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Present Day

The elevator dinged on the top floor of the hotel. It buzzed for a few seconds, and the doors squeaked open to reveal the penthouse in all of its mess. Rogue was distraught. There were bottles strewn all over the floor. It looked like someone had been dragged about the place. The furniture was scattered about and knocked over in many places.

Rogue fought the need to break down and cry and called out for him.


She ran into the living room, searching for anything, any goddamned thing that could give her some peace of mind that he was there and safe, but to no avail. All she saw were tracks, was the evidence that he had been ripped from her once more.

She rushed into the bedroom to find the sheets torn completely off the bed. She screamed heart-wrenchingly loud.

"NO, no no no no no! NO!" she called to herself as she fell into a heap of limbs and sobs on the floor, her head dangling against the edge of the bed.

"Not now….why now!?"

She was in hysterics, unable to control any sound or movement her body made. She had thought the worst had already happened. She thought she could feel no more pain that to know that beautiful things, precious lovely things could be ripped from out of her outstretched arms.

To have something, to know its flesh, its warmth, its heart as your own and to have it clawed from you that pain was enough, but then to know its once more and feel the hope of having it forevermore only for it to vanish, to be taken once more. There were no words, no cries loud enough, no physical pain sharp enough to described how she felt.

She sat on the floor and cried. Cried. What she would give to never have to cry again?

The elevator dinged. But she had no sense to check it. She couldn't hear it over the deafening sound of her heart being burnt from the inside out.

"Remy…my Remy…why?"

"Anna!" his voice called. Delirium taking suit over reality she was sure.

He dropped the bottle of Jack Daniels and bags of groceries he had in his arms. His body was shielding hers before she knew he was there.

"Anna Marie whats wrong, what in de world is wrong mon ange?" he soothed as he pressed his body gently against hers.

Rogue's head snapped up to his and the back of her head smashed into Gambit's chin. The pain, physical knocked her back into reality. They both winced for a moment before Rogue came to.

"Rems!" she said flipping over, pinned between his arms finally staring him in the face.

"Yeah chere, who else it gon' be," he said still rubbing his chin in pain.

She kissed him thoroughly in that second, leaving Remy unable to catch his breath. Then she slapped him before he could take in air.

"What's dat for!?"

"For givin' me the biggest damn fright of mah life ya damn good for nothin' thief!" she said hitting him again as he began to sit up to block the blows.

"Rogue stop," a fist to the chest. "Dieu I don' even know what I did," a slap to the shoulder. "Will y' stop dat already, it hurts," a knee to the hip. "ROGUE STOP!"

He stood up and left her on the floor huffing and puffing, her arms crossed and a glare that no sane man would want to be on the other side of aimed directly at him. If her green eyes could turn as red as Remy's they would be.

"Y' gon tell moi what in de hell is goin' on?" Gambit asked exasperated leaning sitting on the bed and looking past his knees at Rogue.

"Ah thought you were dead ya, UHHHHH! Ah don't even have the words ta express how angry Ah am at ya, ya're lucky Ah didn't chop ya up inta little itty bitty pieces like Belle might've," she growled balling her fists in the air and punching at the helpless molecules.

"Belle what in de world does dat harlot have ta do wit dis?" Remy asked attempting to but Rogue's nerves at ease by stroking her knee. He got a swift kick to the leg that put an end to it.

"Ah can't believe ya're not dead. Ah'd kill ya if it weren't for the fact that the damn Assassin's had me thinkin y' already were! UHHHH ya stupid lousy dirty rotten-"

"Scoundrel?" Remy replied with a smirk and a wink. Rogue kicked him again in the ankle. "OW!"

"It's not funny!"

"Look chere, how was I suppose' ta know y' thought I was dead. I still don't even know where y' got dat little ol' moi could possibly get one upped by imbeciles like de assassin's."

"Because she called me thats how!"

"Belle?!" he practically choked. "Belle called y'?"

