Accidental Love

Summery: Okay so after a spell gone wrong Alex accidentally makes Kuru fall in love with her! But is it really just a spell? Or is it real? Did the spell just amplify Kuru's feelings? What will Alex think? What will Omar and the elders think? How will Vashan find a way to use it against them? And will they find a way to turn Kuru back? Find out in…Accidental Love!(could probably be rated K, but I'm doing K+ just to be safe)

Author's Note: Okay I know I'm supposed to be working on this other story for the elephant princess, the truth, but I just had this idea and thought I'd throw it out there before I forgot. Now to state the obvious: I don't own the elephant princess (if I did own it do you honestly think I'd just be writing fan fiction? No way!) Oh and this takes place after the episode in season 1 where Marcus dumps Alex.

Chapter 1

A Spell Gone Wrong

(Alex) Ugh! I give up! There is just no rune for create! I was hoping I might be able to use magic to find new love, but no luck. I've been looking for over half a hour, and I had to go to Manjipor. Kuru would come in to remind me of that soon. Maybe if I looked just a little longer…I already had love, I recognized that rune from the find love spell. You would've thought that spell would help me now to find new love, but it would only turn me into a frog. Oh! I think I found something. I looked at the rune and Kuru's notes. I think this one is…well it's either create or amplify; depending on what other rune it was used with. Hmmn. I traced the pattern with my finger. Worth a try. I decided to combine the two symbols. After all, what's the worse that can happen? I made the first symbol in the air with my finger, green magic trailing behind it. I was finishing the symbol for love just as Kuru came in. "Princess, we must leave. Your presence is required in Manjipor." The sound of his voice made me subconsciously turn to face him, along with my finger, just as I finished making the symbol. My pointer finger was facing Kuru, so the green magic drifted over to him and all around him. "Alex…?" Kuru began. He didn't get to finish. Suddenly the magic disappeared, and Kuru fell down, unconscious. Oh no! "Kuru!" I yelled, kneeling by him on the floor. "Kuru! Kuru are you okay?" He opened his eyes drowsily, then blinked a couple of times. "Alex?" he said. Thanks goodness! He didn't hurt his head when he fell, he still remembered me! "Yeah Kuru? I'm right here." I said, helping him up. "Sorry about that. The spell wasn't meant for you, you just-" "You are very pretty Princess." Kuru said, interrupting me. "Um, thanks. I guess." I said. What was wrong with him? Not that I minded being called pretty. It's just… "Oh! Kuru, we have go! We'll be late for the meeting with Omar and the council of elders." I said. Kuru stared at me. "C'mon!" I said, taking his hand. "Of course my Princess." He replied, smiling as I led him to the backyard. That's strange. Since when did he call me "my princess"? Princess, yeah, but not my. Hmmnn…oh no. How could I be so stupid? But I had to make sure first. "Kuru? What are you thinking about?" I asked him. He gave me that goofy grin of his. "You. What else can I think about?" he said simply. I groaned. The love spell! It must make whoever the spell is for fall in love with the first girl (or guy depending on gender) you see after you faint, and since the spell accidentally went to Kuru, and I was the first one he saw after he fainted…oh boy. Yep, there was no doubt about it. Kuru was in love with me!

Note: K, so the story is moving kind of quickly, not like my other ones, but I don't want this one to be too long. This chapter was all from Alex's POV, in case you didn't know. R&R plz! Thanks!