Chap 6

" Anavrin you be careful ya hear!" Tib yelled to her.

"Oh but Tib this is it! These are the mountains I have to climb to reach home, to finally see my family!"

Because of his very limited hearing abilities Tib couldn't hear her from this far away, but he barley managed to catch the words mountain and family and took a guess at a reply " Yeah, yeah, ofcourse , ofcourse, but you're not considering one tinsy tiny problem."

Anavrin had already climbed up pretty high compared to Tib who was well...uh...well, Tib was still at the very bottom.

" And what would that be?" She called down to him over the rouring wind. Tib began to pace the ground nervously.

Without even hearing a word of what she had said that time he decided to just continue on with his argument " You told me your village was safe for two reasons, one being the villagers protect eachother, two: these mountains are too dangerous to risk your butt climbing over!"

" Geez Tib chill out I'll be fine! now are you coming or not?"

Tib worredly stared up at her, she was gesturing for him to get a move on. These mountains went straight up in certain areas. A fall even from as high as Anavrin was currently would most likley kill her and there was still quite a long way to go.

To make matters worse she was climbing like a phsycotic women who belonged in a mental ward. NOT JOKING. Seriously though i'm not joking. I'm quite serious about not being not serious. So i guess you could say i'm . . . . . . ya know what forget it. Drop it. Back to the story.

Tib finally summoned his courage up, found a foothold, he also found a hand hold because that seemed to be a brilliant idea at the time, and began his hopefully non-fatal climb. He wasn't the one rushing it though.

" Tib i'm not waiting for you when I get up and over! your Momma should of named you Tibolith Slowsky, or Mr. Take Forever for formal occasions."

Tib was getting frustrated over his inability to hear anything, but he could of swore he heard something about his momma that time, but wasn't sure. " Alright for one thing leave my Momma out of this, another thing even though you listen to absolutley nothing I say i'll still try to resuscitate you when you fall to your death."

" I am not going to fall!" She shouted in a tone verging on angry. Tib watched as she climbed a bit faster. He was now at that point in the climb where a fall would not be pleasant at all. . . . well falls are never pleasant but you get my point.

Anavrin was definatly not taking her time nor was she worried about it. Tib was a ways behind her about halfway up. She herself was nearly at the top.

Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise like a rockslide, then there was a scream. But Anavrin was still safely clinging to the mountain. . . . if you can call that safe. She realized once she looked down that a bunch of large rocks had fallen down the mountain side dragging Tib down with them.

" Tib!" Anavrin shouted trying to stay calm. How could I have been so stupid and careless! I shouldn't have rushed, I should of been there for him! Should of listened to him, been by his side!

She began scrambling back down thankful for her cat-like claws, but she still had quite a few close calls nevertheless. It took an excruciatingly long amount of time for her to reach the bottom where Tib lay motionless. She ran and crouched beside him.

His body was battered and bloody for all the rocks had lacerated his skin and crushed him. Frantically she managed to dig most of the rocks off. To her amazement she noticed he was trying to form words but his head lolled to the side before he could acheive anything.

She put her head on his chest, tears starting to well up in her big eyes. There was no heartbeat. Tib was dead.

Memories flashed back to her, of her and Tib. Good memories. She never even thanked him for helping her through this difficult time in her life. You never really know what you've got until its gone.

Then she knew what needed to be done.

She took a deep breath touched his lifeless face, closed her eyes, and began to chant. Her body began to glow and her fur hardened like stone. She transformed into a girl made of pure diamond sparkling in the sunlight. In this beautiful form she leaned down and kissed Tib right on the lips. Air flowed into his lungs once again.

Tib slowly opened his eyes to see the most beautiful sparkly thing ( for lack of a better word )he had ever seen. He wasn't sure what he was seeing at first but then recognized that this was somehow Anavrin.

Anavrin was preoccupied healing his injuries.

"Anavrin is that really you?" His voice was very quiet and he was shaking.

"Yes Tib, it is me, I cannot talk right now. I must heal all your injuries now or you could very well die once again." Her voice had an enchanting echo about it.

" I was dead?"

