Author's Note: A HUGE shout out to Kelkat9 and to her story, "Do Not Sonic The Action Figures". It is because of her generosity that I am able to use her idea regarding the plastic of Pete's World being a cousin to the Nestene Conscious.

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"Rose?" shouts the Doctor from upstairs. "Have you seen my sonic? I can't seem to find it anywhere!"

"No, I haven't, Doctor!" she yells back. "Did you check with Han and Leia?"

The Doctor leans over the upstairs railing and replies with narrowed eyes, "I haven't seen them either. They better not be trying to sonic the Millenium Falcon's engines into hyperdrive again."

"No, of course not," mutters Rose under her breath, "because then what would you do for later?"

The ringing of the phone interrupts any further conversation and Rose laughs as she automatically catches herself reaching for her TARDIS key to open up their police phone box. She enters the blue doors and picks up the phone chuckling, "Hello?"

"Rose! Is that you, sweetheart! It's me! I need you to get over here to the house right away!" shrieks Jackie.

"Mum? What's wrong? What's going on?" demands Rose.

"There's no time to explain, Rose! They're coming back, I can see them now! Just get over here as fast…" Jackie's call abruptly ends when the line goes dead but not before Rose hears her mother screaming from a shot being fired and a very distinct sound in the background.

The Doctor is still leaning over the railing contemplating the whereabouts of his sonic when Rose flies out of the phone box and shouts, "Doctor, hurry up and get down here, we need to leave now!"

He's running down the stairs and grabbing his coat off of the banister while asking worriedly, "Why? What's going on?"

"There's trouble over at Mum's and I think that your sonic is the cause of it." She grabs her keys off of the concierge and faces a stunned Doctor.

"Why would you think that?" asks the Doctor in bewilderment.

"Because you haven't seen Han and Leia and I heard Chewbacca's roar and a laser pistol being fired before the line went dead." Watching him continue to stand still in shock and unwilling to wait for him to process this latest bit of information, Rose brings him out of his stupor by tugging on his hand and instructing, "Come on, Doctor. Run!"

The effect is immediate as the Doctor snaps to and leads Rose outside the hotel to the street where there cars are parked. He begins to fish for his keys in his own transdimensional coat pockets when Rose releases an ear piercing whistle and jangles her own keys in front of him. "We're taking my car, Doctor."

"Your car?" asks the Doctor in astonishment. "When did you get a…" His voice trails off as he spies a red 2010 BMW parked further down the street. "That's your car? I thought Pete was going to buy you a used car?"

Rose's cheeks take on the slightest tinge of pink in embarrassment. "He did buy me a used car and he dropped it off last night." When the Doctor balks at her statement, she insists, "This car is two years old. Dad said he considers that to fall under the category of used."

"A bit flash isn't it?" opines the Doctor.

"Why? Because it runs?" questions Rose with her trademark grin.

"Oi! My 1969 Citroen runs perfectly fine, thank you! It just needs some fine tuning and minor adjustments from time to time just like any fine piece of machinery!" asserts the Doctor.

He begins to notice the distance between where the car is parked and the hotel's front doors. "And why are you parked so far away anyway? There's plenty of room to park down by the hotel. Are you that afraid to have your vehicle compared to my baby?"

"Actually, yes," answers Rose as she rolls her eyes at the Doctor's shout of triumph at her admission. "You see it was Dad's idea. He was worried that the condition of your car would make it all the more tempting for someone to try and steal mine so he suggested I park it a bit further down the street."

"Hmmphh!" grumps the Doctor as they reach Rose's new car. "Fine!," he concedes as he holds out his hand, "Give me the keys."

His hand remains empty and he looks over to see Rose shaking her head back and forth while pointing towards the passenger side of the car. "You're driving?" he asks in disbelief. "I thought that I was the designated driver."

"Not in this car, mate." Rose opens their doors with a press of a button and they settle themselves inside the car. She turns to face him and gives him a pointed stare. "Is that a problem?" He congratulates himself on acknowledging that shaking his head in the negative is the safest course of action. "So, I'm still the driver then?"

He smiles weakly and prepares himself for their take-off as he grips the dashboard. "No arguments from me."

Rose slides on her sunglasses and revs the engine. "Good," she states as she puts the car into the fastest gear and speeds off towards the mansion.

