Dear Readers,

The epilogue is at the bottom, it is half-assed crap, but it's there. I hate doing things half-assed, but if you read this note then you will understand.

Due to the nature of fan fiction it is normal for people to be inspired by other's ideas and use similar themes and plots, even using the same names.


It is not okay to plagiarize. I have come across a story that's first chapter has a plagiarism match of 95% to this story, that goes far beyond the realm of coincidence. I find the idea of plagiarism to be abhorrent and have come to the conclusion that I will not be posting anymore fan fiction for the time being as, for me, plagiarism at that amount is not acceptable.

I want to thank all of the people who read this story, alerted it, favorite it and reviewed it. It has given me such great joy and courage to actual write an original book. Every time I got an e-mail letting me know of alerts, favorites and reviews it was like Christmas morning for me.

To answer a question I received on stories with similar themes within the victors as a family... I think Howlynn does a wonderful job at this. I love all of her stories and found the victor relations aspect of her stories to be great, at times dark, but great.

Now on to my very short, very half-assed epilogue- as I do not feel the need to waste time writing a whole epilogue just to have it plagiarized.


Katniss, Finnick, Coral and Junior (Their son who is four years younger than Coral) live happily ever after in their dysfunction, what else would you expect from two ex-whores/murderers. They spend half their year in Twelve and half in Four.

Gale and Johanna never officially married, but have three boys, who are just like both of their parents reaking havoc wherever they go, and live across the street from Katniss and Finnick. They spend their time following around the aforementioned friends.

Cinna and Effie married and had one child who is a terrible combination of the two….he is the male version of Effie. They spend most of their time in the Capitol but make frequent trips back to Twelve.

Brutus and Hazelle married despite Gale's very loud and ignored objections.

Prim and Rory married. As promised, Rory did not touch Prim until their wedding night for fear of the bow toting Gale and Katniss, the ax wielding Johanna, the trident thrusting Finnick and of course the threat of cleaning Haymitch's house again.

Peeta and Annie move to Four where Peeta opened a bakery and Annie became a jewelry maker.

Arielle spends most of her time in Four but comes back to Twelve from time to time.

Haymitch and Chaff spend the rest of their lives contentedly in the bottom of a bottle, only coming up for air when necessary.

The group remains a complete, happy, dysfunctional family and nobody knows who is actually blood related anymore and who is just some pervert who may have slept with your mother, father, aunts and uncles. At this point it really doesn't matter as they are, above all things, family and family, true family, will sacrifice life and limb for you.