She ignored him. It took a while for her to heal him, for he broke pretty much every bone in his body and was bleeding heavily both internally and externally, but once finished her fur reformed and it was like it never happened. Then she looked at him and smiled. He had waited patiently with hardly any complaints, although the process of being healed certainly wasn't painless.

" Can I get up now?" He asked as if everything he was experiencing was perfectly normal. She reached to dig a few more rocks off him. "Now you can." she replied.

" Ya know it would of been conveniant if you had removed all the rocks off of me before . . . uh . . . bringing me back from the dead."

" Well there is always inconveniences in life, you are very lucky. Oh and thank you."

" Thank you for what, you just saved my life, if anyone needs thanking it's you."

" Well I thank you anyway, I just must after you accompanied me and helped me all this way."

" Did you revive me only to thank me?" He said jokingly.

"Yes." she replied quickly.

Tib knew she was joking despite her serious tone. He was used to it by now. She helped him to his feet, he was a bit wobbly at first.

It was still the middle of the day and quite windy and humid. Despite their rattling experience it was decided, mostly by Anavrin, they had to attempt the climb once again. Only this time together.

" Be careful Anavrin." Tib tried not to say it but had this overprotective feeling and couldn't help himself.

" Hey who fell screaming last time?"

"Me. . . ."

" Correct."

Tib almost slipped again just then but wasn't about to admit that to anyone. He still ached a bit despite being healed. He decided to ask Anavrin how she possibly had the power to revive him. The reply he got was that 5% of the population of Zwinkoo had this ability. Therefore she was very rare. Tib was still curious

" So if you can also revive yourself then if one of us dies again you can just revive us?"

" No, I wish it were that simple, once I do it once I must wait exactly three days to attempt it again, and if i am to attempt a revive it must be within 25 minutes after they die or they are gone forever." she replied matter of factly as she helped Tib get a hold on a steep part of the mountainside.

Tib was trying not to think about how high they were,for he was scared out of his wits " Well I doubt either one of us will die again any time soon." He shot back confidently as Anavrin helped pull him onto the top of the mountain.

" You can't be too sure. . ." She then , ignoring the harsh wind, began her decent back down the other side.

That's comforting. Tib thought but kept it to himself. After quite a bit of coaxing from Anavrin Tib decided she was right and climbing back down the steep mountain was a far greater idea then planting his feet and refusing to move.

On the way Tib realized the true extent of Anavrins problem. Cravis wanted her for her power and diamond beauty,to sell her for all kinds of selfish riches. They finally reached the bottom after Anavrin had to climb a bit back up and coax Tib to move once again. Tib was never any good at climbing. Thats a true fact. I mean he's totally horrible at climbing, at Climbing anything. It doesn't matter what he's climbing because I can assure you he WILL fall off of it.

" My village is a little ways into the brush." She was growing exited once again and began speed walking through the trees with Tib scrambling behind her very ungracefully, running into every spider web. He didn't manage to miss even one. Suddenly Anavrin cried out in pain as a snare clamped down on her bare foot. She sank to the ground.

" Anavrin! hold still i'll try and pry it open!" Tib useing every once of his will and love for anavrin surprisinglymanaged to pry the snare open and release Anavrins wounded foot.

Anavrin was bleeding heavily. Tib looked frantically around for something to help stop the bleeding but could find nothing but stupid sticks, leaves, and spiders. I mean have you ever tried to stop the bleeding with a spider? NOT fun. He decided it was a good use for his shirt though. He took his shirt off ( Heck it was hot out anyway.) wrapped it around her foot and applied pressure.

As he did so Anavrin noticed he had some more maroon markings, much like the one on his hand and wrist. He had one on his chest that ran down to his midsection , and also had some on the backs of both his shoulders.

He noticed her eyeing him up, she blushed and looked away. Once he secured her foot she smiled in apperciation, still blushing. Sitting on they ground unable to stop themselves they leaned toward eachother and kissed passionatley.

They never even saw or heard the movement behind them before it was too late. All of a sudden they were violentley being ripped apart. Hands covering their mouths, choking them ,scratching them.

