"Where do we go from here?" Nick asked his head leant against the wall in Grissom's office. He had scarcely moved for the twenty minutes they had been in there after receiving Wendy's horrific results. He just couldn't get his mind to steer away from the awful images that penetrated his head. Images of Greg tied down, struggling against the unspeakable torture that was happening to him.

"We keep processing evidence", Grissom replied.

Nick shook his head in disgust. "What evidence?" He asked standing up, "What evidence haven't we gone over a hundred times? What files haven't we read over and over?" He said hitting a stack of files so they fell from the desk and hit the ground. "How many more do we need to read before we get another message about Greg being hurt, or one telling us he's finally died, because at this point I know which one he'd prefer? How long, Grissom?"

Grissom looked at him concerned,

"Nicky I think it's time you went home".

Nick blew up at the suggestion. How could he possibly go home when Greg was still at the hands of those sadistic animals? Greg was going through God only knows what and he was supposed to what? Go sleep, watch a movie, eat a damn pizza? Nick was so angry he was unable to even voice his objection. He simply stared at his supervisor in shock.

"You need sleep. You aren't thinking straight and you are not going to be able to help find Greg in the state you are in", Grissom explained gently. It was hard enough coming to terms with the fact that his youngest CSI was kidnapped and going through ordeal after ordeal, but he didn't think he could handle his team breaking down now. "Everyone has a breaking point Nick, and you have reached yours".

"I'll drive you home man", Warrick said clasping his shoulder. Nick shrugged the hand off, but still made for the door. Once he reached it he turned back to Grissom, "You'll let me know if anything changes". Grissom simply nodded.

"We will find him", Warrick said as he pulled up outside Nick's house, "But you aren't going to be much help when we do if you keel over first. Got me?"

Nick nodded and got out of the car. He walked up to the door and was acutely aware of Warrick's eyes on him as he went into his house. He ignored it, knowing his friend was just worried about him. He did wish people would spend less time worrying about him and more time worrying about finding Greg.

As soon as he stepped into his house he knew something was off. The air in the house said someone had been there within the last few hours. Instinctively he pulled out his gun and advanced slowly into his house. He quickly swept through the house, living room clear, kitchen clear, bathroom clear. He stopped when he got to his bedroom. His bed was disturbed. Someone had been lying in it. But that wasn't what froze him though. There was a video camera, pointing straight at the bed.

Hesitantly Nick walked to the camera and pressed the play button.

"Hey Nicky", Nigel said to the camera. He was sitting on the foot of Nick's bed, playing with Greg's feet. Greg squirmed in discomfort as the man tickled him lightly. "I'm giving you a second chance". Greg's eyes met the camera, hope shining in his eyes. He was bound to the bed by his wrists and was completely naked. Something he was very nervous about as Max was standing by the door, staring at him like a predator ready to pounce.

"But you see Nicky, actions have consequences", Nigel said now looking at Max, "And you need to understand what you did before you get your second chance". He stood up and made his way to the top of the bed where Greg was. Greg looked passively at his attacker. He had decided he would show nothing but total compliance from now on. He didn't have the strength to keep fighting, so perhaps obedience would be his saviour. "Now somewhere in this video I will tell you where I want to meet you. I swear to god Nicky if you bring cops it will be the end of Greg", he said grabbing Greg's hair by the roots and holding his head back.

"Now you need to watch the whole video or you won't find out where Greg is", Nigel said happily nodding to Max.

Max grinned savagely, and he advanced on Greg. Greg closed his eyes and willed his body to relax. Total compliance that was what he had said. That meant he would need to let Max do that again. He wanted to agree with his brain but his body had a will of its own. Seeing Max advancing on him like that made is stomach tighten, and his muscles clench. Every fibre of his being was saying 'fight' but he couldn't let himself do it. Fighting would only mean more pain for him and more foreplay for Max.

Max had reached the bed and glided his hand up Greg's leg. Unable to stop himself Greg instinctively jerked away from the unwanted contact. With no control over his vocal cords he began to plead with his kidnapper, Please don't. Please I'll do anything. Just please stop . Max, becoming frustrated with Greg's refusal, grabbed his legs and pulled him so he was facing the side of the bed, so Greg's arm was now being pulled at an awkward angle, wrenching his injured shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain.

Seeing his pleas were being ignored Greg began to yell louder, Please! Don't do this again! NOT AGAIN! PLEASE! Max backhanded Greg across his already bruised face, effectively ending his calls for help. Knowing his efforts were futile Greg gave into what was about to happen and choose to sob into his unbent arm.

Max took his middle and index finger and lightly stroked Greg's limp cock. He grinned as Greg squirmed in fear before moving his fingers down to Greg's hole. He circled the rim before penetrating the tender flesh causing Greg to cry out. Relax , Max said tauntingly, You know it would hurt more if I didn't do this . Greg knew he wasn't being entirely truthful. Regardless of him doing this he knew the man would make sure he hurt anyway.

Get on with it Max I want to hear him scream , Nigel barked, excitement clear in his voice. He was equally excited about the idea of Greg being hurt, effectively destroying what innocence the man had maintained, and being able to have Nick all to himself.

Nick watched in horror as Max violated Greg again. He couldn't begin to comprehend the horror that his friend was going through at this moment. Greg screamed and twisted as the man began to brutally thrust into him. Nick could hear Nigel's excited breathing as his friend was assaulted.

Max's groans got louder as he sped up his pace, and his grip on Greg's hips was starting to bruise. PLEASE JUST STOP! PLEASE! Greg screamed so loudly it rang in Nick's ears.

I'll meet you in Greg's house at 8:15 Nigel said.

It took Nick a moment to register that Nigel had just told him the meeting point. But as Greg's screams reached a new volume it jolted Nick back into the present and he hurriedly stopped the video. Briefly he looked at his phone.

He knew in his gut that he should call it in, but seeing Greg get hurt like that… he just couldn't risk them failing again. So he would do what Nigel wanted. He would meet Nigel at Greg's house. Nick took a moment to think. It really was quite ingenious. They had done a brief search through Greg's home, but no one would think to look for Greg there.

Taking a deep breath Nick tore open the door of his home and proceeded to Greg's, and possibly his doom.