Hey, guys. fanfiction9821 here bringing you a brand new story. It's just a continuation of previews of all of the upcoming stories I thought up. The story being previewed in this chapter is called Love Potion. In the story, Rouge drops a vial containing a love potion Amy was planning to use on Sonic that causes her to fall in love with me. I have to avoid her romantic advances while trying to come up with something to counter the love potion. Enjoy the preview, my friends.

I was hiding in a barrel, waiting for Rouge to leave. "Rocket? Where are you, my dear? I guess he isn't here," she said before leaving the room. I guess this is what Sonic has to put up with. I gotta give him credit, I thought. I grabbed the top of the barrel, slid it to the side, and climbed out. I was grabbed by a pair of hands and was turned to face Rouge. "You honestly didn't think I couldn't sense your presence, did you," she asked. "I was hoping you couldn't," I muttered. "Oh, Rocket. Why can't you see we were meant to be? Forget about Blaze already. I've forgotten about Shadow," she said. "I just can't forget about Blaze. I love her too much to forget about her," I replied. "Oh, Rocket. I have just the thing to help you forget about her," she said. She then pressed her lips against mine. I was surprised by the sudden kiss. I then thought up an ingenious plan to get out of here and not be chased by Rouge. I closed my eyes and slid my hands to her waist. She slid her hands to my neck and we both deepened the kiss. "How'd you like that," Rouge asked. "It was amazing, my little bat," I replied. "So you've finally given in," she said. "Definitely. I do want to give this relationship a shot," I replied. "That's fantastic. I can't believe it finally happened. You finally fell in love with me," she said. "Do you mind putting your arms behind your back," I asked. "For you, I'd do anything," she replied. "Oh, this is wonderful. We'll start dating and then we'll get married and then we can start raising a family. I want to have as many as hedgehog children as I can," she said. "Actually, it would be hedgebat. I'm a hedgehog and you're a bat," I said. "Oh, right. We'll have a big family of hedgebats. It'll be so... Hey, where did you go," she asked. She heard a door close and realized she was tricked. "That sneaky hedgehog. He left while I was talking. I can still go after him," she said to herself. She tried to chase after me, but she saw that she was tied to a chair. "He's good. He tied me up and left while I was talking," she said. I was outside the house when I smiled to myself about my devious little plan. "I gotta tell Sonic about that so he could try it out on Amy," I said.