Cravis strutted up to Anavrin who was secured by a burly looking gaurd. He looked sraight into her eyes and snarled.

" I was going to keep you alive but now I see you were never worth the trouble." He drew his knife and slid it across her throat in one quick smooth movement. She went limp in the guards arms. He shrugged and dropped her.

Tibs control snapped the moment after that which he had just witnessed so helplessly. Five guards were needed to keep him immoble. He attempted to scream in rage but one of the many guards had his mouth clamped shut. They pretty much had to lift him off his feet.

Cravis smirked at the pathetic sight before him. " Oh don't wear yourself out! It's of no use to you!" He yelled stomping over to the struggeling Tib. " She'll most likley revive herself! but no worrys I'll just kill her a second time, finish her off for good." Tib stuggled harder attempting to speak.

" Let him speak!" Cravis ordered and the burly fur covered gaurds released him. He struggled to keep his footing as he fell the short way to the ground.

Tib spoke then " She already used her revive! you killed her! I . . .I . . I loved her!" Tib dropped to his knees next to Anavrin. Right then and there he made a promise to himself that he would not break down in front of this murdering monster.

" How kind of her to save me the trouble." Cravis sneered.

Severly angered by that statement Tib quickly got to his feet and threw out a punch. As soon as he did it he realized it was fatal mistake. Cravis grabbed Tibs incoming fist with ease and slammed it back into him with brutal force. Tib fell to the ground from the impact and landed with a thud.

Cravis's gaurds rushed forward weapons raised but Cravis held up a hand.

Tib sat up rubbing his jaw, which had a very dark bruise forming quickly. Cravis was almost twice Tibs size not to mention way more muscly and Tib wasn't exactly what you'd call adept at fighting.

Cravis took a spear from one of his gaurds. " I'll take care of this inconvenience myself." He snarled bearing his sharp teeth. He raised the spear and shoved it toward Tib. In the blink of an eye the back end of the spear went through Cravis instead. The gaurds hardly had time to register this.

A blur of movement was taking them out one by one never even seen.

Whatever was doing this had some serious kick butt skill. Whatever or whoever then disappeared onto the trees leaving Tib wondering for a moment. A few of the guards had arrows sticking through them. The upside was that Cravis and his men were of no harm to him anymore. The downside was that whoever did this could come back for him...wait a minute Tib thought. He recognized those arrows.

He began making his way to study one closer when some dude hung upside down from a tree branch right in his path and calmly said "Howdy stranger." expressionless as ever.

Tib almost did an absolute backflip for he was seriously jumpy at the time. Attempting to keep his footing he tripped over some plantlife and fell on his butt.

The dude hanging from the tree had to smirk a bit at that but really started to laugh when Tib managed to trip over Cravis's insensate body. Tib looked up and sighed. " Fancy meeting you here." Tib knew this fellow, his name was Stefondro. He and Tib had been friends for quite a long time.

They met under some unusual circumstances. . . .

Stefondro was not of the Kishko species his species was called the Jex from the planet Jexenthi

Tib and Stefondro acually got in trouble with the authorities on an alien world right before Tib took his poor sister out for her tragic birthday.

They got through that situation though with their heads still attached. Mostly thanks to Stefondro. But also mostly thanks to Stefondro for getting them into trouble in the first place.

Stefondro had scruffy white hair, as all the Jex had, with a single braid that hung next to his left ear. He was tan and wore a kung-fu type purple headband. His clothes were black and purple with some red here and there. He also carries around a bow and arrows he's become quite attached to them. The bow, which he named Rev, he thinks is his best man friend. Tib sometimes doesn't understand people and their obsessions. Maaaaannnfoood. . .

The thing about Stefondro that Tib never quite got used to was that his eyes just kept flickering and changing color. But it was always blue. . . . Tib was always suspicious about that for reasons unknown . . . . .

They constantly blinked all different kinds of blues in a matter of a few seconds.

Usually one eye is a different blue from the other, but sometimes they managed to flicker to the same blue at the same time. They would flicker so fast you couldnt help but stare at them. But once in a rare while they would flicker real slow and you could acually see which blues they both had flickered to for once.

