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If she had known that this was how her day was going to go she would have never gone with Kitty to the mall. The last place she wanted to be was there, but this wasn't the first time she would have to oblige her friend and while she loathed shopping and the hordes of people that came with going to the mall, the look on Kitty's face when she said she would join her was enough to keep Anna going throughout a day filled with changing rooms, dressing rooms, and annoying store clerks.

"OMG ANNA!" squealed Kitty as she rushed into a store looking at a soft, jade green knit top. "This would like totally look AMAZING on you!"

Anna tried not to look unenthused. Kitty had been trying to give her a makeover for the past five years. Sure Anna had given in once or twice when Kitty demanded she stop wearing such dark and 'mopey' clothing as she would always deem it, but Anna preferred her masses of black long sleeve t-shirts and tight dark wash jeans. They were the only thing she felt comfortable in.

Anna stared at the beautiful knit top. It was definitely not something she would purchase, not now. It was the type of top that would hug her every curve and expose her in a light that she didn't want to be held up to. She rolled her eyes at Kitty and smirked.

"Come on Kitty, ya really think Ah'm gonna where that?" she asked sarcastically.

"Why not Anna, you'd look like, totally hot in it," Kitty stomped as she said the words, the many bags in her hands jiggling from the motion.

"Because no one wants ta see me in that, so what's the use of," Anna stooped over and looked at the price tag. "Of spending a shit ton of money on something Ah'm not gonna wear."

"Uh sometimes you are no fun at all," Kitty chided before taking the knit top in her hand and putting her hand around Anna's wrist.

"What are ya doin'?" Anna asked as Kitty proceeded to drag her into the nearest dressing room.

"You are going to at least try it on."

Anna was stuck inside a tiny room with a curtain for a door and a much too large mirror for her liking. She didn't want to strip down in here, she felt exposed and caged all at the same time.

"Kitty Ah don't-"

"You're trying it on Anna so you might as well hop to it," Kitty said slightly annoyed but trying to stifle a laugh.

Anna growled. She hated clothes shopping. She stared in the mirror and rolled her eyes. This was not the way she wanted to spend her Saturday. She pulled her shirt up and over her head, she had forgotten how different she looked like this. It had been a while since she had examined herself like this. The scars on her arms weren't as visible as they once were but she could still see the ones on her hips, and the large one that ran across the tops of her breasts.

Anna shivered in the dressing room. She took a deep breath. This was the reason she didn't like clothes shopping or wearing revealing clothing. Too many questions. Kitty was lucky she knew about this already or else Ann would have been even angrier, she gave her friend the benefit of the doubt. For some reason she thought the scars weren't there. Maybe they were just in Anna's head.

Taking the knit top off the hanger, Anna pulled it on and examined herself in the mirror. It was a beautiful top and it did hug her every curve. The bust area was a sway the supported her perfectly despite her large breasts. But it cut a little low, showing a patch of alabaster flesh just above her jeans. It was tight at her waist accentuating her hips and the tiny mid section of her torso. She frowned. She definitely could not wear this.

"Ah can't wear this Kitty," Anna pleaded from behind the curtain, her eyes still transfixed on the mirror.

"Come on, like, let me see," Kitty demanded.

Anna turned around with a sigh and exited the dressing room. Kitty literally jumped up and down and screamed, again.

"OMG Anna, you look so like gorgeous!" she shouted.

Anna rolled her eyes. "Ah can't wear it though Kitty," she was quiet in her protests.

"Well we are just going to like, have to get a second opinion," Kitty stated as she once again dragged Anna out of the dressing room and onto the floor of the store.

Anna was getting very irritated. This was the last place she wanted to be, wearing the last thing she wanted wear, and now Kitty was going to humiliate her by showing her off to the public. She gave her the benefit of the doubt before but now she started to think that Kitty was set on torturing her.

"Come on let's ask him," Kitty said as she pulled Anna to a nearby shopper with his back turned to them.

Anna protested trying to get Kitty to let go but the girl had her in a death grip. Just as she pulled her wrist away and began to turn to flee the man turned around and all help was lost, she had seen him and he had seen her and now they…well they couldn't do anything but stare.

The man was tall, about six foot two, with shaggy cropped auburn hair that hung lightly in his eyes and a body that just screamed sin. And there were those eyes breathing taking, blood red irises set against a sea of black. The eyes that Anna had been dreaming about for the past five years of her life. The eyes that had encompassed her in their demon like stare before. She could have sworn she had died and met her maker.

