I'm writing another story for this section, but since it won't be ready for a while, I'm going to post this one for now. It's very short, but I hope you like it.

He could remember the day they first met. She had just been mailed to his house by his father. He didn't know what she was and tossed her in the basement, only to find her in his kitchen, naked, stealing his rice crackers. Her long light blue hair. Her petite body. She was really beautiful. Even now, that hasn't changed and he hoped it never would.

She too could remember the day they first met. She got mailed to his house, only for him to touch her body. While she claimed she didn't like it, she actually sort of did. While, she didn't like some of the places he touched her, no one has ever touched her so gently, so kindly before. The gentle caressing of his fingers felt surprisingly good. Even when he saw her naked, she was a little scared. What if he touched her again? Would he still be gentle, or would he try something worse now that he saw her human form? No. Instead, he gave her some clothes and food, offering to help her lift her curse.

After time passed, she felt closer to him. When she tried to kill herself, he saved her. From both death and herself. She could remember his back, how warm it was. A warmness she wished would never leave. He just held her gently, helping her over come her fear. She didn't want to leave and he didn't want her to either. It became easy for her to tell she had fallen in love with him. How could she not? He was kind and compassionate, he never said something to purposefully hurt her. He never once saw her as a tool, but as a person, a real person. It touched her heart more than anything. But, she still didn't know. Did he love her as well, or not?

She had to know. She was going to find out, even if it killed her. He was now in the kitchen, cooking dinner.

"Haruaki..." Fear walked in.

"Yes, what is it?" He asked. She knew she couldn't just ask. So, instead, she would try a more direct way. She read that kissing was one of the best way's to show someone you love them. Not even thinking anymore, she turned him around and pressed her lips against his, capturing him in a kiss. A soft, tender kiss. No passion. Just a nice, loving kiss to tell him she loved him. But, for him it wasn't enough. He kissed back, making it more passionate. Surprising Fear. She never expected this. Yes, she wanted him to kiss her back, but was never expecting this.

Caught up in their kiss, neither noticed the bag dropping to the ground. Neither noticed and angry Konoha. Neither noticed her come closer, ready to kill them both.


Like I said, short. I hoped you liked it. It is most definitely not my greatest work, I know, but I just wanted to write a story for this section. So, until next time, I also hope to see some other people write some stories for this section as well.

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