Drabble 5 – Dear Diary

Aura pulled out her favorite leather bound diary and began to pour her thoughts all over the paper. It had been a stressful day, especially after picking everyone up from the airport and gettin them settled in. Currently, Aden, Hunter, Alexander, and Travis were outside playing football with Kenneth. They hadn't even spared Aura a look as she was left to her own thoughts in the large mansion; not that she minded.

He is complete and utter idiot. I don't believe Hunter one bit; how could someone like him actually entertain the idea of tying himself down to one girl at the age of seventeen, much less to someone like me?

He isn't as much of a player as Alexander is, but I can tell he has had his fair share of admirers. Stupid jock; that's all he was. Tall, muscly, arrogant, teasing, loud, with that stupid smirk of his….

The red-head let out a long sigh and began to put her diary away when she hastily added something else at the bottom of the page, barley squeezing it in.

I see why I like him.