This Story takes place right after *On The Beach* The only thing different is Carter and Susan are still together and so are Luka and Abby.

Disclaimer: All ER Characters belong to Warner Bros., Michael Crichton, and NBC

This is a Elizabeth/Carter/Kerry/ Susan friendship story

After the funeral Elizabeth starts showing signs of depression and Kerry, Carter, and Susan try to help her but will
they be able to

Chapter 4:A Friend In Need

Elizabeth sat in the warm sudsy water with the blade against her skin. Tears ran freely down her cheeks as thoughts of Mark ran through her mind.

Susan yawned as she sat up. Carter looked up at her "Where you going" he asked groggily. She smiled "I need to use the bathroom" she told him as she leaned down and kissed him gently. Carter smiled as he watched her leave the room. She padded down the hall to the bathroom. She stopped in front of the door when she heard what sounded like someone crying softly. She quietly pushed open the door. She saw Elizabeth sitting in a bubble bath crying softly and holding a razor to her wrist.

She stepped inside. "Elizabeth" she whispered. Elizabeth was startled by someone's voice. She looked up and saw Susan standing there. "Just leave me alone" she whispered "Go back to Carter" Susan looked at her with sad eyes. "No Elizabeth I won't leave you alone so you can hurt yourself" she said softly. Elizabeth looked at her "Why do you care" she asked "I know you don't like me because I had Mark and you didn't" she said. Susan was a little surprised by that. "Elizabeth of course I like you I saw the way Mark lit up when he talked about you or saw you" "You made him happier than I've ever seen him" she told her.

More tears filled Elizabeth's eyes. "Really" she asked. Susan nodded "Yes" "Elizabeth I've loved Mark for 8 years and he loved me too but I was stupid I left and moved to Phoenix" "5 years later I came back to find the man I loved happily married with a brand new baby girl but I was never jealous I was just happy that he was happy" "Elizabeth you meant everything to Mark" Elizabeth sighed sadly "Then why did he leave me" she said softly as she looked down at the razor.

Susan felt her eyes filling with tears. "He never wanted to leave you Elizabeth" "The night he returned from New York he got sick" "You were in a hotel somewhere and Rachel was at a friend's house so I stayed with Mark" "We sat on the couch he had his head resting on my lap tears filled his eyes As he told me how he didn't want to leave you or the girls" She said brushing away her fallen tears. Elizabeth looked at her "I should have been there" she whispered "because of me Mark lost some precious time with Ella and I" "I never should have told him to choose between his daughters" "I should have been there" She cried.

Susan looked at her. "You were there Elizabeth you were there when he needed you most" "Mark got to spend his final days with you and his girls in paradise" Elizabeth started to cry more "I watched him get worse and worse I didn't do anything Susan" she said through her tears. "Elizabeth there was nothing you could do there was nothing any of us could do" Susan said as she reached for a towel. "Here why don't you give me the razor you'll feel better after a good night's sleep" Elizabeth looked at the razor in her hand. She slowly reached out and handed it to Susan. She stepped out of the tub and dried off. She put Mark's tee shirt back on and padded down the hall to her bedroom. Susan followed her.

Elizabeth climbed into bed. She then heard Ella starting to cry. Susan smiled "I'll get her you try and get some sleep and I'll see you in the morning. Elizabeth gave her a small smile. "Thank you Susan for everything" She nodded "You're welcome" she said as she left the room.

Susan went to the nursery. She changed and fed Ella. She rocked her and sang softly to her. She set her back in her crib and kissed her forehead. "Sweet dreams little one" She whispered as she left the room. She made her way back to her room. She climbed into bed and snuggled up to Carter and silently cried for Mark and for Elizabeth. She knew Elizabeth needed help. She sighed softly hoping Elizabeth would be alright.

Will Elizabeth be alright.... will her friends get her the help she needs....Find Out In...Chapter 5: Help Me....Coming Soon!!!