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A/N: I never expected to be adding another chapter to this story. Especially since it's completed. But earlier today I was thinking about starting a new Teen Titans series once I (eventually) finish The Book of Artemis, and I remembered a PM from EmberOfSoul1323. Here's part of what she said: "I at least expected to see a good comfort chapter where Jinx holds a completely broken down Raven." Well, it took a while, Ember, but here it is.

Nothing Is Harder Than Love

Bonus Chapter 1 - What You Mean To Me

(Note: This chapter occurs between chapters 5 and 6.)

Jinx was still surprised at the acceptance Raven's friends showed of her. Obviously, because of her relationship with Terra, they were accepting of the fact that the gray-skinned girl was a lesbian. Robin had been the most surprising of all, though. She'd had encounters with him before, back when she was a villain, and he'd always come across as an obsessive douchebag. Maybe he'd really been concerned about Raven after Terra's death. Right now, she was sitting in her room, marveling at the fact that it was hers and she could lock it if she wanted to. Nobody was going to check up on her to make sure she wasn't going back to her old villainous ways, nobody was going to monitor her for any reason whatsoever. That degree of trust - and trust is what it was - touched her, and she didn't want to ruin that. There weren't many people who would trust her nowadays, even if she'd sided with the good guys after her attempt to capture Kid Flash. Since it was 'down time' right now, she was wearing only a pair of pink panties and a black tanktop, along with a pair of black and pink knee-high socks. She'd also let her hair down from its customary style. She honestly didn't know what to do right now, since she didn't have to worry if she'd made a payment in time, or what she was going to eat. Raven said she was going to meditate right now, but that Jinx was more than welcome to join her if she wanted. Shrugging, she walked over to her closet and pulled out a pair of purple pajama pants and slipped into them, before leaving her room.

Raven was, indeed, meditating. The knock on her door, though, snapped her out of it; there was only one person who'd 'bother' her while she was meditating, and a smile appeared on her face.

"Come in," she said, rotating around in mid-air to face the door as Jinx walked in.

"Okay, that is so cool," the sorceress said.

"I usually meditate like this."

"I've never been around you when you've meditated, Sweets." As usual, Raven blushed at the name, bringing a tender smirk to her girlfriend's face. "So, what do you do?"

"Well, um, I . . . I've never been asked before," Raven admitted. "I meditate to help keep my emotions, and my powers, in check. I . . . I try to find my center, and be a . . . well, a pool of calm."

"Sounds pretty cool," Jinx told her.


"Yeah. My powers tend to be a little chaotic, but that's how they are."

"I . . . I always liked it when . . . when we - the Titans, that is - would fight against you and the Hive Five."


"Yeah." Now she was really blushing. "It meant I got to be around you."

"So you already liked me?"

"I liked fighting against you, yeah. I, well, I guess I was kind of crushing on you, though I didn't know it then. And . . . and then I kind of forgot about it all."

"When Terra came around?"

"Well, yeah."

"Hey, it's cool. I don't mind, honest."

"It wasn't love at first sight, though. I didn't like her because . . . because she just used her powers. She didn't have any control over them so sometimes she'd lose control, or would overdo it. And when she came back . . ."

"That's when things changed?"

"Yes. Something was different about the two of us, and we . . . we fell in love."

"You don't have to talk about it if it's hard for you to do so; I'd like to hear more about her, so don't think I'm trying to make you stop."

"I haven't been able to talk to anyone about her since . . . since she died."

Jinx hugged her girlfriend. "Then I'm happy you've shared that with me," she said, kissing her on the cheek. "Now, let's go hang out."

They did just that. They went to the cafe, sat at 'their' table and just chatted about different things. Then they went to 'their' park and walked around in comfortable silence, enjoying each other's company - and holding each other's hand. They had dressed fairly normally, looking for all the world like two regular teenage girls in love, though with each other. Afterwards, they went back to the Tower for supper with the rest of the Titans and just enjoyed each other's company. And then they reluctantly parted ways for bed.

"Terra!" Raven shouted. "Come on! We've got to get out of here! We've got to get everyone out of the city!" They were in the underground cavern where Terra had broken free of Slade's control and annihilated him. But she'd unleashed so much power that a volcano had awakened, and threatened to destroy Jump City.