"Yes, she called me. Called and talked all 'bout how she knew we were cheatin' and how she knew it was me all along. And then Ah told her off and called ya and ya didn't answer your stupid phone and-and- goddamnit Remy why in the Sam Hill didn't you answer ya're goddamn phone!"

"I might've…gone and broken it maybe…y' know in a" sigh "drunken rage of some sort, when a certain belle dame sans merci came back inta mon life and rejected moi."

"ARE YA SERIOUS!" she smacked him upside the head with the flat part of her foot. "You went a broke ya're phone because Ah didn't think we were gonna be able ta make this work!"

"Its a possibility," he murmured wincing before the next blow.

"Ohhh, Ah could kill ya!"

"At dis point I'm startin' ta think y' have a greater possibility of doin' dat dan de Assassin's do."

"Shut y' mouth y'-" and Remy had pressed his lips against hers that seemed so intent on insulting him more.

He stopped to let her breathe. "Y'" he went back to kissing her, traveling down her lips to her neck. "Ya dirty" She pulled her arms around his neck "Good for nuthin'," moan. " Scoundrel" she whispered into his neck.

His hand drew circles into her hip as he pulled them into a sitting position against the bed. When they finally broke away Rogue was calmer.

"Don't get ta thinkin' ya'll be able ta do that every time Ah get angry at ya."

"Wouldn't dare, chere. Wouldn't dare," he chuckled.

She snuggled into his chin and he faux winced in return. "Ah'm sorry. Ah might've overreacted. But Ah was genuinely worried there for a minute Rems."

"Not even Dieu himself, Roguey, not even Dieu himself."

He pulled her close again and their bodies made use of the previous angst in better ways than worry.

After they had had there fill, the two laid in the unmade bed for quite a while. Remy stroked Rogue's arm brushing the curls away from her shoulder. She took gulps of him deep into her lungs. That scent that could bring the whole world crashing down around her if she never smelt it again.

"I was gonna make y' dinner mais I think I had more pleasure eating-"

She smacked him upside the head with a pillow, a silly grin on her face. "If ya finish that sentence Ah'll hit ya again and not with somethin' feathery and light."




"Swamp Rat"

"River Rat." He kissed her on the nose. She wrinkled it playfully.

"Are ya gonna sit there all night and kiss me or are ya gonna make me a sammich, sex slave?"

Remy chocked on his own laugh. "Don't tempt me chere."

"Hop to it, ya have lots to make up for."

Remy stood up and started to walk to the kitchen, Rogue admiring the view of his naked backside walking away all the while.

She could hear him mussing about in the kitchen, pulling things out of cabinets and bags of groceries and opening and closing the fridge. She smiled from the bed.

"Do ya think its safe ta cook naked?" she yelled to him.

She could hear his laughter as a response. "How do y' think all dem nudists do it."

There was a pause as he awaited her response. When she didn't answer he continued to prep the food, adding some pasta to a boiling pot of water.

"Ah always feel like Ah'm the bringer of bad news," she whispered as she tangled her arms around his torso.

"Something tells me two naked people in de kitchen is more dangerous dan one," he said pecking her on the lips and unlocking her arms from around him. "Go on, skit. At least go 'round the island mon amour."

She walked around. "Ah mean it Rems. Ah'm always the one to bring ya or mahself down a notch, especially after we've been on such a high."

"Don't do dat. Don't do dat ta yourself chere. Its not your fault. Belle's a manipulative bitch. She's grasping at whatever she can ta make herself come out on top."

"Ah know its just…why can't anythin' ever go smoothly, ya know."

Remy nodded as he sautéed the vegetables for the sauce. "Oui, mais y' not de only one who brings bad news….I got some myself today."

Rogue shifted on her stool. "Oh…"

"Belle related as always," he sighed. "Etienne thinks dat she's gonna spin this. I think that's why she called y', ta make it seem like I was de one in de wrong. Mais she's got one t'ing she can't explain away and if it comes to it she'll kill it as easily as any other mark she has before."