So it was consatntly Blink. . Blink . . Blink . . Blink. It could drive a person insane. He didn't have any pupils either, which just added to the effect.

Stefondro spoke up then "You look like crap." was all he said.

Tib only nodded as he crawled over to Anavrin. "I have to tell her parents..." he spoke so quietly Stefondro had to strain to hear him.

Stefondro dropped and handspringed out of the tree and landed perfectly next to Tib. Apparently noticing his friend was going through some serious emotional turmoil he decided to hold back on the sarcastic comments atleast within the next 10 minutes.

Suddenly Anavrin burst into a ton of crystal shards forcing the two men to cover their eyes in amazement. Stefondro was speechless, but Tib looked as if he'd seen it all and this was a casual thing around here.

"Come Stefondro, her village is this way!" He quickly took the earrings he had given Anavrin and one of the crystal shards thinking her parents might appreciate something of her. He started running.

" Hold up there Tib!"

He thought Stefondro might have said something but he wasn't at all sure, his ear device was never very reliable.

First of all everything Tib heard came from this ear device, he could only hear out of the ear the device was in at the time. Someone would be standing right next to him talking and they always would sound so very very far away to him. Everything sounded far away. Usually he'd never even hear the full sentence. Sometimes he would never hear anything at all. Heck sometimes he could hardly hear himself!

The device seemed to choose when to work and when not to work. All day Tib would catch flickers of sentences, nothing more. He hardly could make out the birds, or the wind, they were almost totally lost to him. Anything exept sounds right next to his head were pretty much inaudible.

He preferred to stare directly at a persons face as they spoke to him so he could revert back to reading lips which is easier for him then guessing what they said. In short the device didn't help him too much at all.

So it is a silent world for Tib. But he never knew any other way of living.

Stefondro took off after Tib, grabbing trees and ever so gracefully flipping himself to the next and the next. Stefondro was an exellent martial arts master,having trained himself in countless hand-to-hand combat,self defense, and weapon techniques since he was a very small child. You will never see anyone as completely flawless as him.

"Tib wait! there is no more village! I've been, I've seen, you're wasting your time!"

Tib kept running getting caught on things here and there. Stefondro grunted in exasperation,pulled out his bow, back flipped off a tree branch and shot Tib down. He jogged over to Tib who looked up at him in annoyance. "A plunger? you shot me with a plunger!? where did you even get that?!"

"I keep it around for scenarios such as this."

They clasped their hands in a way that they enjoyed referring to as a man clasp and Stefondro pulled Tib up.

"Now if you want to go to that village fine, but on two conditions, one: you walk there because I know you only too well, without me here to calm you you'd probably end up accidentally killing yourself in the strangest way imaginable." "Two: give me a smile first."

Tib never really liked when Stefondro felt the need to nail him with conditions. Stefondro could easily keep Tib from moving anywhere so he gave it a try. He attempted a smile but he wasn't really feeling it. Stefondro tapped his foot.

"That was iffy try again."

He knows I have no wish to smile at a time like this! He just wants me to make all these retarded faces for his own amusment! Tib thought as he tried again. Stefondro acually looked mighty disturbed at that next one he did.

"Man that was atrocious! wheres the good old Tib, wheres my friend!"

Hearing that Tib stopped thinking about his gloomy day which filled his mind with regret and loss and instead remembered his and Stefondros good old times. He managed to let out a laugh.

"Thats it your ba-" *Snort* Stefondro was cut off by Tibs somewhat loud snort.

"Must he always snort when he laughs?" he said as he looked behind him.

They had started walking. "Who are you talking to?" Tib asked confused.



Making their way through a row of trees they reached a strange water fall in the middle of the forrest.

Having been here before Stefondro led Tib,With a bit of non too gentle coaxing because Tib was convinced there was deeper water behind it and was therefore terrified of the waterfall itself (He hates even touching shallow water but is absolutley terrified of deeper water), right on through the mystical beauty of nature into a cave behind it.

"Alright now watch your step this place is slipp- Wat- WAtch your step Man!" Tib had already slipped on the wet mossy secret downhill slope behind the waterfall hitting the ground on his back and latching on to Stefondros leg to keep from sliding uncontrollably downword. But all Tib accomplished was pulling Stefondros leg out from under him.

