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Peppymint's Fanfiction Blitz of 2018: Day Six of Seven


Megatron clenched his denta together, not trusting himself to speak. He could accept that the Decepticon's had lost the war. He could accept he was going to die. But that it had all been for nothing. That the former gladiator could not accept. Though it seemed he had no choice in the matter.

The Ark had not even finished docking before the remnants of the Council had emerged from the depths of Cybertron like those small Earth creatures. Cockroaches, Megatron believed they were called. The group was not even a quarter of the size it had been before the war, but it had been more than enough.

Those cybervipers had known just what they were doing too. Prime should take his true place as Cybertron's spiritual leader, they had said. To bring Primus's words to the people and leave the war behind him; they had made it all sound so reasonable Megatron was sure.

Optimus Prime had objected of course when he had discovered their plans to execute Megatron and his officers. But by then it was too late. Prime had given up his position willingly. The council had placated him with offers of rehabilitation for the lower ranks but Megatron wasn't fooled. He knew what that meant; slavery in all but name.

The warlord checked his cuffs again, unsurprised when they refused to yield. This was it. He could only hope Prime would take his place back by force before it was too late for their people. His eyes flicked up to where the live feed was being broadcasted, then away. The Autobots hadn't even been allowed in the building.

"Have you any final words," the Head of the Council looked far too smug standing behind the squad of drones that was to be their executioners.

Megatron's eyes flashed as his Second stepped forward, but he said nothing. For all their disagreements, he had never doubted the Seeker believed in the cause as fervently as he. Just this once, for one final time, he would give Starscream the benefit of the doubt.

"You should have let them come," the Seeker said, head held high. "No matter our beliefs. We all fought for what we believed in, and that is something worthy of respect." Red optics gleamed dangerously. "But you," Starscream's gaze swept over the group. "You who think you are so far above us. You will never understand this."

The Air Commander smiled. It was not a nice expression. "You should have let them come," he repeated. "They would have stopped me." Starscream's restraints fell to the ground with a soft clink, the seeker flexing his digits, each tipped with a razor sharp claw. Then, he moved.

Megatron slowly smiled as he watched his Second tear through the crowd. Energon flew. He doubted the other needed any help but that didn't mean he was just going to stand here, cuffs or no cuffs. "Decepticons," he said softly his men coming to attention. "Rise up."


I had the idea for this scene years ago. If only it was as easy to do on paper as it is in my head. Hope you liked it and please review. I think as one of my goals I am going to try to finish this collection in 2018.