Rogue cringed. She didn't like to talk of such things. Maybe it was the thought of her own child, but things like that made her more than a little skirmish. She was never one to judge, but if Bella Donna did what Remy was suggesting she would it would be much different than the decision of another woman.

He turned and saw her reaction and leaned across the island, cradling her face in his hands. "I'm sorry Anna. It hurts me too ta think of it."

"Just when Ah think we've hit rock bottom," she gestured with her hand.

"Well I know just the thing ta do wit rocks," he replied, grabbing a glass from behind the counter and filling it with ice. He slid the bottle of Jack Daniels over to her.

Five Years Ago

"You can't! You can't do this! You just can't!" she screamed.

Her lungs seemed to be devoid of any air they were burning so much.

"You can't! NO!" no one could hear what she was saying, it was indiscernible to human ears.

Remy attempted to put his arms around her but her flailing limbs stopped him. He'd never been hit harder in his life. He wasn't sure if the pain was physical or mental. He just knew he had to hold her close, had to put her arms around him. If he didn't he wouldn't know, wouldn't know how truly bad this was.

"You've fucked me over so many times why now!? Why do this now!?"

She stared at the blood seeping from between her legs. Her belly was cold. There was no more movement. She was so scared she couldn't cry. The tears wouldn't come. This is what happened to her. This was her pain.


Rogue awoke in a hospital. Even guild doctors had their limits. Surgery wasn't something they played around with. And where their baby was concerned he was willing to take any risks. If it meant life or death, Remy was willing to gamble. He had a steady enough hand to know right from wrong.

She pulled back the sheets to see the bloodstain that she had woken to the night before was now gone. And so was any face she would have recognized. Only blank walls and beeping machines. Tubes running from her arms and monitors whirring. She was fearful. She was alone.

"REMY!" she screamed. "REMY!"

Tears streamed down her face. "REMY!"

A nurse, kindly looking enough came rushing to her side.

"Sweetheart what's wrong? What do you need?"

"Where's Remy!? Where is my family!?"

"They're just outside sweetie, I'll go get them. I'll go get them." The kind nurse walked outside. Rogue could hear her orthopedic shoes squeak on the tile. But nothing else. It was empty. Like her it was empty. She couldn't stop the crying.

"Remy!" she whispered to herself. She wished she could see his face already, awaiting the smile she would have when he stepped foot in the door. She could hear them. Footsteps just around the corner. He probably had Mercy and Henri and Tante and maybe even Jean-Luc, they would know. They would all know why she felt empty. What had happened.

But there were only three pairs of footsteps. And none like the light footfalls of a thief, of three thieves of legend.

And then she saw a pair of tawny yellow eyes and a wisp of silver grey hair and she knew.

"Rogue," he said sternly as his perfect shoes graced the hospital floor.

The tawny eyes followed him in, slowly taking her into account. Making sure she hadn't changed since last they saw her.

"Darling, we were so worried," he got closer, he was at the edge of her bed now. She curled up defensively. She put her hands to her stomach instinctually but realized there was no point. She was empty.

"You have no idea the lengths your father and I have gone through to find you, my little dove," the tawny eyes pierced her lips flittering with lies.

"Where is he? You tell me where he is! You tell me!" she yelled. The nurse leapt.

"You can leave now Rose," Erik dismissed her. "There's no need to make a scene my darling Rogue."


"Arrangements were made. Things were taken care of. You don't have to worry about a thing my dear."


Raven reached over and gently touched Rogue's forehead as if taking her temperature. Rogue didn't see the way her hand disappeared to a small button beside her. Her vision started to fade.

"Shhhh now Rogue. Mama's here. There is no baby dear. Just us. There is nothing you need to worry about now. Just sleep. Sleep."

Rogue could feel nothing more. She couldn't see anything. Just emptiness. Black emptiness all around her and no flaming red eyes to come to her rescue. Not now. Maybe not ever.


Remy pounded on the jail cell. How the hell did he end up here? The Guild paid the state for shit like this. For times like these. How could he have been so stupid? How could he have let his guard down so low?