Only a few minutes have passed when the Doctor hesitantly inquires, "Rose, my love, you do remember that I don't regenerate anymore don't you?"

Rose grins widely and assures, "Don't worry so much, Doctor. I can drive this car with my eyes closed."

"You mean that you're not already?" squeaks the Doctor.

Rose laughs and promises, "You're not going to regenerate, Doctor. I'm an excellent driver." She makes a quick change into the far lane before she inquires, "Why are you even thinking about that?"

"Oh, I don't know," replies the Doctor quietly while plastering himself against his seat. "I guess it's because regeneration is such a horrible burning pain that leads to death. You know, like a fiery car crash."

A sharp swerve into a left turn has the Doctor rapidly apologizing, "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

"We're here, Doctor," smirks Rose.

"What, already?" gasp the Doctor in astonishment and immediate thanks to any deity who may be listening.

His eyes close in sweet relief and he whispers, "She did it. We're alive. Thank Rassilon." He opens his eyes and turns his head to see Rose wearing a scowl of disgust very similar to the one that Jackie is frequently known to sport.

"I mean…," he swallows audibly; "We're here! We're finally here so that we can save your mum!" As she stares at him in complete silence, he waves a fist weakly in the air and quietly murmurs, "Hooray!"

Rose's mouth quirks upwards in amusement before she orders, "Let's go!" and exits the car.

The Doctor remains in the car for one more moment breathing a sigh of relief from his near death experience, both from Rose's driving and her temper. Yep, I've still got it, he concludes smugly before following after his Rose.

They enter the mansion's foyer at top speed with Rose shouting at the top of her lungs, "Mum! Mum, where are you?"

Jackie's fear filled shriek of, "Rose! I'm in the kitchen! Hurry!" sends them off in her direction in an instant. Rose and the Doctor nearly crash into each other when the sight that faces them causes them to stop dead in their tracks.

Jackie is standing atop a kitchen chair clutching a tiny nurse doll that is currently waving her arms around and kicking her legs in fright. Oblivious to the doll's distress, Jackie uses it to take a swipe at the Millenium Falcon while the saucepan in her other hand fends off Luke Skywalker flying about in his Cloud Car.

A suddenly animated Doctor realizes, "Wait a minute! I know this movie! I love this scene! Go get 'em King Kong!"

Rose darts a quick peek at her mother who is too busy defending herself to pay the Doctor any heed. When he begins to cheer a little too loudly and asks Rose to make some popcorn, she clears her throat and spins him around to face her.

She advises under her breath, "Doctor, when you mention this little scenario to my mum, and with your gob I'm sure that you will, it might be wise to compare her to Fay Wray instead of King Kong." The Doctor is about to respond when Rose taps his cheek softly as she tips her head in her mum's direction. Seeing her point, he simply nods in agreement.

They begin to slowly make their way through the chaos in an effort to escort Jackie to safety when she decides to take matters into her own hands by finally landing a solid blow to Luke's Cloud Car with her saucepan. The hit sends Luke flying out of his vehicle to land against the wall with a thud while his right hand slides into the middle of the kitchen floor.

Luke's injury seems to put an end to the fighting and the Milennium Falcon lands hurriedly so that Leia, Han and Chewbacca can all run to his aid. The Doctor steps forward shouting, "Jackie Tyler! You've taken off his hand!"

The Doctor bends down and gingerly picks up Luke swearing, "Don't worry about a thing, Luke. I've had the same problem, myself. We'll fix you up in no time." He stands to his full height and glares at Jackie. "Honestly, Jackie! There had to be a better way! What kind of monster are you?"

"Oh, I don't know," spits Jackie. "Maybe, King Kong?"

The Doctor's eyes widen in fear. "Oh, you heard that?"

Jackie's aim with a saucepan is as accurate as her slap and she manages to hit the Doctor right between the eyes. "Ow!" he yelps as he rubs his head ruefully. "Yes, I guess you did."

"Come on, everybody," he calls out to the dolls as he leaves the kitchen. "Let's get Luke patched up."

The last thing he hears before enters the hallway is Jackie grousing to Rose. "I don't know why he's always comparing us to apes anyway. He's the one with the banana fetish."

To be continued…