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Chapter 7

Monday 17th October


Up at the crack of dawn for another day of torture and boredom.

How fun.

I'm still really smiley though because of a certain laugh. Hehe.

I started putting on my make-up. Not very much, just enough to make me look naturally gorgy so the Hitler youth don't notice.

A dab of concealer, a brush of blusher, a hint of mascara and lippy and then we're good to go!

After spritzing on some perfume, I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen for a pop tart.

Lovely and nutritious.

Dad was sitting at the kitchen table and said, "Bloody hell Georgia, what's wrong? Is your bed on fire? You're never usually up this early!"

I replied, "Oh rave on great portly one, for I am in a rather good mood and you are not going to ruin it," and took the pop tart out the toaster. Then I grabbed my coat and rucky and ran for the door shouting, "Cheerio!"

Morning break

You would not believe what we got told at assembly this morning.

Go on, guess!

No guesses?

Ok, I'll tell you. The school is taking us on a trip to... Belgium!

Oh and that's not even the best part...It's with Foxwoods!

I know! I get to go on holiday with Dave!

It's all the school's talking about. The ace gang won't shut up but for once I don't care cause I'm as happy as they are.

Rosie said, "I don't know what you's are all so happy about. My boyfriend can't go!"

I replied, "Don't worry Ro-Ro you'll still have a fab time!"

"Yeah as the third wheel" she pouted.

Jas said, "Oh it's going to be so good! Apparently they have so many different types of lichen in Belgium! And imagine all the soil samples I can take from the trenches!"

Rosie and I just looked at each other and biffed her at the same time.


Me and the ace gang we're just about to walk into the class when we heard a noise.

I said, "Wait, what's that?" and put my arm out to stop them walking any further.

They all listened carefully and heard rustling and slurping noises.

Ew I hope Herr Kamyer isn't eating jelly or something.

And then we heard the moan.

Rosie squeaked, "OH MY GOD!"

Mabs said," Did you's just hear that moan?"

We all replied, "Yes!"

I whispered "Let's look!" and tippy toed up to the window and sure enough there was Herr Kamyer getting it on with... Miss Wilson!

"OH MY GOD!" we said again.

We didn't really want to walk in, in the middle of that so we decided to wait outside the class, and got everyone else to do the same.

And then Wet Lindsay came along.

Oh how I hate her.

She slimed up and said, "What's going on here? Why aren't you in the class? Out of my way I have a message for Herr Kamyer."

I stepped in front of her and said, "Trust me on this wet one, you don't want to go in there," but I secretly wished she would. The look on her face would be priceless.

She sneered at me (attractive), "Oh shut up big nose, do you really think I'm going to listen to you? Move it fat arse!"

Uh! I do not have a fat arse!

Argh that bitch!

I just smiled sweetly and said, "Fine Lindsay, but isn't it funny how both Robbie and Masimo preferred my fat arse to your bony one?"and moved out of her way.

Serves her right.

Then she opened the door.

Rosie had her mobby out all ready for the picture and everything.

And Lindsay did not disappoint her face was quite the picture, even more unattractive than it usually is.

The screech she let out was hilarious too.

The only downside was that the rest of us saw what was going on in the classroom.

Miss Wilson was sitting on the teacher's desk, her corduroy skirt hiked up, and Herr Kamyer standing between her legs sucking on her neck.

Urgh not something I ever want to see ever ever again.

Lindsay slammed the door shut and then ran down the corridor.

Probably away to tell Slim.

A few minutes later the door opened and out came Miss Wilson looking rather flustered.

She nodded at us then went on her way back to her own classroom.

Herr Kamyer came to the door cleaning his glasses.

He said, "Ach 'ello girls, I didn't zee you zere, come in," and went and sat behind his desk.

Yes that desk.

I don't think I'll ever be able to keep a straight face again in that class room.

Last Bell

We were walking out of school after doing emergency lippy in the tarts wardrobe and we were still talking about what happened before Physics.

It's the talk of the school.

Herr Kamyer was called to Slims office half way through class and came back looking thoroughly reprimanded.

Apparently Slim had even threatened to fire both him and Miss Wilson.

But she didn't.

I don't know whether I'm pleased about this or not.

I mean Herr Kamyer and Miss Wilson are about the only funny things that happen at his school.

I think I would probably become depressed if they left.


Anyway the boys were at the gate waiting for us as usual.

Oh I can't wait to snog Dave again.

I know I only saw him yesterday but I've missed him so much.

Just seeing him there waiting for me has made me feel so much lighter and happier.

It felt like a ton of bricks had just been lifted off my shoulders.

I think I'm even grinning.

Nose out and all.

Once we get a bit closer I start walking really fast and basically fling my arms around his neck and attach myself to his mouth.

I don't even care that there might be teachers watching. I just needed to kiss him.

Once I pull back he rests his forehead against mine and says, "Hey."

I smile, "Hey," and peck his lips.

Then I disentangle myself until we're just holding hands.

I said, "Oh you would never believe the day I've had!"

"Really kittykat, I have had quite the day myself. Did you hear about the Belgium trip?"

"Yes! I'm so excited! I can't wait to go on holiday with you!"

He laughed, "Me too," and then pecked my cheek.

"You'll never guess what happened before Physics today! We caught Miss Wilson and Herr Kamyer snogging today, in class, while he was supposed to be teaching us. We were waiting outside the class and heard them so I peeked in the window and saw them, but none of us wanted to walk in so we waited and eventually Lindsay came along. I tried to stop her going in, I really did but she didn't listen and now I think she may need counselling for the rest of her life."

Dave was nearly crying he was laughing so hard, "What was her face like?"

"It was hilarious, Rosie got a picture, should be all over facebook my now. Serves her right calling me a fat arse."

Once he stopped laughing he gasped in mock horror, "She said you had a fat arse?"

I nodded, "She did."

Then he got a really cheeky grin on his face.

"What, this arse?" he said, and pinched my bum before slapping it.


He put an innocent look on his face, "What?"

"Don't do that!" and I smacked his shoulder for good measure.

Only then did I notice that we were actually on my street and nearly at my house.

He spun me to face him, put his arms around my waist and said, "I'm not promising anything."

And then he snogged me.

Oh how he made me jelloid. If it weren't for his arms around my waist and me hanging on to his shoulders I would be a puddle on the floor by now.

After a fair amount of number six, he pulled back and said, "Bye-bye kittykat," then gave me one last peck before turning on his heel and walking back up the street.

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