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(Lithium POV)

Neon, Sam, and I went home with Bee. My twin and I went straight to our rooms for a good night's rest.

My sleep wasn't exactly peaceful. I wasn't sure what was going on, which is weird for me. My dreams are usually normal. But this time…I don't know.

~~~~The dream world~~~~

Lithium wandered around a barren landscape. Well, mostly barren. Everywhere she wasn't there was a lush forest. But every time she moved toward it, it receded farther away from her. She growled in distress and started running forward. The heavy duty boots she had on thudded on a now metal surface. She skidded to a halt, crashing into some on in the process.

"What the fuck?" She snarled as she pushed herself back. Her eyes darted to see what she had run into. It was Orion! What was he doing here?

"Lithium it is not necessary to always run away from everything." His voice spoke condescendingly. She bristled.

"A warrior never runs from anything. Get out of my way." Lith shoved him out of the way. She wanted to explore more of this foreign landscape.

"I am only trying to help you, Lithium. Everyone needs it now and then." He called out to her before fading away to whence he came. She was happy for his apparent departure. Just because she thought he was sexy, does not give him permission to invade her dreams.

Her trek lead her deeper into a strange metal structure. It looked much like a house, but a hell of a lot bigger. The clomp of her boots echoed in the silence as she explored keen on figuring where she was. Lithium was content to do this, until she ran into someone else, well somebot else.

The small human woman stopped in shock. Before her stood a large, golden…ROBOT! She froze in shock as the large being turned and noticed her.

"Oh hello there. You aren't supposed to be here Lithium. You need to go make nice with Orion." The large mech shooed her back out of the room and back into her little bubble of barren desert. Lithium humphed indignantly as she began walking around again…

~~~~~The real world~~~~~

I woke with a start. Neon was already getting ready. I glanced over at the clock. 4:39. Damn that girl got up early. I got up out of bed and quickly grabbed a change of clothes off the floor. Neon had already picked her stuff up and had it put away neatly. Me…I didn't care that much.

After getting changed into my usual black tank top and old battered jeans, we headed downstairs to hang with Sam's parents.

(Third Person POV)

Will was busy talking with Epps and Graham when Optimus and Ironhide finally walked into the meeting room. All three humans glanced up at their entrance and got ready to get things started.

"Alright, I have all the perspective files here with me. You two have them as well correct?" Will started.

Optimus and Ironhide nodded. "The two of us have already been through them all. We have narrowed them down to three that we would be willing to have join us."

Will frowned. They had been hoping for a bit more help. But the Autobots were a big deal and those working with them needed to be of a certian sort. It was only fair the two of that race had a large say.

"Alright, which three?"

"Lane Groder, Theban Crishna, and Lithium Cordessa." Ironhide intoned from his seat.

"The girl?" Epps asked shocked.

Even now there were only two females on their team. And they were quite the handful to deal with. No one was quite sure about having another one around. Optimus eased their fears a tad when he responded.

"I would not worry about Lithium. She is a woman of a different breed from those currently residing on this base."

"You sound as if you've met her already. But that's impossible." Graham commented. Optimus shook his helm.

"We have met her, but as holoforms. She does not know what we truly are. It shall remain that way until she has truly proven herself trustworthy." Optimus commented with certainty. Though he had no doubts that the woman swiftly would prove herself so.

Lennox nodded. "That's actually good for us. The more she gets used to you lot the easier it will be to integrate her into the team. So what are your impressions of her thus far?" He asked.

The autobots looked amongst each other. They knew only vaguely what she was like and even that was rather difficult to explain. Each of them struggled to find just the right words. It was Ironhide who took first crack.

"Right well she is feisty for sure. Has quite the temper on her I can say that. Probably not the best team player but easily adaptable. Stubborn as slag comes somewhere on that list as well. Complete opposite from her twin. I would suggest a permanent partner for her for safety's sake." He laughed and glanced at his commander. Optimus had a knowing look on his face and was nodding profusely in agreement with Ironhide's assessment.

"We'll take that into account. Thanks you guys. I'll get Jones to summon the other two. If i may?" He added as he was about to leave. Optimus nodded his assent and the major smiled. "Go get to know her better. We've got things settled here."

Each of the extra humans left the room to go about their assorted tasks. That left the Autobots in the room alone. They looked back and forth amongst the group, thinking about Lennox's suggestion.

"It wouldn't hurt to learn more about her Optimus." Ratchet piped up.

Optimus nodded in assent. "That is true. Perhaps Sam would not be opposed to our spending more time around them."

As soon as the words were out Bumblebee was out the door. He loved spending time with his human charge and he thought Neon was really cool as well. He hadn't talked to Lithium as much, but he could fix that quickly. Maybe she was as cool as her twin sister.

