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At the moment I'm sitting on the floor of my bathroom, with Patch waiting outside. He doesn't know yet and is getting suspicious because I'm talking so long. I've been in here for 15 minutes crying. "Angle, what wrong, can I come in?" Patch asks through the door. I look down at the white stick with a pulse sign. I'm Pregnant, only a senior in high school. This shouldn't happen. We were careful, we use protection, but it still happened.

"Sure" I wipe my nose but stay on the ground. "But please don't get mad" Patch opens the door and steps into the cramped space.

"Why would I get mad, what's wrong?" he asks sounding genuinely concerned. He goes and sits next to me and pulls me up from my position on the ground, and into his lap.

"I…. Y-you….sorry" And I start to sob uncontrollably.

"Hey, it's okay." He picks me up and carries me to my bed and lays down with me. "Come on, what wrong, you can tell me anything. Please." He tries to get me to spill, but between sobs I can't talk. So he lays there waiting for me to compose myself. Instead of talking, trying to explain something I can't do I hold up the test. A look of confusion crosses his face then he gets it. "Oh Angle, I 'm So Sorry." Then he gives me a giant hug. After I settle down, he starts talking again "It's totally up to you; I just want you to know I will be here the whole time. Think we could be parents!" he says the last one rather excitedly.

"I thought you would be mad and leave me." I say quietly.

"Why would I leave you Angel, I love you and the baby if you keep it." He moves me on to his lap.

"I think I will keep it." I say taking his hands in mine and resting them on my abdomen. "But it is such a BIG responsibility being parents."

"I know, but we can do it" Patch says turning me around to face him.

"Okay, but how will we tell mom?" My mom will be rather pissed, she had just started to ease up on Patch but now…Patch interrupted my thoughts.

"We will tell her together but," he entwines his fingers with mine.

"We could live here until the baby is born, and when we got it under control after the baby come we could move to your place." I say and the thought of it makes me smile.

"Sounds perfect." He says kissing me softly. Until we tell mom.

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