He stared at her. Was she really standing in front of him? It couldn't be her, she was so different, so much older, so…gorgeous. Her emerald green orbs widened at the sight of him and he could barely contain himself because he was positive his every sinew was begging him to take her there and now without any hesitation. The way she looked at him with those eyes, lighting up her alabaster skin. He was in heaven.

"Um excuse me like sir, but can you help us. I'm trying to convince my friend-" Kitty began but stopped midsentence. She was utterly confused.

"Rogue is it really you?" he asked his velvet voice sending shivers up Anna's spine. She couldn't help the sudden smile that had bubbled up to her lips.

She wanted to hate him, but seeing him there in front of her, looking like he did, looking at her like he was. She couldn't help but smile, and hope and she knew that was the worst thing she could do.

"Heya Gambit," she didn't know what else to say. He watched her plump red lips say his name and his mind became a torrent of dirty, sinful, beautiful thoughts. He needed her.

"Do you guys like know each other?" Kitty asked; she was still standing there, a dumbfounded look on her face.

Anna shook her head. She had forgotten that Kitty was standing next to her, or that they were in a boutique in the mall, or that she had been anywhere except inside those haunting eyes.

"Oh um how rude of me. Kitty this is Gam- Ah mean Remy, Remy LeBeau an old friend of mah brother's," Anna stated carefully watching Remy's reaction to her voice and her well thought out words.

Kitty's eyes widened at Anna's explanation. This was the last person she'd expect to be meeting, or that he was the literal depiction of sex on a stick. She realized that Anna hadn't been exaggerating when she had told her about him those five years ago.

"Gambit, this is mah best friend, Kitty Pryde," Anna said never taking her eyes away from Remy's.

Remy nodded his head before taking Kitty's hand and shaking it gently. He had to be courteous, had to be nice, if only to secure a conversation with Anna.

"Nice ta meet ya, cherie," Remy said as he turned back to Anna. "So what pray tell, may Remy help ya two fine ladies wit?"

Anna shivered. She had forgotten she was wearing the revealing knit top, or that she was in the middle of a store yet again. He made her mind go fuzzy.

"Oh well I was just like trying to like convince Anna here to like get this top," Kitty said between glances between Remy and Anna. She was totally enthralled with the situation, it reminded her of her favorite soap opera, Days Filled with Passion.

Remy raised his eyebrows and smirked. "Well a belle fille like ya, Roguey, ya look tres magnifique in anyt'ing, but dis shirt," his eyes roamed her perfectly cupped breasts and the way the fabric accentuated her milky skin and tiny form. He let out a hiss of breath that only Anna could hear. "Dis shirt be perfection, non."

Anna had to stop herself from swooning. She was supposed to loathe him and every word that came out of his mouth was just setting her heart a flutter. She hated herself more than him.

"Well then it's settled Anna, we have to like buy it," Kitty giggled. "It was nice meeting you, Remy."

Kitty was set to turn around and pull Anna to the cash register when Remy spoke.

"Can we 'ave a moment, cherie, Remy just wanna catch up a bit wit Roguey, 'ere," Remy said in his most debonair voice and giving Kitty such a dazzling smile that she couldn't help but give into his request.

"Okay, I'll be right over here if you like need anything," Kitty said before walking to the lingerie section. She needed to get something extra special for Lance.

Anna was nervous; she started fiddling with her hair. The last time her and Remy had had a conversation was five years ago, when he promised something to her. She wondered idly if he planned on keeping his promises.

"So how 'ave ya been mon chere," Remy asked. He didn't know how to start. He hadn't stopped thinking about her for the past five years.

"Fine, and ya. How's ya wife, Bella Donna isn't it?" Anna said scathingly. She could finally let go five years worth of aggression. She seethed behind her emerald green eyes; Remy's red on black ones flared.

"We're not married," Remy stated simply. "How'd ya find out anyways?"

"Ya and John may not be on speaking terms anymore but ya still run in the same crowd, makes it hard not ta know what's goin' on wit ya," Anna drawled as she pulled her hands into the pockets of her jeans and rocked on her heels.

"Pyro neva was one ta keep secrets," Remy muttered. He couldn't help but stare at her, she was so beautiful. "I be fine by de way."

"And the kid, how's he," Anna gritted her teeth waiting for the response. She wanted to hurt him but was only really hurting herself.

"Well informed ya be chere. Julien be a right good chil', love 'im like he was my own," Remy shared quietly.

"Ya mean-" Anna was shocked.