"I can stop this, Raven. I'm the only one who can," Terra replied, her voice full of sorrow.

"It's too late, Terra," she told her, walking up to her. The geomancer gives her a sad smile.

"It's never too late, remember?" She reaches out and pulls Raven close to her. It was perfectly natural for the goth Titan to wrap her arms around the blond girl, who returned the embrace without a second thought. When they pull back, both have tears in their eyes, though Raven is openly crying. "You are the only girl I could ever love," Terra whispered to her, before leaning in again and this time kissing her. Then she gently pushes Raven away. "Now go, get out of here. Let me do this, Raven. It won't make up for what I've done, but I can make sure the city doesn't suffer any more because of me." Raven still doesn't try to leave, so the others pull her out of there. She doesn't resist, nor does she help; she just allows herself to be pulled along, feeling her heart shatter as she watches Terra fade away . . .

Jinx snapped awake as she heard a scream. Recognizing the voice, she's out of her bed and her room before she's aware of it and pounding on Raven's door.

"Raven!" she yelled. "Raven!" The screams, and her yells, got everyone else's attention, too, because shortly they were all there. "It's locked!" she said, turning around.

"I can override it," Cyborg said, "but it'll take a little time."

"I'm not waiting," Jinx growled, her eyes glowing pink. Then she whirled around and hit the door's control with a burst of bad luck. It short-circuited and the door opened, Jinx being the first one in, Cyborg right behind her. They both saw the same thing, at the same time, and the semi-robotic Titan turned around and pushed the others back out.

"We have to see if Raven's okay!" Robin said, starting to get angry.

"This something Jinx needs to handle," he replied firmly. "Alone." And the Boy Wonder figured out what he meant, then, and agreed.

"Come on, guys," the black-haired teen said. "Let's go back to bed. Jinx'll let us know if everything's okay." As they left, though, Robin looked back at the now closing door to Raven's room and thought, You better take care of her, Jinx. I don't think she can handle having her heart broken again.

Back in Raven's room, Jinx hurried over to her girlfriend, who was wedged into a corner of her room, heart-wrenching tears spilling down her face, surrounded by the glow of her powers.

"Raven?" she called out. She ducked her head to one side when a burst of dark energy shot at her. "Raven, it's okay. It's me, Jinx." At this, the half-demon girl seemed to regain her focus and clarity and looked at her.

"J-Jinx?" she stammered.

"That's right," the pink-haired girl said softly, kneeling down right in front of the distraught girl. "Your girlfriend. What's wrong, Sweets?" At the use of the nickname, Raven's eyes welled up again but this time she threw herself at Jinx, wrapping her arms around the other girl in a panic-fueled grip. The hex-powered teen automatically wrapped her arms around her, pulling her in close and holding her tight. Though she desperately wanted to know what could have possibly made Raven so upset, right now she sensed that she needed to be held and comforted more than anything else so that's what she did. She began making soothing noises, cooing almost, like a mother would do for her baby. She held Raven's head at the crook of her shoulder and neck, and caressed her hair in a gentle, calming, and loving manner. She didn't know how much time had passed, nor did she care; she would have stayed like this for days if that is what it would take to calm her girlfriend, her love, down. And it did happen. Eventually, Raven's tears and sobs slowed down, then stopped. Jinx's tanktop was soaking wet on the left side from the crying, but she didn't care. When Raven pulled back, her eyes were red from all of the tears she'd just said.

"I . . . I-I'm sorry, J-Jinx," she said, her voice breaking from trying to catch her breath. The other girl reached one a single gray finger and placed it on Raven's lips.

"You've nothing to apologize for, Raven," she said softly. A smile slowly blossomed on her face, one of love and concern. Then she stood up and held out a hand to her. "Now, let's get on your bed. It'll be more comfortable than the floor." Raven reached out a shaking hand and found herself gently pulled to her feet. Her knees were wobbly from the exhausting crying, but Jinx was there to steady her and lend her the strong shoulder she needed to get back to her bed. The pink-haired girl helped her girlfriend back into the bed and covered her up before sitting on the bed, outside the sheets, next to her.

"Do you . . . want to talk about it?" Jinx asked. "You don't have to if you'd rather not."

"I-it's okay," Raven replied. "I . . . I had a dream. About . . . about Terra."

