I had planned to write this story only as a one-shot, but several of you wondered what really happened to Ron. We all know that anything's possible for a Stoppable as well as a Possible, so, back by popular demand, here's a new (and final) chapter to answer that burning question. (And a tip of the hat to all those who have made it to the final round of the 2011 Fannies, including yours truly in three categories. Booyah!) And special thanks to Katsumara for some great ideas and encouragement to write this little follow-up.

Ron quickly came to, now with not just one but two livid females staring angrily down at him. He quickly scooted past them, but they were on him in a flash, backing him up against the wall.

"Heh-hey, ladies! This is just a little, uh, misunderstanding, that's all."

Kim glared back, "What's there to misunderstand, Ron? You voted for Yori instead of for me!"

He smiled back weakly. "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are when you're mad, KP?"

Kim was now furious. "RON! SPILL!"

Ron let out a sad sigh of resignation, simultaneously praying that it wouldn't also be his last breath. He swayed slightly, now wishing he hadn't had that last beer.

"Sorry, KP. Maybe that last Palweiser clouded my reasoning a little while I was voting."

Kim fired back, "A little? Ya think? I know you're over 21 now, Ron, but maybe you should switch back to drinking soda if that tempts you to vote for an old flame over your current one!"

Shego angrily added, "And you're currently about to get flamed from another direction, Sidekick!"

Kim held up a hand before Shego could follow through with her threatened plasma burst. "Shego, this is my problem, if you don't mind?"

She groused back, "Yeah, whatever."

Ron suddenly wagged his head back and forth in dismay, not over his ill-considered vote, but now over how Kim was taking all of this.

"Kim, Kim, Kim. Yori was crushing on me, not verse vice-a! I was just, hey, uh, an innocent by-crusher! And when I finally found out, I was flattered that she would think of me in that way. But that's all way in the past, anyway. I was clueless at the time, remember?"

Kim harrumphed. "Only at the time? How about at the present, Monkey Boy?"

But Ron held his ground. "KP, need I remind you that it was you who was jellin' over Yori, when nothing was really going on? You and I weren't even dating at the time! And you were the one who had to tell me that Yori liked me liked me, remember?"

Kim began to falter. "Yeah, but…"

Ron started to frown. "And weren't you and Monique crushing over Hirotaka at the exact same time I was at Yamanouchi not crushing over Yori?"

He folded his arms. "I believe your exact words were that you were… a sheep, a crushing sheep?"

Now it was Kim's turn to blush. "But that's like, so six years ago…"

Wade made a quick computer search, then added, "He's right, Kim. It's right here on page 47 of your… oops."

Kim's jaw dropped in anger. "So you have been peeking in my diary, Wade!"

Wade quickly backpedaled. "Sorry, Kim. You're breaking up. Can't hear you…"

Ron realized he now had the advantage, and thought to himself, "Yeah, just like in tennis. So that makes this, what, deuce? Or 15-15? Maybe it's Love-Love?"

He broke out in a silly grin, but his brief reverie was interrupted by Kim's hand waving in front of his face.

"Earth to Ron? Anybody home?"

He instantly snapped out of it. "Sorry, KP. The truth is, I knew you'd win the contest hands down, honest! You're the star for crying out loud, and I had no idea that the voting would be so close! So I decided to toss Yori a little sympathy vote, especially considering that you and Shego are by far the biggest draw to the series. So I thought at least one person should toss Yori a bone, for friendship's sake."

He gave a little shrug. "I just didn't realize so many others would be doing the same thing."

This seemed to mollify both Kim and Shego, who looked at each other with begrudged understanding.

Kim tentatively asked, "So, you're really not secretly crushing over Yori?"

Ron smiled back warmly. "No way, Kim. Yori's always said that you're my destiny, remember? And I'm still yours."

Kim began to melt. "And… and you don't have any problem with that?"

Realizing what was coming, Shego rolled her eyes in dismay. "Oh, brother, here we go again…"

Ron calmly continued, "Not at all, KP. Not now, not ever. I love you, Kim. And I'll always have your back…"

Kim swooned as she fell into Ron's warm embrace, kissing him ever more passionately. "Yeah, I think I'll keep you around for awhile, Monkey Boy…"

Shego snarked, "Hey, you two! Get a room!"

Kim mumbled back through her smooch, "My house, Shego. My rules."

Drakken on the other hand simply sulked, "Nnngh. Some sidekicks have all the luck."

As Ron came up for air, he added, "Yeah, and I know better than to mess with great mojo like that."

Shego cocked an eyebrow at Drakken's curious comment. "Well, at least you've got me, Dr. D."

Drakken returned her statement with a half-hearted smile. "Heh, of course, my dear."

Shego's frown deepened. "Somehow that didn't sound very convincing…"

Wade interjected, "Well, Shego. Better luck next year. But even if Ron had voted for Kim, you'd still be in the same spot, tied for second place."

She sighed, "So, Nerdlinger, you're saying that even if the Ronster here had voted for Little Miss Priss, I'd still be tied, just with Ninja Girl instead?"

"Well, let me double-check just for the record."

Wade instantly rechecked the tally, but then blanched at an unexpected discovery. "Uh, well, not exactly. It, um, looks like one vote for Kim came in yesterday from, uh, Dr. Drakken's current lair. Which means…"

Drakken's face went as white as a sheet. "Uh-oh."

Rufus merely giggled at the revelation.

Shego's face on the other hand darkened like a thundercloud ready to release a terrific thunderbolt. Or in her case, a blast of superheated plasma.

"No, Shego! It's not what it looks like!"

Shego advanced on the blue-skinned villain, a fierce smile now etched on her murderous features.

"So it was really you who trounced my chances at the top spot?"

His hands now raised against the imminent attack, Drakken made a desperate rush for the door. "Now, now, Shego. She is the title character. And besides, without her, you'd have no one to continually battle against!"


As both villains rushed out the door, Kim and Ron couldn't help but laugh at this amusing turn of events. As each of Shego's plasma bolts continued to hit their gluteus target, Drakken's screams of pain faded into the distance.

Really The End This Time…