He knew things were going to shit when Irene showed up but for the love of God he didn't see them taking this kind of turn. He thought that they would just wait things out. Irene seemed to despise her sister and brother-in-law even more than she despised the thieves. But Gambit was stupid to think that ties of faith were thicker than ties of family. His was a testament to that.

He had spent the last hour trying to break his way out of the jail cell. Jean-Luc would be livid. Most would think because he couldn't break out of the cell, but that wasn't it. He hated being double crossed even if in this case it may have been provoked.

"Hey dickhead, wanna bring Darkholme-Lensherr back here," Gambit called to the guard sitting at the desk in front of him.

"Depends if you're gonna be nice and stay back from those bars pretty boy," the guard responded without looking up from the porn playing on his desktop.

Gambit went and sat on the cot, resting his head against the wall with his arms crossed and his legs lounged.

"Do I look feeble enough for an audience wit de oh so supreme leader?" he asked.

The guard looked up, rolled his eyes and dialed out.

"Yes… He's requesting to see you sir… Yes, I understand… Of course… Good day to you as well sir… I will."

He turned and looked at Gambit, sneering. "You're in for a treat."

Gambit clenched his teeth. "Oh goody."

When they had woken up that night, a couple of days after Irene's first visit Remy didn't know what to do. They had both read somewhere that bleeding early in the pregnancy could be normal. But it was no longer early in the pregnancy and such things only served to freak the two would be parents out.

He immediately called for the guild doctor and Tante Mattie, but she was out on duty, attending to a mishap with Theoren and a gator while on the job. The guild doctor confirmed that Rogue may be in labour but that these symptoms were more likely than not troublesome. His lack of experience with females and births showed.

So they drove to county general hospital. They had a few doctors there on the payroll. A safety net for any thieves that got caught in the municipal net and were sent there. Henri was out handling the Theo situation but Mercy came with.

All three sat through the emergency room. It was difficult giving any information. Remy knew better than to give them her real name or birthdate. He filled out the forms giving her the name Rogue Adler. Safer than before. He didn't realize how stupid that was. How ignorant it was, not claiming she was family. The doctors wouldn't let either Mercy or him see her.

She was rushed to surgery, Remy all the while on the verge of vomiting from worry. If he had eaten anything in the past 12 hours it would have ended up on Mercy's lap. She was stroking his hair like his mother used to when they got news.

"We're sorry to inform you, that we cannot give you any news of either the patient or the fetus."

"Why the hell not!?" Mercy spat. Remy's head snapped up from his knees.

"The next of kin has informed us that they don't want to disclose anything about the patient what with her status as a minor."

"What do you mean next of kin? We're the people she's been staying with." Remy asked. He wasn't sure if he was more confused or scared.

"I understand that sir but in the event that the patient is a minor and no next of kin is present the hospital is in charge of contacting them."

"Who the hell is her next of kin?!" Mercy said getting in the doctor's face.

"Her mother, Ms. Raven Adler."

Gambit waited in his cell. There were no windows. Just a cot and the cell bars. Criss-crossing so that his fingers couldn't even fit between the gaps. The guard smirked as he stood up and went to the door to buzz the visitor in.

Gambit twirled a single playing card between his fingers. He had forgotten that he left it in his pocket from a couple nights prior. How far away the game he had played with Rogue and his brother and his sister-in-law seemed.

The guard escorted the visitor to the cage. Gambit fixated on the Queen of Hearts and the subtle dance he was taking her on in between his fingers.

"Hello mate," the visitor said.

Gambit's scarlet eyes flamed, as he caught site of the scorching red hair and browns eyes with the smug smile plastered on his face.

"Hello, mon ami." He said standing up and banging on the cage.

"Whoever knew I could rattle your cage, eh mate."

Gambit growled. If he ever got out, the whole of the Darkholme-Lensherr family would regret it. Irene Alder would feel his wrath. He was a thief but on that night he would be an assassin.