Hey guys, I just needed to write this because I'm so excited what'll happen between Brooke and Xavier. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you should watch this: .com/watch?v=tD5CL31BWgI

So, I hope you guys like my idea what could happen. Of course it will be totally different on TV :) but it was fun writing it. I'll continue writing the next chapter immediately and I hope some of you guys like it and review!

Here it goes:

It was already 10pm when Brooke walked to her car. She was looking forward spending some time with her family, cuddling with Julian and kissing her baby boys a goodnight kiss while they were already sleeping for hours. She was more than happy that the boys did not cry every hour at night any more. Those days were over and she and Julian had more time to spend alone again.

She looked into her purse to find her key.

"Alone at last.", she did not expect to hear this voice again and her car key fell to the ground. Immediately her heart started racing and she realized that she was alone with this psycho. It was hard enough dealing with Xavier when other people were around her but right now, alone in the dark, she felt vulnerable and all those memories from the days when he had attacked her without mercy came back. He looked at her with an evil smile and although he was out of prison because he was not considered as being dangerous any more, she knew that this was a lie. Why was he so keen on making her life that hard?

Brooke took a deep breath and then started "Look, I…", he immediately put his fingers on her lips and her heart made a huge jump in fear again. She did not want to be touched by him again. Those hands had once bruised her badly and had turned her life into a nightmare. She tried to be brave and say something but somehow she couldn't.

"Don't be scared, Brooke. I'm not evil.", Xavier took her car keys into her hands and held them right in front of her eyes. Brooke looked deeply into his eyes and she knew that it was a game for him. He loved having this power over her, making her fear him. She wished she wouldn't but she knew what he was capable of.

She did not say anything but tried to catch the keys. Xavier immediately closed his hand and smiled.

"What's the rush, Brooke? I just want to talk to you. I think it was not very nice that you tried to convince the judge that I'm evil."

"Look. You're free now. Leave me alone and give me back my keys.", it took all her strength to say those words.

"I just want to talk, Brooke. Nothing more. You hurt my feelings when you said all those words. That was not nice.", his big smile freaked her out even more. She wanted to scream or kick him but she knew that this would not be very wise, so she took a deep breath and nodded.

"Okay, tell me what you need to say and then leave me alone, you…", Brooke stopped saying what she wanted to say to protect herself. She knew that he was short-tempered and once he lost his temper she would probably end up being bruised again or worse. God, she just hoped that someone would be outside with them.

"Not here.", he pointed at her car and Brooke immediately shook her head. There was no way that she would get into the car with him. Her head told her just to run away but somehow her legs felt like stones. Her whole body actually did.

"Get into the car.", his smile vanished and he took a step closer towards her. Brooke immediately took one step backwards.

"I won't…", she couldn't finish her job when he took his hand around her wrist and held it tightly.

"Get your fucking hands off of me or I'm going to scream.", she threatened him with a shaking voice but tried to stay calm.

"Didn't help the last time, huh?", she remembered how helpless she had felt when he had hit her again and again. How could they get him out of prison?

"I just want to talk, now get into the car. You owe me that much.", he smiled at her while he pushed his fingernails into her soft skin a little.

"I don't owe you anything. I…", Brooke was not prepared for his outburst. Suddenly he went forward and pushed her body against her own car. Her head hit the window with full force and she winced in pain.

"Brooke Davis. You owe me a lot.", he had both hands on her shoulders and pushed her hard against the car. "I was in prison because of you. You took away years of my life."

Although Brooke was scared to death, she did fight back.

"You were in prison because you're a cold blooded murderer. You killed Quentin, an innocent child. You still belong into prison and now get your dirty hands off of me."

Xavier smiled and then took his hand off of her and held them in the air as if he was showing her that he would not do anything to her. Brooke took her hand into her purse that was behind her and tried to find the pepper spray. She was relieved when her fingers touched it and took it out as fast as she could. Unfortunately Xavier was prepared and hit it out of her hand.

"Won't work this time.", he screamed at her and then slapped her hard in the face. She held her cheek in pain and managed to run away. She knew that now was the time to run. Xavier immediately followed her and pushed her forward, so that she fell to the ground.

"No! Leave me alone.", Brooke screamed and did not even feel the pain when her head hit the pavement. She could not believe that no one was around. "Get off me you asshole.", she tried to push him to the ground but he was stronger and just took his hands around her head and then hit the back of it onto the pavement. Brooke winced in pain and cried when the first fist hit her face. Again. She could not believe that this was happening again.

Xavier stopped when he saw her nose starting to bleed and looked shocked down at her, "Fuck, I just wanted to talk. Why do you make it so hard?", he rolled his eyes and stood up. Brooke jumped up fast and felt dizzy. She touched the back of her head in pain and when she looked at her hand it was covered in blood. Carefully she held her hand under her nose to stop it from bleeding. This was the moment she could not hold back her tears any more. Then she saw her chance. A man was coming out of his house. She immediately started running towards him.

"Help. Please help me.", she screamed in panic. The man turned around and looked shocked.

Xavier did not hesitate and ran after her and slung his arms around her waist. "Nooo.", Brooke struggled and was glad that the man ran towards them. But suddenly she felt a handkerchief over her mouth and nose and a weird smell. Shortly afterwards her world turned black and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

What do you say? Drama, huh...^^