fanfiction9821 bringing you a preview of my final story. This story is called Doomsday: The Final Battle. In the story, old friends and old foes return for the ultimate showdown. On our side is Team Station Square, Quinton, Tekcor and his friends, Reverse Shadow, Reverse Rouge, Yang Rocket, and the Loonatics. On their side is Ohra, Spirit Sucker, Bloom, Scorch, Flame, Magical Nick, the other Yangs, Reverse Sonic and his friends, Namgge, and Eggman. Could this be the end of Team Station Square's adventures? Enjoy the preview, my friends.

"Looks like you could use some help," Reverse Rouge said, standing over me. "What are you doing here," I asked as I got back to my feet. "We're here to help out. We are the reversal of Rouge and Shadow after all," she replied. "Well, that's true," I said. "Come on. Let's teach these guys a lesson," Reverse Shadow said. We then turned to face Ohra, Bloom, Scorch, and Flame. "Think you can beat us? You may have beaten us once, but history will not repeat itself now," Ohra said. "That's what you think," a voice replied. Out of nowhere, a crater was formed and in the center was Tekcor. "Tekcor. My old friend," I said. "Rocket," Tekcor simply said. "Who is he," Reverse Shadow asked. "My mirror reflection," I replied. "And I'm not alone. I brought some friends with me," Tekcor said. Out of nowhere, Cinos, Sliat, Yma, Selkcunk, Maerc, Eguor, Oipse, Ezalb, Rotcev, Ymrahc, Wodahs, and Revlis came out to join their friend. "You're all here," I said. "To help you fight these guys," Cinos replied, pointing at Ohra, Bloom, Scorch, and Flame. "My same purpose," a voice said. I looked for the source of the voice and saw Quinton. "I'm here to help as well," he said. "That's good. There's strength in numbers," I said. "Those numbers won't help you now," Ohra said. "Actually, they will. We have to fall back and formulate a different plan of action," Flame replied. "You win this round, but next time you won't be so lucky," Ohra said before he and the others left. "Come on. There's still one more person who has to join the party," I said. We then headed to the museum to reawaken an old friend of mine.

I stood before the very mirror that separated Blaze, Rouge, Sonic, Silver, and I into Yin and Yang. I touched it and was immediately met with a blast of energy. I recovered from being dazed and saw Yang Rocket standing over me. "You have brought me back into this world. Why," he asked. "Because old enemies of mine have returned and I need the help of every one of my friends," I replied. "I understand. Be glad the others weren't with you when you touched the mirror," Yang Rocket said before smashing the mirror with a nearby chair. "Why'd you do that," I asked. "So my friends couldn't get through. There is more that you know," he replied. "Other Yangs," I said. "That is correct. Yang Sonic, Rouge, Blaze, and Silver aren't the only ones that exist on the other side of the glass," Yang Rocket replied.