A/N: This one shot I was inspired to write because of the song "Distance" by FT Island. I looked for the English lyrics to this song and I wrote down what came to my mind. I hope you enjoy it. This story is based around the last episode when Tae Kyung is having that concert and finds Mi Nyu in the crowd.

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Now, over the crossing

Someone who was always beside me stands

Go Mi Nyu left. It was all his fault, if Tae Kyung could have just stopped her in time she would still be here in his arms. She was always there for him, in many more ways than he knew. Yet, he held onto his pride and didn't run after her on that day. He regretted it. She was his everything.

Tae Kyung was hoping she would come to his concert. Just to see her again would make him feel a little better. She stood among the crowd of fans, staring up at the man she loved.

My heart hurts as I run

Because it was as if I left you behind

Go Mi Nyu ran toward the building that the concert was going to be in. She thought she was okay without him. She thought that if she drowned herself in work at the orphanage, she could forget the pain of leaving him behind. She was wrong. She couldn't forget his face and the way his lips felt on hers. She pushed herself through the crowd and listened to the beautiful voice of Tae Kyung, singing his heart out.

Do I still exist in you?

As a selfish person, because I wanna see you

Why wasn't I able to realize?

Why wasn't he able to realize how stupid he was when he didn't run after her at that moment? 'Does she still have feelings for me? In her mind, am I a bad person?' he thought sadly. He just wants to see her again. Feel her lips against his own. Does that make him selfish? Tae Kyung looked through the audience, but it was useless. He couldn't see a thing. It was too dark in the room. Suddenly the lights switched on, and there she was.

Over the crowd, I see your back

I was reaching out my hand unconsciously

Even if it's too late

I just gotta say "I'm sorry" otherwise I can't move on

So I ran after you

Tae Kyung reached his hand out toward her. The fans screamed happily, thinking it was meant for them. He wanted her to know how bad he feels for all the wrong he has done. He wanted to apologize to her and just have her back in his strong arms. He put his guitar on the stage and walked down the steps. 'Will this work? Will I finally have her back, all to myself?' he thought.

As I cut through the crowd

I called your name, did it reach?

Just straight, you keep walking forward, never looking back

What's right and what's wrong, please reflect me into your eyes one more time.

He pushed through the crowd of fans, while yelling her name. She couldn't hear him over the screaming fans. She kept walking as if she couldn't hear a thing. "Mi Nyu!" he yelled. She suddenly stopped where she was at. He ran to her side and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I'm so sorry. Please don't go. The distance almost killed me. I need you in my life. I love you." She turned around and looked into his pleading eyes. "I promise I'll stay here by your side. I won't run anymore." She smiled up at him and pulled him into a kiss. "Just promise me you'll do the same." He smiled for the first time in a long time. He finally had the girl of his dreams back. He would never let her go again.

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