"Yeah cherie, he not Remy's but didn't stop me from falling in love wit 'im," Remy stated plainly. Julien was Bella's son from an affair she had had long ago. He hated Belle for it but could not blame the child. He was the only thing that kept their upcoming nuptials together. "Guess ya not as informed as I t'ought." He smiled.

"Well that's good fa ya Gambit, ya always said ya wanted a big family," Anna commented fakely. Her heart sang for a moment at the thought of him not being the father, but then she remembered he loved another. She let herself fall back into the common place of deep and bitter resentment.

"Why'd ya introduce me as Remy?"

Anna looked up, his brow was furrowed as if in deep contemplation, like it had been the day she had told him about what she would do, when Raven left her yet again, when Erik forgot she was his daughter, when John was too busy with his life to worry about his sister. She shivered. That had been a long time ago.

"That's your name isn't it Cajun?" Anna said trying to sound irritated.

"Ya neva called me dat before," Remy said sadly. "Still don't apparently."

"Ah don't understand why it matters," Anna said getting a little loud.

"Ya right cherie it doesn't dis Cajun just wonderin' is all. It really was nice runnin' in ta ya Rougey, I've missed ya," Remy confessed.

Anna looked up into his eyes. He was being sincere, she could tell, the way his irises burned, almost seemed to glow, it was the only way she could tell when he was telling the truth. The only way she knew he was being Remy and not Gambit.

"Well ya haven't made much of an effort ta keep up with me. So that's nothing but words is it," Anna bit back. She hated him.

Remy had to stop himself from getting angry. How dare she say such a thing to him? He done nothing but love her since the moment she told him about…And now she was here telling him he didn't care, telling him that he didn't give a damn about her. She drove him to the deepest depths of insanity sometimes.

"Ya be crazy if ya t'ink dat Rogue. Ya know why I haven't been able ta-"

"Don't give me the bullshit Gambit, we both know that if ya really wanted ta ya could have contacted me. Ya were a coward is all," Anna crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes burning ever brighter with the anger that was now coming off of her in waves.

"When me and John split, it made t'ings difficult, or don't ya remember," Remy said with a tone of indignance. When he was angry he was smoldering.

"No Ah wouldn't. Haven't talked ta John in three years. Not since-"

"Not since ya started school at Xavier's," Remy interrupted.

Anna was shocked. How did he know that? No one knew where she was, not even Raven or Erik. She had told no one when she left. It was her life that she had finally decided she wanted to start living.

"How did ya know about-"

"Jus' heard 'bout it," Remy said staring down at his shoes. He was older than her, he knew his boundaries, knew when and how he should treat a girl like her, she just made it difficult for him sometimes.

Anna relinquished. He had her heart, soul, and now she couldn't be angry at him. He had told her everything before, five years ago. Had explained, had left, had promised and now he was right, he had kept it. She couldn't hate him. He knew what he had done and she realized she would never have a reason to really hate him other than for the fact that he truly loved her.

"Meant ta send ya something fa ya birthday but thought maybe ya wouldn't want it," he stared into her eyes again, he was practically mesmerized. "How 'bout I buy ya dat shirt an' we call it even, non?"

Anna blushed and tried to hold back a smile. He knew how to play her like some sort of instrument. Knew the way to get her to come out of her shell, to show every facet of her personality that no one else had ever seen before. He knew her.

"Ah don't think Ah should get it," Anna said playing with her hair once again, trying to use it to shield herself. "It's a little too revealing, Ah don't want people ta see…"

Anna looked down at her wrist. She could see every off white line, every raised mark on her skin and it made her feel naked, more nude than if she had been standing there with not clothes on. She closed her eyes and desperately searched for the right words to explain how she felt. To make him understand why she couldn't get this damn shirt.

Remy grasped one of Anna's wrists. Her eyes fluttered open in that second to meet his. His eyes were heavily lidded and his hair brushed into his eyes in a way that made Anna swoon. She let out a gust of breath as his face inched nearer to hers. He couldn't, he wasn't supposed to, they were not allowed, he was her brother's best friend…was…He pulled her wrist upward turning it gently over to examine one of the marks. He ran the pads of his fingers gingerly over the many marks scattered across her skin. Anna was in heaven. Finally bringing her wrist up to his face he let out a breath that overtook Anna as waves of shivers raced down her every nerve ending. And then his lips were on her skin, hot and soft and rough and perfect.

"Ya beautiful wit dem, because dey are a part of ya," Remy spoke against her skin.

He stood back up and for a moment all Anna could do was stare at his face and try to commit it to memory, she was sure this was a dream, sure that never again would she see this phantom like man who had stolen her heart five years ago.