep thrusts I came, spurting my juices into her wet mouth. I held her head so she had to swallow all and grinned in satisfied pleasure when I heard her make noises as she did so. After I pulled away I inspected her mouth and gave an appreciative nod. My thumb stroked past her lips which had her look down in shame. "Good, you downed it all."

She didn't reply. "Emma," My voice was low and hoarse. "Would you like to see Henry again today?" Her eyes shot back up to me, her expression hardened but the glint in her orbs told me all I needed to know.

Just when I thought she would remain silent she seemed to have found her voice and after a chocked sound and a small cough she spoke to me. "Yes, please."

I was thrilled. I loved to hear her voice, always have. Please was the word I had taught her to use in any circumstance. It was our magic word. And she used it now to express how much she wanted this, and how it would be a gift to her if she were to see him again.

"You see, trying to run away will only work against you, dearie. You haven't seen him for three days now." I know it doesn't seem that long but believe me, to Emma this is already an unbearable count. The child was probably the reason for her to be alive.

I lifted her chin with my fingers. Her eyes locked with mine. They were pleading.

"If you'll behave you will get to see him." I promised. Her eyes showed a mixture of sadness and defeat, and her shoulders slumped, but then she agreed with a soft nod which made me smirk.

"Good." I coed, my hand stroking her hair and my fingertips brushing past her scalp.

"Now all I need for you to do is.. turn over." I know how eager I sounded, despite the jocular voice. I swirled my fingers around each other while I glanced away and feigned to be thinking before fulfilling my request. With a tired huff Emma changed position and lay down, then turned over. I instantly forced her on hands and knees and directed my already hard shaft against her wet folds. Then I kissed her bare shoulder.

Her dress was revealing enough now, with a low cut neckline that showed enough of her creamy shoulders to make any man go hard. I had her skirts tugged up so her thighs showed and glanced only shortly at her firm ass. Her pussy was where my dick longed to be, no denying.

Why she pretended not to like this was still beyond me. Humans were such complex creatures who let themselves be led by pride and stubbornness. The girl was soaking wet for me, like she had been all the times before, and I thrust in easily.

She tensed around me, eyes squinted shut, but then relaxed when my hands found her breasts. Kneading them, I started a slow pace and listened to her sharp intakes of breath. My little princess would learn to admit one day, and that day I'd give her back her freedom, for it would be the day she'd swear all by herself to never leave my side.

King Rumple.

I didn't do it for the title. I just wanted the girl and my family. Henry wasn't the only on the list for royals. With my deliberately unprotected sex I hoped to plant another seed in her womb, and have another child in our home soon.

My home. What was I thinking?

I kept thrusting and moaned, the sound guttural as my thrusts increased. Pumping her deep, my balls hitting her clit, I could hear small moans arise from her trembling form and could tell she had closed her eyes in ecstasy. Her body had started to pulse around me, clenching me tight; her vaginal walls massaging me for my sperm. But I wasn't ready yet.

She gave a small shout as I picked up the pace, banging her hard as the tip of my penis hit her cervix several times. She was still trembling from her orgasm as I continued to thrust into her.

Her head was now resting on the cold stones and I pressed my hand against it, keeping her there. Her ass was up high as I pounded into her at a delicious angle, hitting her sweet spot over and over again until my cock pulsed and my balls tightened and I knew I would come.

One hand slipped between our bodies, my long fingernails used to graze across the sensitive skin and her swollen overly sensitive clitoris. I was tickling her, stroking her, rubbing her into oblivion as she came with another loud cry and I buried myself deep.

As her body trembled around mine, mercilessly squeezing my cock for every drop of sperm my body possessed, I slumped on top of her and kissed her neck. My fingers brushed through her hair and I could hear her whimper. I remained inside of her till I was certain I'd spent the last drop and only then retreated from her form. She stirred, as of ready to sit up, but I pushed her back down and rolled her over, then held her by her knees so her hips were raised. She gave me a tired and puzzled look, wondering what I would do to her next. She'd come to the understanding she'd never know what was coming next with me, and she was right. I was unpredictable, and as of now, crazy enough to do anything to her.

But all I did was gaze back in her eyes and chuckle.

A chuckle which evolved into a loud giggle.

"You've done a pretty good job." I let go of her knees and my hand patted her naked sex. She flinched at this, but I had proceeded to take a hold on her dress and lowered her skirts. Her pussy had been red and dripping wet of the abuse, which was no wonder considering the sheer size of me and with her being a princess and all. Fairy tale women were perfect beings, also when it came to these kind of things. It was guaranteed pure pleasure. And fairy tale monsters were just … monsters.

I grinned down at her and patted her cheek.

"You'll get to see him, dearie."

Emma closed her eyes for a moment as I retreated. When I left I knew she had opened them again for I could feel her burning gaze on my back. She would learn her place by my side. I'd sworn I would not make the same mistake again. A woman like Emma, confident, determined and capable of taking care of herself through all the hardship she'd suffered would have just pushed me aside. But not if I would break her.

After all; she is mine.

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