They both spiraled out of control Tib somehow flipped onto his stomach and was screaming as he went head first. Stefondro was a bit behind him spinning in an endless circle letting out yells off terror and the occasional whoops of enjoyment.

An opening tunnel to the right sucked Stefondro through and he disappeared from Tibs veiw. "Stefondro!? where are you!" All he got in response was far off muffled laughter through the wall. Tib was still screaming,he attempted to cover his eyes but before he did so Stefondro shot out of another hole in the wall right in front of him.

"You have got to try that! we have to come here more often, ya know do this again sometime."

Tib only shook his head in amusement. Soon they were both laughing histerically, trying different sliding positions and such. But Tibs laughter stopped dead when he saw the rocks they were sliding toward.

"Stefondro rocks ahoy!"

" I see them!" Stefondro was still laughing...Tib just had a goofy smile on even though they were about to be fatally injured.

Stefondro who was at the time about 25 feet in front of Tib grabbed hold of a vine poking out of the wall. He waited for Tib to slide past him so he could grab him. Tib was just sliding past when Stefondro reached for him...and missed clean. He had been going for Tibs shirt but since Tib was shirtless at the time that was a pretty futile endeavor.

Stefondro lunged into a handspring landing backwards on his feet, he slid backwards for a moment until he moved up right behind Tib, then he jumped to the left wall and rebounded to the right wall, then hurled himself off and landed infront of Tib who was making strange noises of panic. The rocks were getting very close now.

Stefondro pulled out Rev and shot one of his arrows into the wall up ahead of them both. He crouched forward building up speed toward the arrow then grabbed it and quickly reached and took hold of Tibs belt. They stopped with a jerk just inches from the sharp rocks.

"Tib you can uncover your eyes now."

"I don't think I should just yet," 10 seconds later "Alright I think i'm ready now." Tib uncovered one of his eyes then the other. Seeing the pointy rocks right in front of his face he let out a girlish yelp and covered them again.

Stefondro tried dragging Tib upright by his belt.

"Dude! stop it your giving me a wedgie man!"

"Well give me a hand then! like literally, and right now."

Tib Grabbed Stefondros outstretched hand in yet another man clasp and halled himself to his feet unsteadily. Instead of sliding forcefully into the sharp rocks they carefully manuvered through them without much difficulty. They made their way to the end of the cave, pushed aside some brush, and came out the otherside into the village.

It was a burnt down hunk of nothingness. Tib stared wide-eyed. Cravis must have killed every single person in this village.

"I'm sorry Tib but I told ya, anyway I parked over here." A sleek little ship sat on the ground, its door was opening. Tib sulked over.

"Stop hunching, your spine will never be the same, I speak from experience." Stefondro told him with a creepy expression only his mother could love. maybe not even her. I dont know.

They reached the ship and clambered into it, Tib still clutching the earrings and crystal shard.

Some mexican dude with some blonde in his jet black hair was sitting in the helms seat playing cards with himself.

"Who's he?" Tib asked.

"Oh him, he said his twin brother Skip went missing in a shuttle a short time ago, I was helping him." Stefondro replied nonchalantly.


"Yeah we gave up after like 2 wait it was about like a half hour or so, maybe even 10, 15 minutes something like that." It wasn't Stefondro who had spoken It was the dude.

"You gave up on your own brother?"


The dude shrugged and continued "Skip will be fine, when we were tiny tiny kids our parents would always lose the little guy. Since he always showed up here and there after days of being missing they never wasted their time searching for him him down a well once. Accidently found him of course. He must of lived off of the moss growing in there. I almost fell down there myself so happy I was to finally see him again! we were only about 4 years old at the time. Ah so cute! So if we never looked then why look now? hm?"

"Uhmmm yeeahhh I suppose so." Tib didn't acually suppose so at all really. By the looks of this guy Tib kind of wondered what kind of situations he was in as a child to bump his head so hard.

"My name is Jaime Perez, nice to meet you."

Tib grasped his hand. "Likewise."