Hey guys. Just letting you know that this fic was deeply inspired by LeggoMyGreggo411's The Puppet Master's Game. (Which ROX!)

Warnings: Torture, slash, non-con & and other angsty fun. Will be light Greg/Nick, but more romantic than sexual.

Grissom finished stacking his papers on his desk and set them neatly to the side whilst his team concluded their cases. Well at least it looked like he had done some of his paperwork.

"Okay guys, you did a good job tonight", Grissom said officially ending the meeting.

"But it's only 11am", said Sarah pretending to be confused, "Oh dear God, are we actually not pulling a double today?"

Grissom smiled while the team hid their chuckles behind coffee cups and bagels, "Yes well apparently criminals, as do criminalists, need to sleep sometime".

The team got up and began heading towards the door when Grissom called after them, "Oh and Ecklie wanted me to remind you all, that the inn house email is not to be used for joke emails".

All eyes turned to Greg who grinned mischievously and ducked out.

Nick was still shaking his head grinning when he closed his locker.

"Later man", he nodded to Warrick, and passed Greg on the way out, "Joke emails? Really?"

"I do what I can", replied the spiky haired field mouse.

Xx – xXx – xXx – xXx – xX

Nick grimaced slightly when he entered his home. Three days not being home and his mail practically jammed the door. He scooped up the letters and started riffling through the letters. Bill, bill, bill, advert, mom, bill, bill, advert, charity, advert, sister. Who even wrote letters anymore, when there were phones and emails which were faster and cheaper?

Suddenly remembering the email Nick grinned and went to his computer and flicked it on. He grabbed a beer while he waited for his laptop to load. He skimmed through his emails and grinned when he saw it. Right between Grissom: Team meeting at 11, and LVPD: Warning potential target, was Greg: Blonde gets on a plane.

Nick clicked on the email and had to fight the beer suds from flying out his nose. He had no idea where Greg got these from, but they were fucking hilarious. He did think it was funny that the former lab rat seemed to particularly enjoy blonde jokes, when he insisted on dying his hair outrageous shades of blonde.

Xx – xXx – xXx – xXx – xX

Greg was sitting in his living room eating pizza, a very healthy breakfast, he thought to himself, and watching Brokeback Mountain on the television, when his phone buzzed. He flipped his phone up, and grinned when he saw he had a text message from Nick.

Dude, warn me about your emails in advance because I am still wiping beer out of my nose.

Greg grinned and sent a reply.

You do know normal people drink beer, don't you?

There was a brief pause before his phone buzzed again.

It's from laughing, you … blonde!

Greg found himself laughing as well.

He you can't do blonde jokes. It's offensive to blondes.

Greg sat for a moment waiting for a reply, and was actually to the point of twiddling his thumbs when four minutes had gone by. That hadn't seemed like the end of their playful banter to him.

His phone vibrated then, and the smile dropped from his face.

Turn on the news.

Greg grabbed the remote and flicked over, suddenly understanding what had caused the delay in the back and forth.

Explosion at the Tangiers hotel has left 7 dead and 15 injured.

His phone buzzed again.

Looks like our day off just got cut short.

As if on cue his phone buzzed. Grissom.

Xx – xXx – xXx – xXx – xX

"Hey, how's the nose?" Greg asked cheekily when he spotted Nick at the shell of a burnt out car.

"Shut up", said Nick snickering.

"Greg", Grissom called to the blonde, "I need you to go to Henderson for a 406".

Greg looked at his supervisor in disbelief, "Multiple fatalities, and I'm being sent on a burglary?"

"Don't whine Greg, it doesn't suit you", said Grissom as an obvious dismissal.

"Sorry man", Nick called after him.

Xx – xXx – xXx – xXx – xX

"Hey Michaels!" Greg called as he got out of his car, and headed towards the house.

"Greg", Michaels nodded in response.

"So what happened?" Greg asked.

Michaels walked to the door with him, "I noticed that the back door had its window broken, and there is some jewellery missing".

"You noticed?" Greg said taking off his sun glasses to look at the man he really didn't like.

"It's my house", Michaels responded looking very foolish. And Greg could understand why. A police officer having his own house robbed was a little funny.

"Didn't you have any kind of security?" Greg asked.

Michaels scoffed, "I would have. But I got demoted last year what with that whole Stoke's kidnapping thing".

Greg took a deep breath. It was taking almost all his restraint to not turn around and thump Michaels. He made it sound like it was Nick's fault he got demoted, and not his fault that Nick got kidnapped. "Asshole", he muttered when Michaels turned away.

"What was that?" Michaels asked.

"I said this way?" Greg covered fighting a smirk.

"Yeah, I'm going to call my insurance company", Michaels said pulling out his mobile.

Greg wiped his forehead with his arm. 100 degrees and climbing.

Xx – xXx – xXx – xXx – xX

"Ready to head back to the lab?" Grissom asked Nick as they walked to the car. They had finished loading the evidence into the trunk when the dispatch radio went off.

"Code 3, Code 3. At 2673 West Boulevard, Henderson. CSI Sanders is missing. Repeat CSI Sanders is missing".

Nick would never forget the look on Grissom's face when he looked at his boss. It went beyond 'this can't be happening'. No it was 'this can't be happening again'.