The other autobots laughed as their youngest sped from the room. They took their sweet time following behind him, transforming at their own leisurely pace. Optimus decided to call Sam to inform him of their arrangements.

"Hello." Sam answered his cell.

"Hello Sam."

"Oh Optimus, what's up? You don't usually call." Sam questioned. He hoped there was nothing bad going on.

"I simply wished to inform you that the autobots and I are of the intention to spend more time among your friends. We need to learn more about Lithium before allowing her to work with us."

"Woah, you guys are the team looking into her that she was, no is, ranting about? That's awesome!" Sam trilled. True to his words, Optimus could hear Lithium's voice faintly in the background grumbling about the current arrangement. Had he been in bipedal mode he would have rolled his optics.

"You all are welcome anytime. I'm sure they'd love to do something. I'll see you in a bit then."

"Thank you Sam."

"See ya Prime." Sam chuckled before he hung up. Optimus smiled mentally at the young boy, always eager to spend time with his alien friends. Sam was one of the few humans not to treat his team like they were any different from him.


(Lithium's POV)

I kept ranting even though I knew Sam was on the phone. When he made comment about my occupational situation, saying he knew the men who were looking into me, i started ranting louder. Hopefully whoever it was would get the hint. Sam finally got off the phone and turned to me and my sister.

"I hope you guys are okay that the guys from yesterday are coming to hang with us. They want to know more about you guys." Sam rolled his eyes, directing a look at me. "I can't imagine why though."

"Shut it Witwicky. I can kill you six ways from Sunday and make it look like Elvis did it." I growled.

I was still in a sour mood even when my sister tried to comfort me. She knew I hated not knowing someone else's decision about me. It's why I had never done well when I was in the old high school plays and musicals.

"I'm sure they'll love you, Lithium. You just need to relax. Now we are going to spend another day with some lovely gentlemen, some of which can actually tolerate you. Be happy for once." Neon soft voice trilled to me. I looked over my shoulder and shot her a smile.

"I suppose I can try for you." She beamed at me and went to go find her flower of the day.

The doorbell rang not long after she left. I left Sam watching TV and went to answer it myself. All four of them were standing there waiting. Orion looked at me with a kind smile. It was rather irritating.
I gestured them inside. "Well don't just stand there like idiots. Come on in."

They filled inside walking past me, all except for Orion. I would have sworn the man had made it his mission to irritate me. Why wouldn't he go bother my twin? The two of them would get along great, all that peace talk and junk. I ignored him and followed his teammates into the living room.

I sat down next to Neon, who had settled on a white lily, on the love seat. Sam, Richard, and Bee were busy discussing Sam's health class already. Neon caught a whiff of the conversation and went over to join them. Which left me on my own on the love seat...with Orion and Ian with no one to talk to.

Ian was the first to approach me. We hadn't talked much last time we met, so this was bound to be interesting. He sat next to me roughly and we made eye contact.

"So you do weapons?" He asked me without prelude. I nodded silently.

"Which ones in particular? Anything good?"

I rolled my tri colored eyes at his comment. "I'd love to have some real power, but i mostly use shotguns for personal use. I have a Remington 870 out in storage at the moment. My baby is my dad's old Browning A5. The thing's been in my family for ages."

"Those aren't half bad." He nodded appreciatively. "I think you'd like the things my team gets to use. A nice fusion cannon or plasma rif..." He cut off unexpectedly. I followed his gaze to see Orion giving him a firm stare. Obviously he had said something he wasn't supposed to.

I had thought that was that for our conversation until Orion came walking over to us. I sighed and fell back against the seat. Why don't I like you? I thought to myself. There was just something about him...

"How are you two doing?" He asked conversationally.

"Fine, Orion. Just some friendly talk." Ian answered for me. I shrugged my agreement.

"I see. Well then you will not mind if I borrow Lithium. I was hoping we could talk about something for a moment." The dark-haired beauty directed at me.

Even though my mind was screaming no, I decided to be civil (for once) and agree to his request. "That's fine with me. Catch ya later Ian."

I rose from my seat and followed Orion outside. I glanced back once to give my twin a look. Neon gave me a quick thumbs up and mouthed that I should be 'nice'. I'm not sure what she meant. I'm always nice... yeah right.
When I finally made it out there Orion was waiting for me leaning up against his truck. He had a neutral expression on his face, but even still he looked imposing. I gave a quiet laugh and walked over.

"So what did you want?" I inquired bluntly.

"I would like to speak to you about your possible future placement on my team."

My eyes widened involuntarily. He led the group looking into me?! Charzard...