"Did I . . . was it my fault?"

"No, no it wasn't. I've . . . I've been having dreams about her ever since she died. Some of them are memories of the times we had together, some are fantasies about what could have been . . . and others are nightmares."

"This one was a nightmare."

"Yeah. It started out with the last time I'd seen her alive, as a Teen Titan. Back when she had worked for Slade. She'd betrayed us all, and did her best to kill us – even me. That broke my heart. Badly. But in the end, she turned on Slade and destroyed him. And that's when the dream started. She'd used a tremendous amount of power to break free of Slade and destroy him, and it had caused a volcano to erupt in this underground cavern, one that threatened to destroy the city. I . . . I tried to get her to come with us, to help us evacuate as much of the city as we could. She . . . she said she couldn't come, that she had to stop it, that she was the only one who could. The rest of the team pulled me away, because I couldn't move."

"That . . . that must have been terrible," Jinx told her, wrapping her arms around her.

"In . . . in the dream, I watched her die. I watched as she pulled her power into her, and used it to stop the volcano. She . . . she turned to stone. I tried to run to her, to get to her before it was too late . . . But no matter how fast I flew, or how hard I ran, I could never make it. I had to watch her die, over and over. And . . . and then . . . you were there, calling my name." Raven started crying again, but more gently this time, and Jinx pulled her closer.

"Shhh," she said, stroking Raven's hair again. "Shhh, it's okay."

"I . . . I got your shirt all wet," the other girl said. Jinx couldn't help it; she giggled. That seemed to trigger something and soon both girls were giggling madly, trying not to break out into full-on laughter because they didn't want to wake the others back up. When they'd managed to calm themselves down, Jinx looked at Raven and caught her eye. Not breaking eye contact, she slipped her tanktop off and sat there in only her panties. Raven was now trying her hardest to keep her eyes locked onto Jinx's, though the other could tell she wanted to look.

"Go ahead," she said quietly. "You can look." And Raven did. Jinx was kneeling there, a faint blush on her cheeks, her arms held near her stomach so her small breasts were exposed to Raven's eyes. She was surprised to find that the cute nipples capping her perky breasts were a bright pink. As she lifted her gaze back up to her girlfriend's eyes, she met Jinx's kiss. When Jinx pulled away, Raven let out a little moan of disappointment.

"I don't think tonight's a good night for that," the pink-haired girl said, "though I won't deny that I want it. I don't want to feel like I'm taking advantage of you, and I don't want you to feel guilty later."

"I . . . I don't want to be alone right now."

"I can stay with you, for as long as you need me to." There was a slight hesitancy there at the end.

"What is it, Jinx?"

"Sweets . . . Raven. I don't want to ask this, but-"

"You're wondering if . . . if I'm using you to fill in the space where Terra was, if you're replacing her."

"I wouldn't have put it exactly like that, but yeah."

Raven nodded. "I . . . I guessed you might have been thinking that," she said, sighing. "And . . . that was the first thought to cross my mind. But . . . but then we started hanging around more, and talking, and I grew to like you for you. To . . . to start loving you. I don't think I'll ever forget Terra-"

"And I don't think you should," Jinx interrupted.

"-but I can't hold on to a ghost from the past. Terra's moved on. She can't hold me anymore, comfort me when . . . when I have nightmares, or hold my hand for no reason whatsoever. You can. I don't want to be with you because you could take Terra's place; no one could to that, really. I want to be with you because of you, because you fill a void in my life that needs to be filled."

"Thanks, Raven," she said. "I . . . I needed to hear that." And she hugged her girlfriend for a second before getting up and walking over to Raven's closet. Pulling out a black shirt, she turned around and asked, "You don't mind, do you?"

"Go ahead," she replied, smiling. Jinx slipped the shirt on and crawled back onto the bed – but under the covers with Raven. She enfolded Raven in her arms and held her close, staying awake until she was sure the other girl was sound asleep, peacefully. Then she allowed herself to fall asleep, unconsciously tightening her embrace.

I'll never let you go, Raven. You mean too much to me to lose.

E/N: What a chapter. Many, many thanks to EmberOfSoul1323 for her wonderful idea. This gives a further glimpse into the relationship between Raven and Jinx, and helps show how Raven was able to move past her memories of Terra and develop a relationship with Jinx.